Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Night, New Time, Same Result?

In another move of trying to reset a 10 year old show back to its once powerful and dominating prominence, American Idol has decided to reformat their show a bit. Performance night will move from Tuesdays at 8pm to Wednesdays at 8pm. Results Night will shift from Wednesdays at 9pm to Thursdays at 8pm. Unfortunately, results show seems to still be 1 hour long. It was rumored that results show would drop to 30 minutes, but given the very limited amounts of good shows on FOX, I can see why they have decided to keep it at 1 hour.

Also it was announced that the Top 24 would be gone. It seems that they are eliminating that round altogether and going straight to the Top 12. No word on what they will fill in those 3 weeks that the Top 24 used to be around, but there you have it. I actually did like seeing the contestants a few times before they made it onto the "big stage", but it did get redundant for awhile. I might have just dropped the number to maybe Top 20, and maybe only have 2 weeks instead of 3, but that is their call, I'm just reporting it.

I have no doubt that American Idol will do pretty well on Wednesdays, there isn't too much competition at Wednesdays at 8pm other than Survivor. They might lose some viewers in the 9pm slot due to shows like Modern Family on Wednesdays and Big Bang Theory on Thursdays at 8pm. Other than that American Idol seems to still be the projected winner. Plus they don't have to deal with Dancing with The Stars Results show on Tuesdays anymore, which they were actually losing to in some instances.

We'll see how it all plays out, please stay tuned to I'dol Be The Judge for more breaking news and fun facts along the way.