Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 6 Perform: Queen & Contestant's Choice

Welcome back. Well we have 6 contestants remaining. Meaning we are only a month away from learning who will be the next American Idol. Tonight the final 6 will take on one song from Queen and 1 song of their choosing. Last week's shocking elimination of Colton Dixon proves that really anyone can go home so the remaining 6 better continue to step it up. Let's see if they can, let's get started:

Top 6 Perform
Because they don't sing enough, the Top 6 perform with Queen to "Fat Bottomed Girls", then sing "Another One Bites The Dust" then sing "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" . It's cool, but I personally like when they don't do group performances on solo performance days. Plus them singing all of those classic Queen songs makes me wonder what songs they will perform for their solos.

Jessica(Bohemian Rhapsody)
This is easily Queen's most famous song, but it's super hard to make a 5minute song into a 2 minute song. It's been tried by Constantine Maroulis and Kellie Pickler in the past with mixed results. She stays pretty faithful to the original, but she still put her own spin on it with her growls and her voice. She was really into the performance, you can definitely see that. Plus she hits those high notes like no other.
Steven=Freddie Mercury would have been proud.Rock isn't her thing, but she still did really good.
Jennifer=Sounded so great. Would have loved more for her rock part of the performance, but still did a really really great job.
Randy=Loved it. Used some great restraint. Changed herself from what she usually did. Needs to be more Tina Turner next time.

Skylar(The Show Must Go On)
I love how different Skylar was on this performance. She had more restraint and was really in the zone. She is just getting better every single week. This is one of the more subdued performances she has done recently but it was still quite powerful and her vocal was pretty on par with the past several times. I liked it a whole lot.
Steven=Over the top. The energy, the passion, the way she hits her notes, OMG. It was fabulous. 
Jennifer=Got goosies on that one. Can really feel every word she says. Powerful.
Randy=Incredible dude. One of her best performances to date. I believe you. Effortless. Phenomenal

Joshua Ledet(Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
I loved whatever microphone that Joshua was holding, it was like an old school 1950s microphone, it added something to the performance. Joshua sounded great tonight, like always. Not sure if he sang as well as he did last week, but it was still another incredibly solid performance. He really seemed into this performance, and had a lot of energy. The judges give him another standing ovation, Jennifer a little reluctantly, but still got up.
Randy=That was unbelievable. Vocals, Character, Charisma. So ready. Has that thing. Amazing.
Jennifer=Love all the singers, but the Joshua part of the show is her favorite part. Inspired vocal and performance.
Steven=Classic style that sounds like no one else. Freddie Mercury would love it.

Elise Testone(I Want It All)
Rock is Elise's thing. She's good on other things, but Rock just fits her like a glove. Plus she plays the tambourine tonight, which is pretty cool.  Her voice does so much. She can do these crazy runs, then can sing it straight. She is so into this performance, and so am I and the judges. This is her lane. This is where she needs to stay. Beautiful job.
Steven=Found your stride. Sang like the classical song it was. Over the top. Great.
Jennifer=That was you in your element. Natural, sexy. Everything came together.
Randy=That style of song is so right for her. Brilliant. One of her best performances to date.

Phillip Phillips(Fat Bottomed Girls)
Despite the fact that we heard this song in the group performance, Phillip has chosen to do this song anyways. He is sans guitar, which I always enjoy. He seemed like he was just singing it tonight. He looked like he was having fun, but it seemed like his voice was straining a bit to get to certain notes. But he was still just as good as he usually is. A bit of same old but still good.
Steven=Love watching you sing and run out of breath. Has a great character. Great choice of song.
Jennifer=Gives different flavor every week.
Randy=Liked it. Not jumping up and down, but still good. It was good, just not OMG.

Hollie(Save Me)
Her vocal was always nice. But I didn't see as much enthusiasm and drive as last week. Still her voice is just so pure and really nice. When the band really kicked in her performance definitely picked up. She had a couple of sharp notes, and lost a little bit of breath right at the end. But still better than where she was several weeks ago.
Steven=Love the way she sings. Think you did a really nice job with it.
Jennifer=Felt she get emotional in the middle of it. Unfortunately it went off a little bit. Always sounds good, but needs to enjoy it more. Still is thinking too much. Needs to just have a good time.
Randy=Good performance. Has a lot of good performances, but needs to do more. Didn't need to pull back as much. Everyone needs a moment, this one didn't have it for her.

Winner of Round 1

Needs To Step It Up

Performances(Contestant's Choice):

Jessica(Dance With My Father)
Her vocal just kills it every time. She is pretty soft in the beginning, but when the melody and band picks up her vocal goes to the level it needs to. I wish she went a bit further. I think she could have done more with the song. But as always, her voice is so pure and good.
Jennifer= Best she ever heard that song sang. The tenderness the feeling, everything. Most beautiful she ever heard it.
Steven=Don't think she can sing a song bad. Her voice is so different than everyone else's. To see her evolve is an honor.
Randy=So amazed at how she is. The feeling was in there. But the connection was right there. Nothing was wrong with that performance at all.

Skylar(Tattoos On This Town)
I am not familiar with this song, but Skylar definitely sang it well. She brings out her guitar again, which I'm not sure enhanced anything, but it's nice to see her versatility. Skylar is a country star and this song proved that she can really sing anything and sing it well.
Randy=I am a ginormous fan. That range and everything is just fearless. Has fun up there every time. Another great performance.
Jennifer=So comfortable up there.She is just having fun.
Steven=Didn't take the song where she usually takes it. But she can do no wrong. Needs to pick a song that will take her to "that" place. But still enjoyed it.

Joshua(Ready For Love)
I like this tender side of Joshua. His vocals really came through on this one. There was no choir behind him or big band, it was just a lot of focus on his voice, and it was really well done. The judges give Joshua another standing ovation. In 2 weeks Joshua has sung 4 songs and he has received 4 standing ovations. I would love to say they are overselling him but they aren't.
Randy=Another unbelievable performance. So spot on. Way beyond his age.Beautiful. Crazy good.
Jennifer=Was transcendent. The focus is right with him and for him. He's such a gift.
Steven=Goes to another place when he sings. Off to the moon. Can smell the finish line for him.

Elise(Bold As Love)
This Jimi Hendrix song helps Elise do a lot with her vocal. There are some spoken words, there are some runs, there are some points where she can growl. It's just a crazy fun vocal. She is so into this performance, she is having a good time. It was really well done. Very impressive.
Steven=Needs to do songs that people know. Gotta sing more familiar songs. Loved it nonetheless.
Jennifer=Slayed that song so hard that it didn't matter that the song wasn't as familiar. One of the best singers in this competition.
Randy=Huge Hendrix and Elise fan, but this song wasn't good enough for this point of the competition. Too much information.

Phillip(The Stone)
We were waiting for Phillip to give in and sing a Dave Matthews Band song, and he did it. He's been compared to Dave Matthews since the first time we saw him, so it was about time. I loved the overall performance with the fiddle player and the saxophonist, it was cool, but I thought the song kinda ended abruptly, but it was still a decent vocal.
Steven=Very entertaining, very off the wall. Love that he takes chances.
Jennifer=It was too obscure and artsy. Song choice is so important. There will be a time and place to do songs that are risky, but this isn't it.
Randy=Showed his true colors. He's an artist. Loved that he is an artist. Appreciates that he will be himself always.

Hollie(The Climb)
If I never hear this Miley Cyrus song again it would be too soon. When this song came out a couple years ago so many contestants on all different shows sang it. Gets annoying after awhile. But Hollie chose it, and she sang it well. That last note was crazy good. The judges give her a standing ovation.
Randy=It was just perfect. Hollie is back.
Jennifer=She blew it out the water. Just great.
Steven=Sang the song like it's going out of style. Good for you.

Bottom 3

Going Home
Hollie. Despite getting the pimp slot, and a standing ovation to end the show, I think it's Hollie. DeAndre and Heejun were both sent home after getting a standing ovation the night before, so it doesn't always mean everything. It's a tough call tonight.

Final Thoughts

*I'm not saying they are even noticing, but the ladies don't get the standing ovations like the guys do.  Why no standing ovation for Jessica or Skylar? They called Skylar's first performance "Incredible", and Jennifer said Jessica's interpretation of "Dance With My Father" was the best she ever heard, yet, it doesn't make them rise to their feet. What's up with that? I know they gave Hollie a standing ovation at the end, but I think that's her first one. I'm not keeping track per say, but I'd say the judges have given more standing ovations to guys. Joshua is by far leading the group.

*Jessica got the first spot which is dangerous, so she could be sent packing, Elise is always fighting. Phillip had a tough week. I think the only 2 no doubters are Joshua and Skylar. Someone really good is going to be leaving every week. It's unfortunate but that's the show.

*I still have my favorites but every week I like some contestants more and more. It's almost getting to a point where I don't even care who wins because whoever wins will actually deserve it and have earned it.

Well that's it. Another performance night is over and done with. Someone is going home tomorrow, despite Randy encouraging people to vote for everyone so no one goes home. It's gonna happen, and tomorrow is the day. As always please vote in the poll below this blog and let us know who your favorite or least favorite performer of the night was. We will see you back here after the show. Until then, See ya!

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  1. I think Elise will go home tonight although I think she should stay through the top 3. Skylar and Phil are over-rated and now Skylar seems to do no wrong with the judges. I don't get it. Joshua and Jessica deserve the other top 3 spots and Hollie should leave this week or next but not sure if she might be gaining some popularity as the underdog. Overall, the judges gushing praise over and over is getting very tired and boring. They can't even criticize without folding in a bunch of praise for fear of hurting someone's feelings. I hope they change this approach next season. Overall, I do feel the top 12 performers were so much better than previous seasons.