Friday, April 6, 2012

Top 8 Results

Welcome back. Tonight we will learn the fate of one of the remaining 8 contestants. It was a very strong night so we'll see what happens with the voting. Obviously Elise and Hollie got the most negative feedback from the judges, so they along with Deandre are our 3 picks to be in the Bottom 3, with Hollie being sent home, unless the Judge's Save is utilized. Tonight Season 5 contestant Kellie Pickler is performing, as well as the group The Wanted. So let's get to all that:

Premiere of J.Lo's New Video
If J.Lo ever leaves this show she'd be an idiot. Where else can you debut your music video or magazine cover, or new television ventures to 15 million people? I know Idol isn't where or what it used to be, but it still reaches so many people. So if she left on her own, and not because she's rather ineffective at times, then she'd be foolish.

Ford Music Video
Good stuff as always.

Results #1
Jessica and Joshua
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
A little effective at first when he entered  this competition but he's finally hit his sweet spot. He's getting hot at the right time. 10s all around. 

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Does what she always does, sings with emotion, but she needs more powerful songs to really push herself. It's a competition between Jessica and Phillip in terms of powerhouse, and Joshua won last night.

Safe or Not?
Joshua is Safe
Jessica is Safe

Performance By The Wanted
I like this band, I like their song "Glad You Came". It was a nice performance. That's about it I guess.

Results #2
Skylar, Colton, Hollie & DeAndre

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Glad they talked her out of doing "9-5", Skylar is a powerhouse singer in this competion just like Jessica and Hollie. Had great prescence, vocal and performance. She went from towards the Bottom to right to the Top.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Good not great. Not as great as Joshua or Skylar. Doesn't need to be the best, but needs to better than at least some, and he just wasn't.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Her problem is that she is performing like a high school performance, and last night wasn't even a good high school performance. She had no feeling last night. She'll be Bottom 3, maybe even going home.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments

DeAndre was not great. He needs to grow at a faster rate. DeAndre is the weakest of the boys. He could go home unless Jennifer saves him.
Safe or Not?
DeAndre is Bottom 3
Colton is Safe
Skylar is Safe
Hollie is Bottom 3


Kellie Pickler Performs
Despite not winning her season, you can defiantly say that Kellie Pickler is one of the most famous/successful non-Idols, especially from her season(Season 5). She has made and sold several records, been on tour multiple times, and she looks great. She sings great tonight as well.

Results #3
Elise & Phillip
Jimmy Iovine's Comments

Was Phillip's good version of himself, but still his worst performance to date. Needs to be pushed so he can be a better version of himself. If he stands still then other people have a chance to pass him.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments

This was the right song, she sang in credibly in rehearsal, but on stage she did not sing incredibly. She choked. Brilliant last week, but this week she can go right to the bottom.

Safe or Not?
Phillip is Safe
Elise is Bottom 3

Who's Safe First/Who's Bottom 2
Hollie is Safe
DeAndre is Bottom 2
Elise is Bottom 2

Who's Safe/Who Might Go Home?
Elise is Safe
DeAndre is Lowest Vote Getter

Saved or Not?
No. DeAndre is Going Home. Jennifer voted to Save him, and Steven and Randy decided not to. AGAIN, I give Steven and Randy credit and I lower my respect for Jennifer. At this point I am not sure how much lower it can go. I liked DeAndre, but I agree with Jimmy, he wasn't growing, he was pretty much the same week to week, and the other guys let alone all the other girls in the competition were out-singing and outperforming him. Nicely done AGAIN, by Randy and Steven.

Final Thoughts

*As I mentioned earlier Steven and Randy have chosen to not keep DeAndre and I give them loads of respect. There are still too many great singers in this competition, and still too many front runners. They have to keep that save for a person that can actually win the competition, not just had a good performance the night before. The Final 7 are a great 7, it's one of the strongest I remember in recent years. Although Jessica, Phillip, Colton and maybe Joshua are front runners, Skylar, Elise and even little Hollie have a shot. It's still really anyone's ball game.

*Last week Jimmy was comparing Jessica to Hollie's big voice, now he's comparing Jessica to Joshua. I don't understand why at this point a competition in terms of one on one, has to occur. Let the two of them get to the Final and then we can compare the two. It's just not necessary right now. There's still a whole lot of time left, so predicting a Final or saying who'd win in a Final is just silly.

Well that's it. The Judge's Save is still in play. So that safety net is still there just in case. As always we have posted our favorite performance of the week in case you missed it or just wanna see it again. Please enjoy. Until next time, see ya!

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