Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top 11 Results Show

Welcome back to the Top 11 Results Show Recap. Pretty important week, the Top 10 gets to go on the American Idol tour. And on we go...

Group Performance: A terrible beginning of the show, kind of fits with last night's show. Are they really singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"? Yikes. Wham? Really? Alright, great start. Did anyone else notice that they aren't even singing live anymore? I feel like Bowersox wasn't even trying to mouth the right words. Gotta love Bowersox.

On To The Results(Finally):
Siobhan-Safe, no doubt about that one. She is potential Top 2 or 3 right now.

Lee & Casey vs. Paige & Tim-Although Ryan tried to and almost did trick Tim into thinking that he wasn't heading to the bottom 3, he along with Paige are sent to the uncomfortable Bottom 3 stools, therefore Lee and Casey are safe this week. Deservedly so, Paige and Tim were terrible last night and the American public got it right.

Musical Interlude #1: Miley Cyrus. Don't quite get the Miley Cyrus hype, is she really a star or is her Hannah Montana character the star? Plus, the girl just doesn't sound great at all, she kind of sounds like a 78 year old smoker, but the teen girls in the audience love every second of it.

Back To The Results:

Aaron-Safe and very happy about it, opposed to Lee who still looks pissed. Dude you made the Top 10 take the stick out.

Didi- Safe. Thankfully she's safe despite getting trashed by the judges. I like that she doesn't want to conform to the judge's whims. Let her be who she wants to be. Kara especially likes to put people into a specific box and if they try to do something different it gets panned, just not right. Also, does anyone else notice that Ryan touches Didi in some form or another every week? This week he held her hand, another week he kind of touched her shoulders. Very interesting.

Michael-Safe. And he seemed a little more humble this week, which is always good. Stay humble, please.

Crystal-Safe. Still love that she doesn't listen to anything the judge's say but listens to herself and what she wants to do. We'll see next week if she leaves the guitar at home.

Katie vs Andrew-Suprisingly, Andrew is safe and Katie is in the Bottom 3. Despite Simon saying Andrew sucked the soul out of the song he sang Katie is in the Bottom 3.

Bottom 3:

First Safe: Katie, she didn't deserve to go home this week, but don't mind her going into the Bottom 3.

Bottom 2:
Tim & Paige. Again incredibly predictable and right on the money

Musical Interlude #2: Joe Jonas and Demi Levato. I guess they are supposed to be something cute and enjoyable but instead I feel they should be voted out tonight. They sound worse then the majority of the contestants did last night, and that's saying something.

Who's Going Home? Paige, and she doesn't even get the chance to get saved by the judges. Simon tells her that she has no chance of being saved and before she was about to sing they tell her not to. Rough, but it was the right way to go. Don't give the girl hope if she has none. They should do this every week. Don't let the contestants sing for the judges, unless they actually have a shot to be saved. It was the right person going home tonight for sure. Goodbye Paige, we hardly knew ye, yet knew too much.

See you next week for Soul & R&B Week with Usher.

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