Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 7 Results (Again)

Welcome back. Tonight for sure someone will be going home, no more safety nets. Last night we predicted Hollie, Elise and Jessica to be Bottom 3, despite solid efforts by all 3 ladies, and we picked Elise going home, despite us not wanting her to, or thinking she deserves to go. Ryan announces that there were over 53 million votes.  Let's see what happens, let's get to it:

Top 7 Perform
They sing "Dancing In The Streets". They all look pretty great, and sound decently as well. I think the fact that there weren't duets or trio performances last night made me appreciate this group performance more than last week. There are street performers, backup dancers, the band, and backup singers, plus the Top 7, so it's lucky they made that stage so big because there were literally 50 people on that stage.

Ford Music Video
Yep, they got to drive Ford Mustangs and get to look at stars, that's the video. Next.

Results 1
Joshua and Hollie

Joshua & Hollie:

Jimmy Iovine Comments
Joshua did himself a lot of good. Stayed in his sweet spot. Hollie came out of her shell, wasn't as nervous. Doesn't think it keeps her out of the Bottom 3. She has a long road ahead of her to make the finale. Joshua has to just keep doing what he's doing. Very impressed with Joshua.

Safe or Not?
Joshua is Safe
Hollie is Bottom 3

Kris Allen Performs:
As always I love when former Idol contestants, and Idol winners come back to sing. It really takes you back to when they won. It's only been a few years but it seems like a long time ago. There has been many different judges and stages since then. He sings his new song "Vision of Love" and begins by playing piano on a turntable stage then gets up and moves around. Pretty cool. He sounds really good.

Results 2:
Skylar and Elise

Skylar and Elise:
Jimmy Iovine's Comments

Skylar delivered and Elise fell flat. Elise picked the wrong song, and she is gonna be spending time in her vacation spot, the Bottom 3 and maybe going home. For Elise to get to the finale she needs to find the most poignant rock and roll songs and deliver them naturally. Skylar is the little engine that could. Every week she gets better and better and is the best performer on the show.

Safe or Not?
Elise is Bottom 3
Skylar is Safe
Dick Clark Tribute
Idol assembles many clips of Dick Clark's accomplishments and the way that he has changed entertainment, music and pop culture as a whole. Ryan does a very nice voice over showing his respect for Dick Clark's legacy. Very well done, and very poignant. I've grown up watching Dick Clark on New Years Eve, every New Year has been welcomed in by Dick Clark, this will be the first time since I can remember that he will not bring in the new year with me and the rest of the world. He will truly be missed.

LMFAO Performs
In a weird  transition from the Dick Clark tribute is the craziness of LMFAO singing their new song "Sorry For Party Rockin". They did their schtick, I get their act, don't think I am a big LMFAO fan but I get what they are doing, so it's all good.

Results 3
Phillip, Jessica and Colton
Phillip Jessica & Colton:
Jimmy Iovine's Comments

For Jessica, she  is singing songs that are too old for her. People are not relating, people think she is too young to sing older songs. He's gonna suggest singing songs that are more appropriate for her. Phillip did a great job on the first song and felt it was all really well done. The second song was just take it or leave it. Colton had just a completely wrong night. The look was between Billy Idol  in 1985 and Spiderman on Broadway. For Colton to get to the finale he needs to regroup. Phillip can make the finale right now because is picking the best songs for himself. For Jessica to reach the finale they have to go back and pick songs that are appropriate for her age, because right now it's not working.

Safe or Not?
Jessica is Safe
Phillip is Safe
Colton is Bottom 3

Bottom 2/First Saved
Elise is Safe
Colton is Bottom 2
Hollie is Bottom 2

Last Safe
Hollie is Safe 

Going Home
Colton is Going Home

Final Thoughts
*I'm shocked. After 11 seasons I don't really get shocked too often but tonight I was shocked. Colton leaving is one of the biggest shockers of the season, just after Jessica's elimination last week, but still quite shocking. I pegged Colton for Top 3. I guess he just went too far and did too much last night with songs that didn't need that much changing. I said it before and I'll say it again, Colton is easily the most creative contestant on this show this season, and I'd even put him up there with people like David Cook and Kris Allen in terms of changing songs and being creative. Sad to see him go.

*The only person to never enter Bottom 3 is Phillip Phillips, so if the streak continues with no Idol winner landing in Bottom 3 other than Fantasia Barrino in Season 3, then Phillip is the man to beat. He has yet to really get bad comments by the judges, he's a good looking guy, he's humble, he sings pretty well, all good things for a future winner. Plus any of the girl votes that were being split between Colton and Phillip will now all go to Phillip. No doubt in my mind. I think it's honestly his to lose, despite Skylar's resurgence and Jessica and Joshua's unbelievable voices. And even Hollie and Elise are hanging around, they are hanging on by their fingernails, but they are hanging on.

*Tonight again proved that anyone can go. This Top 7 is the strongest 7 ever, with Jessica almost leaving last week and Colton leaving this week, both whom are unbelievable, it goes to show how good they all are. The weakest contestant would have been one of the front runners on almost any other season.

It was a crazy night. Very unexpected. I didn't think Colton would be Bottom 3, let alone going home, but it goes to show that this show is unpredictable, in good and bad ways. Come back next week for all the craziness that will continue. As always we have picked our favorite performance of the week, check it out and see ya soon!

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