Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'Dol Be The Judge-Top 12 Rolling Stones Week

During American Idol, these are the opinions I have about the contestants, Ryan or the judges. Take it as you will. If you are looking for a place to get a real sense of what in the world is going on then you've come to the right place.

Rolling Stones Week-12 Contestants

How Did The Contestants Do?

Michael(Miss You)-Weird, but safe, obviously. Grade=B

Didi(Playin With Fire)-Please don't let her go home the 1st week, or there won't be anymore hot chicks left on the season. Plus she has gotten a little better. Grade=B+

Casey(It's All Over Now)-Totally past this guy. He's a one trick pony, a honkey tonk blues guy, we get it. Grade=C+

Lacey(Ruby Tuesday)-Oh please put away that sexy shoulder, is she actually wearing an ace bandage as a dress? Grade=C

Andrew(Gimme Shelter)-He's still waiting for Britney Spears week to sing "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Grade=D-

Katie(Wild Horses)-She looks like she is going to Carrie's prom, she's 17 but looks like she is 12. Grade=C

Tim(Under My Thumb)-Please leave and join the Justin Bieber fan club, you know that's all you want to do. Grade=F

Siobhan(Paint It Black)-Amy Winehouse would've been proud 3 years ago for that performance. Love everything but the facial expressions, they scare me a little. Grade=B+

Lee(Beast of Burden)-He just looks so sad. I think someone needs to give him a kiss just so he feels a little better. Grade=B-

Paige(Honkey Tonk Women)-Simon keeps pushing her and I just don't get it. Also I hate when people change the words of songs to fit their gender. Plus I really don't care if she has laringitis, I had a slight cough the other night but I didn't try to get sympathy from millions of people. Grade=C-

Aaron(Angie)-No words to express the annoyingness of this guy. Also if he puts his head down and someone runs into him he'd probably stab them. Grade=D

Crystal(You Can't Always Get What You Want)-Can understand the hippiness now that we see that David Crosby is her father. She is turning into the female equivalent to Andrew Garcia, been there done that since Day 1. Not saying it's bad it's just it's Rolling Stones Week, rock it up a little. Grade=A-

How Did Ryan and the Judges Do?
Ryan is starting to think that he is something way bigger than he really is. Your whole job is, stand, introduce the contestants, give the numbers and step away...step away...step away. If you want to have Simon's job then fill out an application otherwise cut it out or my pining for Dunkleman will continue. Randy was the same as always, offers minimal comments, sometimes funny. Ellen continues to just be. She tells them if she likes the song, or if she doesn't. She is pretty much doing the job that almost anyone could do. Even though Paula was annoying she was at least entertaining because of all the gabbity goo coming out of her mouth. Kara is mad hot but definetly on a sinking ship. She got promoted to the second top spot, has her neck swagging sassitude going on but isn't going anywhere because the show is going downhill for sure now that Simon is leaving. Simon has gotten criticism that he's meaner than ever, which might be true, but why not. 1. The others aren't giving out strong opinions and he has to and 2. He's out of there soon, and has nothing to lose, he's a lame duck. Might as well go all out. Next season they'll either bring in an unknown who is going to be a carbon copy of Simon or a big time celebrity that has no real opinions. Either way American Idol is sinking, and sinking quickly.

How Was The Show Overall?
There was definite good potential with Rolling Stones week but it definetly fell by the wayside a bit. The majority of them took lesser known songs to sing, which I guess they chose so it would be more difficult to compare them to the original. But unfortunetly it was very underwhelming. Nowhere close to when they did Beatles week a couple years back. That week was also the week where my dislike for David Archuleta came from. That's when he mentioned that he really wasn't that familiar with who the Beatles were. Yep, he actually said that. Overall, the show wasn't great, but with a crop of contestants like this, it really isn't hard to see why.

Who's Going Home?
Tim Urban. If he doesn't leave this week there's no doubt he is going the way of Sanjaya. People vote week after week feeling sorry for the guy, Simon gets more and more crazy and it undermines the credibility of the show. Soon enough we'll be seeing a faux-hawk.

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