Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top 7 Results

Tonight should be an interesting one. Both Ryan Seacrest and Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe tweeted that there will be a shocker regarding eliminations. According to TMZ, they got word that 2 out of the 3 people in the Bottom 3 were  front runners, and the producers were supposedly stunned at the one being eliminated having thought of them as the strongest on the show. This could mean Jessica, Joshua or Phillip, in my opinion. Given the track record of this show(4 white males in a row), and the majority of the people voting(teen girls), it makes think it's Jessica as the eliminated contestant. That's my first thought.

It definitively indicates that Hollie, despite being the most negatively received and having the worst performance last night, is not the one being sent home, because that would not be shocking nor would I say would Elise, given her track record of being in the Bottom 3.  In all likelihood the Save will be used tonight. We predicted Bottom 3 to be Hollie, Colton and Skylar, with Hollie going home. We'll learn the results of that very shortly.

In past years with 7 people left they tend to do the results by putting the contestants into two groups and then they usually let the remaining person choose which group they think they belong to. Sometimes Ryan doesn't even let them do that and he just announces that they are safe. It'll be interesting to see who is in which group. So as always, let's get to it:

Top 7 Perform:
They sing Pink's "Raise Your Glass". It's pretty decent. Much better now then when there are 12 or 13 left. It's a little easier to hear the voices, and it blends a lot better. Ryan Seacrest literally throws himself into the performance right at the end. Ryan is never one to not be front and center.

Ford Music Video:
Another gem.

Results #1:
The contestants will indeed be placed into 2 distinct groups, not knowing which is the Safe group, and which is not. 

Hollie and Jessica 
Jimmy Iovine Comments:
Two technically good performers but both have different habits. Hollie's habits are stiff. Jessica looks effortless. Jessica won the night between the 2. She sang the song like she wasn't thinking of it. Hollie looked stiff and not in the right place.

Which Group Are They Placed In?
Hollie goes to Group 1 on the Right
Jessica goes to Group 2 on the Left 

James Durbin Performs:
After placing 4th last season, James is back to perform a song off of his new album. Not sure what is with his hair. It looks a little like Billy Idol in the day, but since I haven't seen him since the Finale last year, he definitely looks different. The song is pretty cool. Very rock, which is obviously right in his lane. 

Results #2:
Phillip and Elise
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
2 singer/songwriters. Meaning they have character in their voice and soul. Phillip is Bottom 3 tonight. Elise did a very good job, technically correct, but doesn't think she did enough to get out of the Bottom 3. 

Which Group Are They Placed In?
Phillip goes to Group 1 with Hollie
Elise goes to Group 2 with Jessica

Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo Perform
Jennifer comes out with a gang of lady dancers who look like they came from that old Robert Palmer video "Addicted To Love". NeYo then comes out. It's an interesting song, "Think Like A Man". One of the lines is "In Love You Gotta Act Like A Woman, but Think Like A Man". That's a pretty interesting line. I liked this song as well. Very catchy.

Results #3:
Colton and Joshua
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
Both did very well. Joshua nailed it. Natural, flawless and fit him. Colton had a smaller song, but needed a poignant moment and had it, also thought that he interpreted the song beautifully and was believable. 'All In' with both guys last night. 

Which Group Are They Placed In?
Colton goes to Group 1 with Hollie and Phillip
Joshua goes to Group 2 with Jessica and Elise

Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
She is just a pro. Sings with great character. Is a technical singer and a sing/songwriter. She's subtle, but she's so good. Should not be in the Bottom 3. 

Safe or Not?
Skylar is Safe

Also Safe?

Bottom 3

First Safe/Bottom  2
Joshua is Safe
Jessica is Bottom 2
Elise is Bottom 2

Safe/Going Home(Unless Saved)
Elise is Safe

Jessica is Lowest Vote Getter!

Is The Save Used?
YES! Jessica is Saved

Final Thoughts:

*Wow! What is going on? Jessica Sanchez? Really? Wow. There aren't really words. We predicted this as soon as we heard that there would be a shocker, but we didn't want this to happen. Also, Joshua in Bottom 3 after a performance like last night? Really? I don't get that one either. These people voting are doing the wrong thing here. When someone like Hollie, who has had now 3 or 4 performances of mediocre/average performances is in the Top 3 or 4, and people like Joshua, Elise and Jessica who have killed it almost every week are Bottom 3, and Jessica is actually potentially sent home, then it just proves something is wrong with the voting system.

*It has to be noted that there has never been an Idol winner, other than one time with Fantasia Barrino in Season 3, that has been in the Bottom 3, and there has never ever been an Idol winner to have won after getting the Save. So the odds are not in Jessica's favor here. I don't know if she can rebound, and get a ton of more audience votes. It seems unlikely that she'll be able to pull herself from potentially being voted off at Top 7, to eventually winning the whole thing. Just seems unlikely at this point, and would be incredibly unprecedented.

*Jessica should not be hugging Jennifer Lopez because she wanted to save both Heejun and DeAndre. She has no right to hug her. She should hug Steven and Randy for being wise enough to see that something like this might happen and to not waste the save on people that don't deserve it.

*Jessica Sanchez needs help, next week and going forward. There's no more safety nets, whoever goes will leave the show for sure. We'll see what happens. The Save was properly used this year though, so I really won't say anything bad about the Save again.

*Advice for Idol producers/Ryan: Don't go to Steven Tyler if you want to create suspense. Before we even found out who was Bottom 2, Steven announced they were saving the person, no matter what. He shouldn't be the one to say or announce anything in that kind of situation.

As expected it was a crazy night. The Save was used. No more safety nets going further. Should be fun here on out. As always we have placed our favorite performance from last night at the end of the blog. So enjoy that, and until next time. See ya!

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  1. I seriously question if this week's results show was completely staged and "fiction" compared to the actual voting results. How can Jessica go from never in the bottom 3 to the lowest votes? I'm very skeptical that this was planned to create some extra drama for this week only. The alternative is that my trust in the voters is completely gone. This makes zero sense either way. In regards to the "save", I think that Steven (along with the other two), should have instantly stood up and announced the save immediately before handing Jessica the microphone. There was no suspense in this case that they would save her and they should have made an instant statement to the viewers that Jessica didn't need to sing one note to prove her worthy of staying another week (or hopefully to the finals).