Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top 6 Results

Tonight yet another contestant will be going home. We are at a point where there isn't anyone atrocious. As Jennifer Lopez said at the end of the night, everyone had at least 1 good performance, so the decision on who should go and not go might just be which fan base really showed up for their favorites. We chose Elise, Hollie and Jessica Bottom 3. Despite us wanting to pick Phillip, we just don't think he's landing in that Bottom 3 just yet. We think the one going home is Hollie, but it could be almost anyone. Will Jessica's fans save her another week? Will Phillip face some pressure tonight? Can Elise hold on one more time? Is Skylar and Joshua untouchable right now? All those questions and more will be answered shortly. There were 58 million votes last night so anything can happen. So as always let's get started:

The Queen Extravaganza Performs:
A Queen cover band performs. Supposedly they were handpicked by the original members of Queen. The lead singer could be Freddie Mercury's relative, he doesn't sound like him but he does kinda look like him. They perform "Somebody To Love". Love that song and they perform really well and then right at the end when you thought it was over the original members of Queen burst onto the stage. That was very cool. Very exciting.

Ford Music Video
As enticing as always. Moving on.

Idol's Visit TMZ
The contestants were asked several "probing" questions by the TMZ "reporters". Joshua didn't look like he was having a good time, but Skylar and Phillip seemed pretty into it. Pretty funny. Elise asks TMZ how to smile without looking fake. Jessica is told to take down her YouTube videos that might haunt her later on down the line. They were joking, but it's actually true.

Results 1:
Jessica and Elise
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was a mistake. The second performance was magnificent. It tugged on the audience and judge's heart strings. She sang it beautifully, and really understood her audience. Her connection and her voice really can help her with the votes.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Believed she chose the wrong Queen song. It came off a little clubby. It didn't move him. Great singer wrong choice. The second song was another bad song choice. It was a musical piece, for the guitar and a different dynamic vocal, but one without the other makes it fall apart. Elise made bad choices last night.

Safe or Not?
Jessica is Safe
Elise is Bottom 3


Stefano Langone Performs
Interestingly the night that Stefano was eliminated last year Katy Perry performed, now Katy Perry will be performing the night that he returns. He sounds decent. If I'm honest I'll never have his music on my IPod, but I give him a lot of credit for making the most of his time on Idol. He was eliminated at Top 7, so that must give a lot of people hope that even if they don't come in within the Top 4, that there is success out there.

Results 2
Hollie and Joshua
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Did a very good job with her Queen performance, despite how hard it was. Technically a B+. Her singing "The Climb" was perfect. But it might be too little too late.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Really impressed with his Queen performance. His second performance was emotional, restrained, and moved us right where he wanted us. If he keeps delivering like that it will take him to the final. If he gets eliminated tonight then there is something with this competition, the voting, everything.

Safe or Not?
Hollie is Bottom 3
Joshua is Safe

Katy Perry Performs

In what appears to be a taped performance Katy Perry performed "Part of Me". Not sure if I understand the war and Army aspect of the performance, but she looked great. Her hair was very purple. The fog made it hard to see her at times. Her voice always sounds better on the radio or on CD, and Live makes it a little to be desired, but she is a great performer, and I love seeing what she has up her sleeve. Tonight was no exception.

Results 3
Skylar and Phillip
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Did a very competent job with the Queen song. Her second song was a little self indulgent. It was nice emotion, but it has to be a stronger song to appeal to everyone. May have won round 1, but got knocked out in Round 2.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
His not feeling well is making him lack in his energy. It was missing something. Curious to see what the audience thinks about his second performance. Might have left an opening for someone else to get to the finale and not him.
Safe or Not?
Skylar is Bottom 3
Phillip is Safe

First Safe/Bottom 2:
Sklyar is Safe
Hollie is Bottom 2
Elise is Bottom 2

Last Safe:
Hollie is Safe

Elise is Eliminated

Final Thoughts:
*Elise leaving isn't a shocker, but it's disappointing. She had a great voice, and at times really killed it. She was consistently in the Bottom 3, week after week after week but she hung around. I'll definitely miss her voice and how she spoke back to the judges. She was really the only one to do that this season.

*Hollie being in the pimp slot and getting a standing ovation right at the end of the show gave her just enough extra votes to stave off elimination again. This is the second week in a row that Hollie was in Bottom 2 and avoided elimination. She better step it up even more, because those other 4 people are incredibly strong and only Jessica has once landed in a worst spot than Hollie.

*I forgot to write this out last night but what is up with no Jimmy Iovine as mentor, and no guest mentor? I wonder what happened this week. Did they not have Jimmy help out, or did they not have time to show us? I thought about it last night but forgot to post it.

*I think tonight proved that Phillip isn't going anywhere. He arguably had his worst night to date and still didn't make Bottom 3. Not saying he deserved to go home, but he didn't even get 3rd worst of the night. Skylar obviously didn't connect to people on that last performance. Jessica seems to be rebounding well from being eliminated 2 weeks ago. Joshua just needs to stay consistent and he'll make it pretty far.Other than Hollie the other 4 are very solid. Phillip is obviously still in the best spot right now.

As always we have posted our favorite performance of the week. So check it out, and also check us out next Wednesday for a brand new recap discussing the show. Until next time, see ya!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 6 Perform: Queen & Contestant's Choice

Welcome back. Well we have 6 contestants remaining. Meaning we are only a month away from learning who will be the next American Idol. Tonight the final 6 will take on one song from Queen and 1 song of their choosing. Last week's shocking elimination of Colton Dixon proves that really anyone can go home so the remaining 6 better continue to step it up. Let's see if they can, let's get started:

Top 6 Perform
Because they don't sing enough, the Top 6 perform with Queen to "Fat Bottomed Girls", then sing "Another One Bites The Dust" then sing "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" . It's cool, but I personally like when they don't do group performances on solo performance days. Plus them singing all of those classic Queen songs makes me wonder what songs they will perform for their solos.

Jessica(Bohemian Rhapsody)
This is easily Queen's most famous song, but it's super hard to make a 5minute song into a 2 minute song. It's been tried by Constantine Maroulis and Kellie Pickler in the past with mixed results. She stays pretty faithful to the original, but she still put her own spin on it with her growls and her voice. She was really into the performance, you can definitely see that. Plus she hits those high notes like no other.
Steven=Freddie Mercury would have been proud.Rock isn't her thing, but she still did really good.
Jennifer=Sounded so great. Would have loved more for her rock part of the performance, but still did a really really great job.
Randy=Loved it. Used some great restraint. Changed herself from what she usually did. Needs to be more Tina Turner next time.

Skylar(The Show Must Go On)
I love how different Skylar was on this performance. She had more restraint and was really in the zone. She is just getting better every single week. This is one of the more subdued performances she has done recently but it was still quite powerful and her vocal was pretty on par with the past several times. I liked it a whole lot.
Steven=Over the top. The energy, the passion, the way she hits her notes, OMG. It was fabulous. 
Jennifer=Got goosies on that one. Can really feel every word she says. Powerful.
Randy=Incredible dude. One of her best performances to date. I believe you. Effortless. Phenomenal

Joshua Ledet(Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
I loved whatever microphone that Joshua was holding, it was like an old school 1950s microphone, it added something to the performance. Joshua sounded great tonight, like always. Not sure if he sang as well as he did last week, but it was still another incredibly solid performance. He really seemed into this performance, and had a lot of energy. The judges give him another standing ovation, Jennifer a little reluctantly, but still got up.
Randy=That was unbelievable. Vocals, Character, Charisma. So ready. Has that thing. Amazing.
Jennifer=Love all the singers, but the Joshua part of the show is her favorite part. Inspired vocal and performance.
Steven=Classic style that sounds like no one else. Freddie Mercury would love it.

Elise Testone(I Want It All)
Rock is Elise's thing. She's good on other things, but Rock just fits her like a glove. Plus she plays the tambourine tonight, which is pretty cool.  Her voice does so much. She can do these crazy runs, then can sing it straight. She is so into this performance, and so am I and the judges. This is her lane. This is where she needs to stay. Beautiful job.
Steven=Found your stride. Sang like the classical song it was. Over the top. Great.
Jennifer=That was you in your element. Natural, sexy. Everything came together.
Randy=That style of song is so right for her. Brilliant. One of her best performances to date.

Phillip Phillips(Fat Bottomed Girls)
Despite the fact that we heard this song in the group performance, Phillip has chosen to do this song anyways. He is sans guitar, which I always enjoy. He seemed like he was just singing it tonight. He looked like he was having fun, but it seemed like his voice was straining a bit to get to certain notes. But he was still just as good as he usually is. A bit of same old but still good.
Steven=Love watching you sing and run out of breath. Has a great character. Great choice of song.
Jennifer=Gives different flavor every week.
Randy=Liked it. Not jumping up and down, but still good. It was good, just not OMG.

Hollie(Save Me)
Her vocal was always nice. But I didn't see as much enthusiasm and drive as last week. Still her voice is just so pure and really nice. When the band really kicked in her performance definitely picked up. She had a couple of sharp notes, and lost a little bit of breath right at the end. But still better than where she was several weeks ago.
Steven=Love the way she sings. Think you did a really nice job with it.
Jennifer=Felt she get emotional in the middle of it. Unfortunately it went off a little bit. Always sounds good, but needs to enjoy it more. Still is thinking too much. Needs to just have a good time.
Randy=Good performance. Has a lot of good performances, but needs to do more. Didn't need to pull back as much. Everyone needs a moment, this one didn't have it for her.

Winner of Round 1

Needs To Step It Up

Performances(Contestant's Choice):

Jessica(Dance With My Father)
Her vocal just kills it every time. She is pretty soft in the beginning, but when the melody and band picks up her vocal goes to the level it needs to. I wish she went a bit further. I think she could have done more with the song. But as always, her voice is so pure and good.
Jennifer= Best she ever heard that song sang. The tenderness the feeling, everything. Most beautiful she ever heard it.
Steven=Don't think she can sing a song bad. Her voice is so different than everyone else's. To see her evolve is an honor.
Randy=So amazed at how she is. The feeling was in there. But the connection was right there. Nothing was wrong with that performance at all.

Skylar(Tattoos On This Town)
I am not familiar with this song, but Skylar definitely sang it well. She brings out her guitar again, which I'm not sure enhanced anything, but it's nice to see her versatility. Skylar is a country star and this song proved that she can really sing anything and sing it well.
Randy=I am a ginormous fan. That range and everything is just fearless. Has fun up there every time. Another great performance.
Jennifer=So comfortable up there.She is just having fun.
Steven=Didn't take the song where she usually takes it. But she can do no wrong. Needs to pick a song that will take her to "that" place. But still enjoyed it.

Joshua(Ready For Love)
I like this tender side of Joshua. His vocals really came through on this one. There was no choir behind him or big band, it was just a lot of focus on his voice, and it was really well done. The judges give Joshua another standing ovation. In 2 weeks Joshua has sung 4 songs and he has received 4 standing ovations. I would love to say they are overselling him but they aren't.
Randy=Another unbelievable performance. So spot on. Way beyond his age.Beautiful. Crazy good.
Jennifer=Was transcendent. The focus is right with him and for him. He's such a gift.
Steven=Goes to another place when he sings. Off to the moon. Can smell the finish line for him.

Elise(Bold As Love)
This Jimi Hendrix song helps Elise do a lot with her vocal. There are some spoken words, there are some runs, there are some points where she can growl. It's just a crazy fun vocal. She is so into this performance, she is having a good time. It was really well done. Very impressive.
Steven=Needs to do songs that people know. Gotta sing more familiar songs. Loved it nonetheless.
Jennifer=Slayed that song so hard that it didn't matter that the song wasn't as familiar. One of the best singers in this competition.
Randy=Huge Hendrix and Elise fan, but this song wasn't good enough for this point of the competition. Too much information.

Phillip(The Stone)
We were waiting for Phillip to give in and sing a Dave Matthews Band song, and he did it. He's been compared to Dave Matthews since the first time we saw him, so it was about time. I loved the overall performance with the fiddle player and the saxophonist, it was cool, but I thought the song kinda ended abruptly, but it was still a decent vocal.
Steven=Very entertaining, very off the wall. Love that he takes chances.
Jennifer=It was too obscure and artsy. Song choice is so important. There will be a time and place to do songs that are risky, but this isn't it.
Randy=Showed his true colors. He's an artist. Loved that he is an artist. Appreciates that he will be himself always.

Hollie(The Climb)
If I never hear this Miley Cyrus song again it would be too soon. When this song came out a couple years ago so many contestants on all different shows sang it. Gets annoying after awhile. But Hollie chose it, and she sang it well. That last note was crazy good. The judges give her a standing ovation.
Randy=It was just perfect. Hollie is back.
Jennifer=She blew it out the water. Just great.
Steven=Sang the song like it's going out of style. Good for you.

Bottom 3

Going Home
Hollie. Despite getting the pimp slot, and a standing ovation to end the show, I think it's Hollie. DeAndre and Heejun were both sent home after getting a standing ovation the night before, so it doesn't always mean everything. It's a tough call tonight.

Final Thoughts

*I'm not saying they are even noticing, but the ladies don't get the standing ovations like the guys do.  Why no standing ovation for Jessica or Skylar? They called Skylar's first performance "Incredible", and Jennifer said Jessica's interpretation of "Dance With My Father" was the best she ever heard, yet, it doesn't make them rise to their feet. What's up with that? I know they gave Hollie a standing ovation at the end, but I think that's her first one. I'm not keeping track per say, but I'd say the judges have given more standing ovations to guys. Joshua is by far leading the group.

*Jessica got the first spot which is dangerous, so she could be sent packing, Elise is always fighting. Phillip had a tough week. I think the only 2 no doubters are Joshua and Skylar. Someone really good is going to be leaving every week. It's unfortunate but that's the show.

*I still have my favorites but every week I like some contestants more and more. It's almost getting to a point where I don't even care who wins because whoever wins will actually deserve it and have earned it.

Well that's it. Another performance night is over and done with. Someone is going home tomorrow, despite Randy encouraging people to vote for everyone so no one goes home. It's gonna happen, and tomorrow is the day. As always please vote in the poll below this blog and let us know who your favorite or least favorite performer of the night was. We will see you back here after the show. Until then, See ya!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 7 Results (Again)

Welcome back. Tonight for sure someone will be going home, no more safety nets. Last night we predicted Hollie, Elise and Jessica to be Bottom 3, despite solid efforts by all 3 ladies, and we picked Elise going home, despite us not wanting her to, or thinking she deserves to go. Ryan announces that there were over 53 million votes.  Let's see what happens, let's get to it:

Top 7 Perform
They sing "Dancing In The Streets". They all look pretty great, and sound decently as well. I think the fact that there weren't duets or trio performances last night made me appreciate this group performance more than last week. There are street performers, backup dancers, the band, and backup singers, plus the Top 7, so it's lucky they made that stage so big because there were literally 50 people on that stage.

Ford Music Video
Yep, they got to drive Ford Mustangs and get to look at stars, that's the video. Next.

Results 1
Joshua and Hollie

Joshua & Hollie:

Jimmy Iovine Comments
Joshua did himself a lot of good. Stayed in his sweet spot. Hollie came out of her shell, wasn't as nervous. Doesn't think it keeps her out of the Bottom 3. She has a long road ahead of her to make the finale. Joshua has to just keep doing what he's doing. Very impressed with Joshua.

Safe or Not?
Joshua is Safe
Hollie is Bottom 3

Kris Allen Performs:
As always I love when former Idol contestants, and Idol winners come back to sing. It really takes you back to when they won. It's only been a few years but it seems like a long time ago. There has been many different judges and stages since then. He sings his new song "Vision of Love" and begins by playing piano on a turntable stage then gets up and moves around. Pretty cool. He sounds really good.

Results 2:
Skylar and Elise

Skylar and Elise:
Jimmy Iovine's Comments

Skylar delivered and Elise fell flat. Elise picked the wrong song, and she is gonna be spending time in her vacation spot, the Bottom 3 and maybe going home. For Elise to get to the finale she needs to find the most poignant rock and roll songs and deliver them naturally. Skylar is the little engine that could. Every week she gets better and better and is the best performer on the show.

Safe or Not?
Elise is Bottom 3
Skylar is Safe
Dick Clark Tribute
Idol assembles many clips of Dick Clark's accomplishments and the way that he has changed entertainment, music and pop culture as a whole. Ryan does a very nice voice over showing his respect for Dick Clark's legacy. Very well done, and very poignant. I've grown up watching Dick Clark on New Years Eve, every New Year has been welcomed in by Dick Clark, this will be the first time since I can remember that he will not bring in the new year with me and the rest of the world. He will truly be missed.

LMFAO Performs
In a weird  transition from the Dick Clark tribute is the craziness of LMFAO singing their new song "Sorry For Party Rockin". They did their schtick, I get their act, don't think I am a big LMFAO fan but I get what they are doing, so it's all good.

Results 3
Phillip, Jessica and Colton
Phillip Jessica & Colton:
Jimmy Iovine's Comments

For Jessica, she  is singing songs that are too old for her. People are not relating, people think she is too young to sing older songs. He's gonna suggest singing songs that are more appropriate for her. Phillip did a great job on the first song and felt it was all really well done. The second song was just take it or leave it. Colton had just a completely wrong night. The look was between Billy Idol  in 1985 and Spiderman on Broadway. For Colton to get to the finale he needs to regroup. Phillip can make the finale right now because is picking the best songs for himself. For Jessica to reach the finale they have to go back and pick songs that are appropriate for her age, because right now it's not working.

Safe or Not?
Jessica is Safe
Phillip is Safe
Colton is Bottom 3

Bottom 2/First Saved
Elise is Safe
Colton is Bottom 2
Hollie is Bottom 2

Last Safe
Hollie is Safe 

Going Home
Colton is Going Home

Final Thoughts
*I'm shocked. After 11 seasons I don't really get shocked too often but tonight I was shocked. Colton leaving is one of the biggest shockers of the season, just after Jessica's elimination last week, but still quite shocking. I pegged Colton for Top 3. I guess he just went too far and did too much last night with songs that didn't need that much changing. I said it before and I'll say it again, Colton is easily the most creative contestant on this show this season, and I'd even put him up there with people like David Cook and Kris Allen in terms of changing songs and being creative. Sad to see him go.

*The only person to never enter Bottom 3 is Phillip Phillips, so if the streak continues with no Idol winner landing in Bottom 3 other than Fantasia Barrino in Season 3, then Phillip is the man to beat. He has yet to really get bad comments by the judges, he's a good looking guy, he's humble, he sings pretty well, all good things for a future winner. Plus any of the girl votes that were being split between Colton and Phillip will now all go to Phillip. No doubt in my mind. I think it's honestly his to lose, despite Skylar's resurgence and Jessica and Joshua's unbelievable voices. And even Hollie and Elise are hanging around, they are hanging on by their fingernails, but they are hanging on.

*Tonight again proved that anyone can go. This Top 7 is the strongest 7 ever, with Jessica almost leaving last week and Colton leaving this week, both whom are unbelievable, it goes to show how good they all are. The weakest contestant would have been one of the front runners on almost any other season.

It was a crazy night. Very unexpected. I didn't think Colton would be Bottom 3, let alone going home, but it goes to show that this show is unpredictable, in good and bad ways. Come back next week for all the craziness that will continue. As always we have picked our favorite performance of the week, check it out and see ya soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top 7(Again): Now & Then

Welcome back. It's Top 7 week again. With the save of Jessica Sanchez we remain 7 strong. Tonight should be jam packed. The contestants are at that point where they will be singing 2 songs each. So that's 14 for those non-Math people. Tonight they will be performing one Top 100 song from 2000-2012 (Now) and one Soul song from before 2000 (Then). Obviously no more saves so each contestant better be on top of their game. Jessica Sanchez obviously needs a strong night, and we'll see if that happens. So as always, let's get to it:

Performances (Now):

Hollie(Rolling In The Deep)
Singing Adele is crazy hard to do. It's been done several times this season on this show, and I've seen it done on countless other shows this year as well. You have to try to make it your own, which is hard. Haley Reinhardt did a decent job with this song last season, but even that wasn't her best. Hollie sounds really good. She looks great. This is by far one of my favorite performances of her in a really long time. Nicely done by her.
Steven=Finally came out of her shell. Took a popular song and made it un-judgeable because she did so well. Perfect.
Jennifer= So happy. Didn't think, just sang it. Waiting for this for such a long time. Really let loose.
Randy= Not perfect, but pretty close to it. Had great emotion and did a very well done job.

Colton(Bad Romance)
I always give Colton credit for being brave and singing women songs, just as often as he sings guy songs. He takes a pretty popular, well known song and makes it his own. It didn't even sound like the Lady Gaga version. I liked this version. Obviously, I think the Gaga version is pretty great, but this was very original and very cool. He's definitely one of the most creative people on the show this season.
Randy=Just at the Colton Dixon concert. So in the zone right now. Not the greatest performance, but still loved it. Loved the interpretation of Gaga. Job well done.
Jennifer=Exciting performance. Had parts that were great, and there were parts that got lost a little.
Steven=Loved the outfit, the band, and the set.

Elise(No One)
Jimmy thinks Elise is judged week to week, unlike others. She can't ever slip, or she is Bottom 3 or going home. I loved what Elise did with this song. Alicia Keyes really kills this song, but Elise changed it up just enough to make it her own. Her vocals were right on.
Jennifer=Let's go so naturally. Got the first goosies of the night. When you smile your eyes come alive. So beautiful.
Steven=Love your voice. Wish there was a better chorus. Sang her little tushie off anyways.
Randy=Has a strong voice, and sang it great, stuck with the melody. Loved that she perfectly restrained herself this time out.

Phillip(You Got It Bad)
This is an interesting song choice for Phillip, going with an Usher song. Jimmy thinks he can do a great interpretation of the song. This reminds me of when Kris Allen did that Kanye West song "Heartless" a few years back. Interestingly, Kris Allen is in the audience this week, since he is performing tomorrow night. This was much more mellow, and acoustic then he usually does. It still had Phillip's grit, but it was much smaller in terms of emotion and energy, and that's OK. I don't mind that. The judges give Phillip a standing ovation.
Steven=Fools everyone with how he takes a song a different way. Never know what we're gonna get.
Jennifer= Yes, Yes. That was so sexy. To take a song and do what he did to it was just so great. Showed great versatility.
Randy=I love that this year he is a true artist. Every time he comes up he tries to be original, and be himself. Doesn't need to listen to anyone. Just himself, and he's da bomb.

Jimmy wants Jessica to open up and connect back with the audience. This is another Alicia Keyes song. Jimmy wants Jessica to have a big moment. She has to blow the audience's mind. She looks great, and her voice is just killer. She does some things that are a little different from the original, but stays pretty much with the original version. Her runs are crazy good. There are random umbrellas floating around the stage, not sure what that's about, but it doesn't take away the fact that she did a beautiful job. I thought she did a great job
Steven=With talent like hers, you are allowed to get mad at a song, and she had the passion that knows no other.
Jennifer=The way you play with songs is just crazy. Insane. So glad we used the Save on you. Did a great job.
Randy=Your talent is so other-worldly. Doesn't think she even knows how good she is. Alicia Keyes would be proud.

Skylar(Born This Way)
This is another Lady Gaga song, but this is the country version of this song. I didn't even know there was a country version, but what Skylar did tonight was very well done. Her interpretation of Lady Gaga's version was so good. I loved her interpretation of Gaga's interpretation of her original version. It's all good.
Jennifer=A more perfect song for you doesn't exist. Amazing. Perfect.
Steven=Giving all the other girls a run for their money. A lot of people vote country/western. Really enjoyed it.
Randy=So beyond ready. Her crossover appeal is great. She is truly a country/rocker.

Joshua(I Believe)
Fantasia is Joshua's Idol and inspiration. He loves him some Fantasia and he is singing by far her most popular and Idol winning song. Jimmy wants Joshua to dig deep, and sing his butt off to avoid Bottom 3 or elimination.  This is obviously more consistent in what Joshua has been doing all year. He has a choir, he is singing a more ballad type song, and he gets really into it. I liked last week's performance when it was a faced pace song and I do hope he goes back to that again but tonight was really great as well. Joshua gets the second standing ovation of the night.
Randy=Truly one of the most gifted singers ever on this show. Pulled back a little, and restrained himself perfectly tonight.
Jennifer=Leaves it all out there on the stage, every single time. Gives America all of him. Amazing. Blessed that he is in this competition.
Steven=Another stepping stone for him to win this whole thing. Can sing the phone book. So good, almost nothing more to say than that.


Hollie(Son of A Preacher Man)
It's incredibly noticeable how comfortable Hollie appears on stage. Hollie sounded great this time around as well. Soul seems to fit Hollie well. Then she goes and hits that last note, and does a great job with that too.
Randy=Dug in for that last note. Crazy. Worked it out. Liked it even more than the first round.
Jennifer=Better than the first time and she was great then. Showing a new composure and it really suits her. 
Steven=Thinks she can push it even more. Has the voice, but needs to go over the top a little more.

Just like he did with the Gaga song earlier, he took this Earth, Wind and Fire song and made it seem like it was his own version. It sounded almost nothing like the original. I liked this interpretation. I might have liked his Gaga performance better, but it was still very good.
Steven=Love your voice, but his voice is more powerful than this song.
Jennifer=Love the song, but despite him making it his own, it didn't really fit him. Sounded really good, but not the perfect performance.
Randy=Wasn't the perfect song. Wasn't as exciting as they would have liked. Wanted him to do a Lil Wayne song[Um, don't they have to pick a "Soul" song before 2000 Randy?]

Elise(Let's Get It On)
Her voice is perfect for this song. She makes it a very sultry and sexy kind of performance. Her growl and tone were perfect. Tonight more than ever she sounded like Janis Joplin, that little small scream in there reminded me of her voice.
Jennifer=Always sounds so good. Has so much respect for her voice.  Wants even more emotion, and that these songs means something to her. She needs to show more of her heart. She needs to get more vulnerable.
Steven=I think that song showed her versatility. Needs to keep kicking it up a notch. Needs to win America's hearts.
Randy=Needs to show more emotion. Wasn't a great song choice. Shows that she's not entirely sure of what to sing.

Phillip(In The Midnight Hour)
He comes out without his guitar this time out. I liked his first performance much more than this performance, but I am so glad he was without his guitar and he moved a little on stage. I thought it was a little bit of a boring performance. You can see how much he is into his performance though.
Randy=Exactly what you need is what you have. Let's the song breathe, shows emotion every time.
Jennifer= Has the soul and the feeling. Keeps throwing in some surprise, spontaneous moments.
Steven=Brilliantly awkward. Beautiful. Loves his character.

Jessica(Try A Little Tenderness)
She did a little something different with the version of this song. She slowed it down at first, but then really got into it at the end of it. The middle to end of the song was by far the best parts. It reminded me of her performance in Vegas when she did "It Doesn't Matter Anymore", it was there that we first saw and really realized how great Jessica is. I wish we saw more of that. But it was still a very solid performance.
Steven=Good god almighty, she did it again. Love that she keeps stepping out and pushing it. Can do even more.
Jennifer=Her alter ego started to come out. Her vocal ability is always so great. Needs to keep pushing it a little further to connect.
Randy=Needs to connect more with the emotion and the lyric. Saw a little of it tonight, but needs to go even further.

Skylar(Heard It Through The Grapevine)
I liked this version as well, but her first performance was really wonderful. No complaints about this performance though. She's so into it, she picked another great song for her voice.
Randy=Has no problem connecting with the audience. There's a party every time she comes out. Loved that.
Jennifer=Love her spunkyiness. Loved the first song, this was good too. Should be really proud.
Steven=A wild horse that refuses to be tamed. Just something else.

Joshua(A Change Is Gonna Come)
This was just a perfect song choice for Joshua. He came out swinging tonight. After being in Bottom 3 last week he did far and enough to stay out of it this week. He sang this song incredibly well. The emotion he puts into this performance is at times chilling. The judges give Joshua another standing ovation.
Steven=Stretched his voice to the limits of soul. The restraint in the beginning made it pop in the end.
Jennifer=The way he sings these songs is just crazy. Please America don't send this boy home.
Randy=Perfect song choice.Took your time with the song and then burst it open in the end.

Bottom 3?

Going Home?
Elise. They really pounded on her tonight. She's been Bottom 3 tons of times, and the judge's kept going on and on about her not showing enough emotion and not connecting enough. She's in major danger to go home, despite her sounding great again.

Final Thoughts
*For a show that had 14 songs, Ryan really seemed like he was buying time, multiple times. He asked Colton's sister to come on stage with him. He asked Elise about her emotional rehearsal, in which we learn that she was emotional due to her dog being sick, which then led Elise to get pretty emotional again. Hollie got a video from the Liverpool Soccer club. Seemed like lots of stalling, but not sure for what.

*The judges were pretty hard tonight. They'll say it was constructive criticism, but it kinda felt like a pounding, especially on Elise. They did it to Jessica again too. I get what they are saying in both aspects, but to go on and on about it makes it seem like they are going too far. Jennifer Lopez just kept going, gets annoying and uncomfortable to watch after a certain point. I did love Elise talking back and saying her opinion, not just taking it.

*In Season 8 the Judge's Save was created. Matt Giruad was the first ever saved. He then lasted another week before getting eliminated. In Season 9 Michael Lynche was saved and lasted another 4 weeks. In Season 10 Casey Abrams was saved and lasted another 4 weeks. So if we go by history it doesn't seem like just because you were voted out one week that you'll necessarily be voted out the following week. So Jessica might stave off elimination this week. But as we know after watching this show all these years, anything can happen.

Well that's it. As we all know there is no more Judge's Save so whoever is lowest vote getter will get home. Come on back after tomorrow's episode. As always please vote for what you think is the best and worst performance of the night. Check that out, and until tomorrow, see ya!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top 7 Results

Tonight should be an interesting one. Both Ryan Seacrest and Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe tweeted that there will be a shocker regarding eliminations. According to TMZ, they got word that 2 out of the 3 people in the Bottom 3 were  front runners, and the producers were supposedly stunned at the one being eliminated having thought of them as the strongest on the show. This could mean Jessica, Joshua or Phillip, in my opinion. Given the track record of this show(4 white males in a row), and the majority of the people voting(teen girls), it makes think it's Jessica as the eliminated contestant. That's my first thought.

It definitively indicates that Hollie, despite being the most negatively received and having the worst performance last night, is not the one being sent home, because that would not be shocking nor would I say would Elise, given her track record of being in the Bottom 3.  In all likelihood the Save will be used tonight. We predicted Bottom 3 to be Hollie, Colton and Skylar, with Hollie going home. We'll learn the results of that very shortly.

In past years with 7 people left they tend to do the results by putting the contestants into two groups and then they usually let the remaining person choose which group they think they belong to. Sometimes Ryan doesn't even let them do that and he just announces that they are safe. It'll be interesting to see who is in which group. So as always, let's get to it:

Top 7 Perform:
They sing Pink's "Raise Your Glass". It's pretty decent. Much better now then when there are 12 or 13 left. It's a little easier to hear the voices, and it blends a lot better. Ryan Seacrest literally throws himself into the performance right at the end. Ryan is never one to not be front and center.

Ford Music Video:
Another gem.

Results #1:
The contestants will indeed be placed into 2 distinct groups, not knowing which is the Safe group, and which is not. 

Hollie and Jessica 
Jimmy Iovine Comments:
Two technically good performers but both have different habits. Hollie's habits are stiff. Jessica looks effortless. Jessica won the night between the 2. She sang the song like she wasn't thinking of it. Hollie looked stiff and not in the right place.

Which Group Are They Placed In?
Hollie goes to Group 1 on the Right
Jessica goes to Group 2 on the Left 

James Durbin Performs:
After placing 4th last season, James is back to perform a song off of his new album. Not sure what is with his hair. It looks a little like Billy Idol in the day, but since I haven't seen him since the Finale last year, he definitely looks different. The song is pretty cool. Very rock, which is obviously right in his lane. 

Results #2:
Phillip and Elise
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
2 singer/songwriters. Meaning they have character in their voice and soul. Phillip is Bottom 3 tonight. Elise did a very good job, technically correct, but doesn't think she did enough to get out of the Bottom 3. 

Which Group Are They Placed In?
Phillip goes to Group 1 with Hollie
Elise goes to Group 2 with Jessica

Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo Perform
Jennifer comes out with a gang of lady dancers who look like they came from that old Robert Palmer video "Addicted To Love". NeYo then comes out. It's an interesting song, "Think Like A Man". One of the lines is "In Love You Gotta Act Like A Woman, but Think Like A Man". That's a pretty interesting line. I liked this song as well. Very catchy.

Results #3:
Colton and Joshua
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
Both did very well. Joshua nailed it. Natural, flawless and fit him. Colton had a smaller song, but needed a poignant moment and had it, also thought that he interpreted the song beautifully and was believable. 'All In' with both guys last night. 

Which Group Are They Placed In?
Colton goes to Group 1 with Hollie and Phillip
Joshua goes to Group 2 with Jessica and Elise

Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
She is just a pro. Sings with great character. Is a technical singer and a sing/songwriter. She's subtle, but she's so good. Should not be in the Bottom 3. 

Safe or Not?
Skylar is Safe

Also Safe?

Bottom 3

First Safe/Bottom  2
Joshua is Safe
Jessica is Bottom 2
Elise is Bottom 2

Safe/Going Home(Unless Saved)
Elise is Safe

Jessica is Lowest Vote Getter!

Is The Save Used?
YES! Jessica is Saved

Final Thoughts:

*Wow! What is going on? Jessica Sanchez? Really? Wow. There aren't really words. We predicted this as soon as we heard that there would be a shocker, but we didn't want this to happen. Also, Joshua in Bottom 3 after a performance like last night? Really? I don't get that one either. These people voting are doing the wrong thing here. When someone like Hollie, who has had now 3 or 4 performances of mediocre/average performances is in the Top 3 or 4, and people like Joshua, Elise and Jessica who have killed it almost every week are Bottom 3, and Jessica is actually potentially sent home, then it just proves something is wrong with the voting system.

*It has to be noted that there has never been an Idol winner, other than one time with Fantasia Barrino in Season 3, that has been in the Bottom 3, and there has never ever been an Idol winner to have won after getting the Save. So the odds are not in Jessica's favor here. I don't know if she can rebound, and get a ton of more audience votes. It seems unlikely that she'll be able to pull herself from potentially being voted off at Top 7, to eventually winning the whole thing. Just seems unlikely at this point, and would be incredibly unprecedented.

*Jessica should not be hugging Jennifer Lopez because she wanted to save both Heejun and DeAndre. She has no right to hug her. She should hug Steven and Randy for being wise enough to see that something like this might happen and to not waste the save on people that don't deserve it.

*Jessica Sanchez needs help, next week and going forward. There's no more safety nets, whoever goes will leave the show for sure. We'll see what happens. The Save was properly used this year though, so I really won't say anything bad about the Save again.

*Advice for Idol producers/Ryan: Don't go to Steven Tyler if you want to create suspense. Before we even found out who was Bottom 2, Steven announced they were saving the person, no matter what. He shouldn't be the one to say or announce anything in that kind of situation.

As expected it was a crazy night. The Save was used. No more safety nets going further. Should be fun here on out. As always we have placed our favorite performance from last night at the end of the blog. So enjoy that, and until next time. See ya!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top 7 Perform: Songs From 2010-Present

Welcome back. Well, we are getting down to it, there are only 7 contestants remaining, and honestly it's one of the strongest Final 7s in recent memory. There are legitimately 3 or 4 front runners, and the other 3 or 4 have a pretty decent shot, so it's really still anyone's ball game, even at this point. Tonight the Final 7 will perform songs from 2010-Present, with Akon helping Jimmy Iovine out as mentor. As we all know the Judge's Save is still in place, so there is still that safety net in case a potential front runner goes nuts tonight(in a bad way), or the audience decides not to vote. But we'll figure all that out tomorrow, so let's get to tonight's performance:

Solo Performances #1:

Skylar Laine(Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You)
This is a relatively lesser known song by Kellie Picker, at least compared to some other songs we might hear tonight. Skylar brings out a guitar for the first time. Jimmy warns her not to use it if it holds her back. In all honesty, the guitar didn't bring much to the performance. It really wasn't necessary. But it doesn't really do anything to harm her either. Her vocal had a few pitchy problems, but it was a nice performance. I love when she gets really into a performance, you can see when she gets really pumped up.
Randy=She was in her wheelhouse tonight. Really was back this week.[Didn't realize she left, especially after last week's great performance]
Jennifer=Sounded in perfect pitch and that's not easy with a song like that. Felt you from your soul. Perfect start to the show.
Steven=When you sing a song it's like a complete sentence. The crows may crow but the hens deliver the goods. Just great.

Colton Dixon(Love The Way You Lie)
Boldly, Jimmy Iovine tells Colton that he is behind Phillip Phillips and needs to push himself. Jimmy wants this performance to really change the audience's point of view. This song is probably more well known from the Rihanna and Eminem version, but the original was this version by Skylar Grey. I enjoyed this performance, it was solid and all, but I don't know what the general audience will do. Not sure if it necessarily got him more voters. It was a decent vocal, maybe a little pitchy, but still pretty solid.
Jennifer=Always surprises with the notes. He has a very signature sound and is able to make everything his own. Did a good job.
Steven=Loves the jacket. A rare talent. Could record that version right now. Don't think that Colton has even hit the top yet.
Randy=The jacket is crazy fly. This was a subtle performance that was really stellar. It showed the sensitivity of the song. Loved the interpretation. Pours his heart into every performance.

Duet Performance #1

Elise & Phillip(Somebody That I Used To Know)
Love this song. Probably my favorite song over the past few months. Phillip and Elise bicker like an old married couple in their discussion over their ideas for the performance. Elise killed it, Phillip not so much. The judges love the whole feel and vibe of the song and their performance. Didn't know it was a competition, but Randy tells them that Elise wins the round. Um, ok.

Solo Performances #2:

Jessica Sanchez(Stuttering)
This is a relatively lesser known song from a relatively unknown performer, Jasmine Sullivan. Jimmy said of Jessica "this voice can move anybody". I tend to agree. Akon is super impressed with her as well, calling her a future legend. I keep forgetting that she is 16, because her voice sounds like she's been around for decades. I never heard this song before, but she sang the crap out of it. She sounded super current, it wasn't just a ballad, there was a melody, it was just incredibly well done. Despite almost falling off the piano at the end, Jessica did a wonderful job.
Randy=Love the arrangement of the song. Set the bar incredibly high. Showed everyone what kind of talent she has. So controlled, with all that scatting. An amazing job. Slayed the biggest fish of the night.
Jennifer=Could see that she was really digging. Has an amazing opportunity to take this audience on a ride. Wants even more impact-ful performances.
Steven=Forgets where he is every time she opens her mouth. Slayed it tonight.

Joshua(Runaway Baby)
Before Joshua even sings Fantasia Barinno, Season 3 American Idol winner, sends a birthday message to Joshua. He has been called "Man-tasia", which is a little odd, but as a fan of hers, he definitely seemed happy. This is actually my favorite Bruno Mars songs. I love seeing Joshua singing a non-ballad, choir/go to church kinda song. This is a fast, fun song. It probably doesn't fit his voice as well as other songs have had, but I am so happy that he sang this song, just because it seems to have taken him out of his comfort zone a little. He definitely seems to be having fun on stage, a couple weeks ago he seemed upset, last week he was sick, so this week he looks rejuvenated and really into the whole performance. He added his Joshua moments in there when he could. By far one of my favorite Joshua performances. The judges give him the first standing ovation of the night.
Steven=Can sell a song like a piece of art. So good.
Jennifer=So much control in his voice. So dynamic, takes control of the audience, knows about being a performer, knows when to stop, when to go.
Randy=An unbelievable performance. The socks with the jacket is awesome. Has everything going right, right now.

Duet Performance #2

Colton & Skylar(Don't You Wanna Stay)
They have adamantly denied they are dating. I just don't care. Obviously, this is a country duet, so it fits Skylar like a glove, but Colton holds his own. The judges love the harmonies, and the whole duet. Randy loves them both but thought it was just okay. Thought Skylar was pitchy, and prefers both of their solo performances. Ryan asks Randy and Jennifer who won between the two of them, they decline to say it was Colton due to Skylar's pitchiness. Again, I didn't realize this duet was a competition. I'm sure Colton wouldn't have agreed to sing a country duet if it was a real competition, gives Skylar a bit of an advantage, even if she didn't nail it tonight.

Solo Performances #3

                                                            Hollie Cavanagh(Perfect)
Jimmy is impressed with Hollie's take on this Pink song during rehearsals. He wants Hollie to just keep working hard and make things more natural on stage. I like how simple this performance was. It started with her just her sitting on a stool next to a guy with a guitar. They add the band and she got up towards the middle-end of the song, but it was much simpler and more effective than the past few weeks. I feel she really let go tonight, and did a really nice job. Her last note was killer.
Jennifer=Looked beautiful tonight. Knows she wants to be perfect. Sang beautifully tonight. Should be proud of herself.
Steven=It wasn't perfect, laid there a little, but looked good tonight.
Randy=A lot better than last week. Definitely redeemed herself from last week. Needed a little more feeling from some of the notes, but so much better than last week.

Phillip Phillips(Give A Little More)
Jimmy and Akon don't want Phillip to try to be different just for the sake of being different. Jimmy tells Phillip that Colton might have some more female votes at this point. Surprisingly, Phillip is back on stage with his acoustic guitar. Ok, that was sarcasm, if you didn't read it that way. Loved the saxophone part of the song. I want to really not like Phillip because he does the same shtick every week, but I sorta liked this performance.This is Phillip, this is who he wants to be,  but these performances do tend to blend into each other. Still pretty solid performance tonight.
Steven=Loved that he evolved into a great performer. Like a Steve McQueen/Johnny Cash combination.
Jennifer= A little underwhelming. I've seen this performance a couple times. Needs him to break out, and wants him to showcase more of himself. The lights and all that helped, but not everything he could be.
Randy=Not the greatest performance. It kinda normalized itself after starting out well. Nothing "Wow" about it.

Trio Performance #3

Joshua, Jessica and Hollie(What Doesn't Kill You)
Jessica feels like the third wheel with Best Friends Hollie & Joshua. All 3 of them sounded kind of pitchy in this performance. Not sure what was going on there. But it did not sound good at all. Either this was a wrong song for them, or their voices together just don't blend. There were a few moments that were good, but overall I didn't like it. The judges seem to enjoy it, and thinks that it was beautiful. Randy gives the edge to Joshua but overall liked the trio.

Solo Performances #4

Elise Testone(You & I)
In rehearsals Elise tried to play drums, but Jimmy and Akon swayed her away from doing that.  This song by Lady Gaga should fit Elise's voice like a glove. Rather than drums, Elise starts the song on piano, which is a little safer and more in the style of Lady Gaga. Elise took some liberties with song, did some different things with it, and tried to make it different than the original. I love Elise's voice on this song, it should and did fit as well as any song could. This felt like a full, real performance. She killed it, there's really no denying it. She pushed the song as far as she could.
Randy=America Elise is back. That was a perfect song. Got her moment tonight. This girl is crazy talented.
Jennifer=Did exactly what was needed to do. Nobody can sing like her. She's a closer.
Steven=Turned an effortless song and made it a classic.

Bottom 3?

Going Home(Unless Saved By Judges)

Final Thoughts

*Where did this whole Colton is an underdog come from? He has never been Bottom 3, and has gotten consistently good reviews. He's no Sanjaya here. This is a contrived plot line to garner him voters, because who doesn't like an underdog? I don't like it. I know Jimmy was trying to say that Phillip is outperforming him, but how do we know that? How does he know that? They both have been very consistent. I don't mind an underdog, in fact I tend to root for them a lot, but I don't like when they(the producers/judges) try to make non-underdogs, underdogs.

*I get there needs to be drama but to compare Jessica to Joshua, Hollie to Jessica, Colton to Phillip and so on and so on is just unneeded. Let them be themselves and critique them on their own performances not on what others do or sound like. It's just not needed. It's again, unnecessary drama. If I wanted drama I'd put on HBO, not American Idol.

*Erika, Heejun and DeAndre each left the week that they had one of, if not their best performance, could this also be the case for Hollie? If this was her last performance, it was a good one. Someone really good is going home tomorrow, unless they get saved.

That's it. Tomorrow we will learn the fate of one of these contestants. They will either be eliminated or saved by the judges. Until that save is used anything can happen. So until tomorrow, see ya!