Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 10: Results Show

Welcome Back to the Top 10 Results show. A lot of questions to be answered tonight. Will Tim go home? Will the Judges use the Judge's Save? Will Ryan actually get more awkward and uncomfortable to watch? Unfortunately, only one of those questions gets a yes, but we'll get to that. Let's get to the show. Oh wait, sorry, let's get to Clash of The Titans, a movie no doubt from Fox movies. Alright, now let's get to the results. Oops, nope wrong again...

Musical Interlude #1: 3 minutes into the show and we get Ruben Studdard, Season 2 winner, and donut eating champion. Actually the guy looks like he lost some weight, I guess his album sales aren't affording him enough money to eat. Just kidding, but seriously, he does look good, and doesn't sound half bad. Still think Clay Aiken should have won his season but it's been 7 years, I'm over it.

After another corny Ford Commercial we are finally ready for the results. Oh wait, sorry, let's get to another Clash of The Titans commercial.

After nearly 20 minutes of nothing but filler we are ready.

Onto The Results:

Lee-Still looks and sounds so uncomfortable when he isn't singing, but despite that he is completely Safe.

Casey-Another weird awkward interview with Ryan but in the end he is again Safe this week.

Aaron-Ryan asks Simon for advice for the kid and again it turns into a weird moment and Simon says simply "Let's Get Back To The Music". Couldn't agree more, Aaron is safe.

Siobhan vs Katie-Both definitely had worse weeks than the previous. Sibohan says she can give a million excuses for what happened but she's not that type of person. I definitely respect that, given that since Paige Miles was booted from the show last week all she has are excuses for her getting eliminated. Despite Siobhan thinking she was going, Katie actually gets sent to the Bottom 3.

Musical Interlude #2: Guest mentor Usher takes the stage. Obviously, this was taped earlier in the day or at another point but he definitely sounds good.

Back To The Results:

Didi-A quick Bottom 3 entry for Didi. She admits that she would love to play the guitar but is just a beginner and doesn't feel comfortable. I'm sure she is getting used to that, especially with Ryan-Touchy Feely-Seacrest.

Mike-Despite a pretty decent fake out, Mike is Safe, he picks up Ryan in his Shrek-like anger.

Crystal-Um, SAFE. Quick and painless.

Tim v Andrew-Tim still is smiling, Kara still doesn't get it, she kind of thinks that Tim doesn't really totally get what the judge's say, not saying that Tim is just a pretty face but...Andrew had a pretty decent week and gets rewarded for it, he's Safe and Tim is in the Bottom 3.

Bottom 3:

First Safe Is? Katie. She was in Bottom 3 last week and sent back 1st, same thing again.

Bottom 2: Tim & Didi

Musical Interlude #3: P-Diddy and some strobe light effects.

And The Person Going Home or Getting Judge's Save Is? Didi. Tim(Smiles Like a Goon)Urban is safe. Tim has now become the Sanjaya of Season 9. He keeps getting into the Bottom 3 but is getting just enough votes to stay out. Question is can Didi save herself.

Do The Judge's Save Her? Nope, Didi's going home. Despite a valiant effort and a much better showing than the previous night Didi is going home.

Final Thoughts: Didi wasn't great last night, far from it, but for Tim to still be there while she is gone shows that American Idol really is a shell of its former self. To think that Tim, Andrew, Aaron, Casey & Katie are still around at this point while Lilly Scott, Katleyn Epperly & now Didi Benami are sitting at home is just not right.

We'll see you back here next week when the theme for the Top 9 is singing the Lennon-McCartney catalog.

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