Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 10: R&B Week

Welcome back all you American Idol fans, and those haters as well. This week the Top 10 is doing R&B with guest mentor Usher. Definitely an upgrade from Miley Cyrus, but that's not saying a tremendous amount. Another 15 minutes before the first performance, they do like their filler. But without further ado, let's see how those contestants did.

How Did The Contestants Do?

Sibohan:(Through The Fire) She is definitely getting into that one trick pony territory. She hits the high note, but honestly not too much more, at least not tonight. Probably her weakest one yet, definitely all over the place. Don't get why the judges got to say their critiques, then went to Ryan, then did it a second time. I know they don't want her to get voted out due to one bad performance but isn't that what the Judge's Save is for? If anything weird happens they can save her, there's no need to give her false positivity tonight. Grade=B-

Casey(Hold On I'm Coming): Alright, Casey is the one trick pony, if this was Guitar Idol he'd be in good shape. Has he come out with his guitar yet and done anything different than any other week. Sure he is in his safety zone, but when the numbers start to dwindle a little he's going to be in trouble. Probably safe this week but it's getting old fast. Grade=B-

Michael(Ready For Love):Still feel that when Michael plays the guitar it looks like he isn't actually playing, but I give him credit for trying to switch it up. He sounded pretty decent, but it was a little boring. Still solid, he is definitely of the best on this show, but again, that's not saying a whole lot. Grade=B+

Didi(What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted): She's in trouble, not saying she's going home due to the atrociousness of Tim, but I actually agree with Kara, she's lost her way a little. I definitely root for to succeed but she doesn't really have anything definable yet. The song itself started slow then got faster, I think if she stayed slower it would have helped her a bit,she did a little too much with it. Still very cute girl, but she could possibly be in trouble. Also, can Ryan stop touching her, it makes me awkward, her awkward and the audience awkward. Grade: C+

Tim(Sweet Love): Yikes. Honestly, that's really the word. I'm sure the guy is very nice and all but honestly he's becoming a joke at this point. He sings just terribly, he has a weird looking smile and odd eye contact with the camera. I know there are plenty of bad singers left on this show but he is by far the worst. He doesn't even deserve any more words. Grade: F

Andrew(Forever): I give this guy a lot of credit, he has gotten panned every week since he did "Straight Up" about 2 months ago, but he stuck around and this week he definitely proved that he deserved to outlast Lacey and Paige. He did a really nice job of a current song. He made it different and he just seemed like a different person. Not saying he won't go from up to back down next week, but for this week very solid. Grade=B+

Katie(Chain of Fools): So Randy comparing Katie as a young Christina Aguilera is like comparing a tee-ball player to a major leaguer, there's no comparison. Sure she has a big voice and can hit the high notes but if she was Bottom 3 last week and I believe sounded better than this week than she can fall right back into the Bottom 3 again. Grade=C

Lee(Treat Her Like A Lady): Definitely stepped up his game. Lee did a really nice job, still looks a little awkward when he is just standing or being judged but when he sings it's really pretty powerful. He definitely surpassed Siobhan in the rankings this week as Top 2 contender with Crystal. Grade=A-

Crystal(Midnight Train To Georgia): Honestly she would be good in any previous season of American Idol, but in this dreck of a season she is making this into her own personal concert with everyone else competing for Top 2 or 3. I love that she tried something different and did the piano. I can definitely see that she lost a little of her vibe when sitting behind the piano or standing, but if goes back to who she really is then she is in good shape. Still, head and shoulders better than the rest of the bunch almost put together. Grade=A

Aaron(Ain't No Sunshine): This song is almost as overplayed and done on this show than last week's "Against All Odds". If you do a song that has been done tons and tons of times before on the show then you have to go even beyond those comparisons, let alone the original, and Aaron didn't quite pull it off. Very shaky the whole way through. I agree he'll be safe due to Tim's craptastic performance, but like Casey, when the numbers start to dwindle a little he'll definitely be in some danger. Grade=C

How Was The Show:Overall, the show was a lot better than last week. Andrew stepping up his game, the more entertaining critiques by the judges, and a better guest mentor all added up to a solid show. This was probably Ellen Degeneres' best week, she was funny and on point. The only one who really is making the show weird is Ryan. He is making things way awkward this year, from getting Andrew Garcia's mother to pick a fight with Simon, to making Didi uncomfortable and crying, to touching Didi again the entire time, Ryan has got to tone it down. I know he is getting paid alot and he is getting pretty famous but he's beginning to be the weak link in the show. Also did anyone else notice that they didn't pan to Usher after the first half of the show? I think he left, and who wouldn't after Tim's performance. And speaking of Tim...

Who's Going Home? Tim, he was Bottom 3 in Top 12, Bottom 2 last week, so he should be going home this week. He can't hide behind Lacey or Paige anymore, he is the weakest singer/performer and he's becoming kind of a mockery of the whole thing. He gets to go on tour, that's enough reward for this guy, it's time to go.

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