Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top 6 Results

Tonight yet another contestant will be going home. We are at a point where there isn't anyone atrocious. As Jennifer Lopez said at the end of the night, everyone had at least 1 good performance, so the decision on who should go and not go might just be which fan base really showed up for their favorites. We chose Elise, Hollie and Jessica Bottom 3. Despite us wanting to pick Phillip, we just don't think he's landing in that Bottom 3 just yet. We think the one going home is Hollie, but it could be almost anyone. Will Jessica's fans save her another week? Will Phillip face some pressure tonight? Can Elise hold on one more time? Is Skylar and Joshua untouchable right now? All those questions and more will be answered shortly. There were 58 million votes last night so anything can happen. So as always let's get started:

The Queen Extravaganza Performs:
A Queen cover band performs. Supposedly they were handpicked by the original members of Queen. The lead singer could be Freddie Mercury's relative, he doesn't sound like him but he does kinda look like him. They perform "Somebody To Love". Love that song and they perform really well and then right at the end when you thought it was over the original members of Queen burst onto the stage. That was very cool. Very exciting.

Ford Music Video
As enticing as always. Moving on.

Idol's Visit TMZ
The contestants were asked several "probing" questions by the TMZ "reporters". Joshua didn't look like he was having a good time, but Skylar and Phillip seemed pretty into it. Pretty funny. Elise asks TMZ how to smile without looking fake. Jessica is told to take down her YouTube videos that might haunt her later on down the line. They were joking, but it's actually true.

Results 1:
Jessica and Elise
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was a mistake. The second performance was magnificent. It tugged on the audience and judge's heart strings. She sang it beautifully, and really understood her audience. Her connection and her voice really can help her with the votes.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Believed she chose the wrong Queen song. It came off a little clubby. It didn't move him. Great singer wrong choice. The second song was another bad song choice. It was a musical piece, for the guitar and a different dynamic vocal, but one without the other makes it fall apart. Elise made bad choices last night.

Safe or Not?
Jessica is Safe
Elise is Bottom 3


Stefano Langone Performs
Interestingly the night that Stefano was eliminated last year Katy Perry performed, now Katy Perry will be performing the night that he returns. He sounds decent. If I'm honest I'll never have his music on my IPod, but I give him a lot of credit for making the most of his time on Idol. He was eliminated at Top 7, so that must give a lot of people hope that even if they don't come in within the Top 4, that there is success out there.

Results 2
Hollie and Joshua
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Did a very good job with her Queen performance, despite how hard it was. Technically a B+. Her singing "The Climb" was perfect. But it might be too little too late.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Really impressed with his Queen performance. His second performance was emotional, restrained, and moved us right where he wanted us. If he keeps delivering like that it will take him to the final. If he gets eliminated tonight then there is something with this competition, the voting, everything.

Safe or Not?
Hollie is Bottom 3
Joshua is Safe

Katy Perry Performs

In what appears to be a taped performance Katy Perry performed "Part of Me". Not sure if I understand the war and Army aspect of the performance, but she looked great. Her hair was very purple. The fog made it hard to see her at times. Her voice always sounds better on the radio or on CD, and Live makes it a little to be desired, but she is a great performer, and I love seeing what she has up her sleeve. Tonight was no exception.

Results 3
Skylar and Phillip
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Did a very competent job with the Queen song. Her second song was a little self indulgent. It was nice emotion, but it has to be a stronger song to appeal to everyone. May have won round 1, but got knocked out in Round 2.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
His not feeling well is making him lack in his energy. It was missing something. Curious to see what the audience thinks about his second performance. Might have left an opening for someone else to get to the finale and not him.
Safe or Not?
Skylar is Bottom 3
Phillip is Safe

First Safe/Bottom 2:
Sklyar is Safe
Hollie is Bottom 2
Elise is Bottom 2

Last Safe:
Hollie is Safe

Elise is Eliminated

Final Thoughts:
*Elise leaving isn't a shocker, but it's disappointing. She had a great voice, and at times really killed it. She was consistently in the Bottom 3, week after week after week but she hung around. I'll definitely miss her voice and how she spoke back to the judges. She was really the only one to do that this season.

*Hollie being in the pimp slot and getting a standing ovation right at the end of the show gave her just enough extra votes to stave off elimination again. This is the second week in a row that Hollie was in Bottom 2 and avoided elimination. She better step it up even more, because those other 4 people are incredibly strong and only Jessica has once landed in a worst spot than Hollie.

*I forgot to write this out last night but what is up with no Jimmy Iovine as mentor, and no guest mentor? I wonder what happened this week. Did they not have Jimmy help out, or did they not have time to show us? I thought about it last night but forgot to post it.

*I think tonight proved that Phillip isn't going anywhere. He arguably had his worst night to date and still didn't make Bottom 3. Not saying he deserved to go home, but he didn't even get 3rd worst of the night. Skylar obviously didn't connect to people on that last performance. Jessica seems to be rebounding well from being eliminated 2 weeks ago. Joshua just needs to stay consistent and he'll make it pretty far.Other than Hollie the other 4 are very solid. Phillip is obviously still in the best spot right now.

As always we have posted our favorite performance of the week. So check it out, and also check us out next Wednesday for a brand new recap discussing the show. Until next time, see ya!

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