Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 11 Perform: #1 Billboard Hits

Welcome back, American Idol fans, and non-fans. We were in for a treat tonight, with Ms. Miley Cyrus as the guest mentor. Awesome!(By the way, that was sarcasm). Although it took nearly 10 minutes before the 1st performance on the show I'm not going to delay any longer. Lets' get to the show and how these contestants did:

How Did The Contestants Do?

Lee(The Letter)--Over 5000 songs to choose from and Lee decided to do this one. Lee still looks pretty sad and or pissed off. I don't really get the big band arrangement. Plus what the hell was Ellen talking about with the pen bit. The whole thing was very strange. Grade=B

Paige(Against All Odds)--First of all why does she have to sing like she's in a library, the whispering is really weird. The song was very choppy and had no flow. If the best thing you can say about the chick is that she didn't fall down then it probably isn't great, and it wasn't. She seemed like she gave up and no spoiler alert but Paige has just got to go. Grade=F

Tim(Crazy Little Thing Called Love)--I give the guy credit for trying to hide his voice behind moving around the stage, but in the words of Randy Jackson "Dawg, that was not good". Thankfully, Paige before him was just that terrible that Tim deserves to be in the Bottom 3 but won't go home. Grade=D-

Aaron(I Dont'Want To Miss A Thing)-He's definetly a cute kid but nothing to faint over. His hair looks better than last week, that's for sure. Sounded pretty good despite saying that he's been sick. The high notes were pretty bad but overall solid, and the kid is definetly a David Archuleta type. Grade=C+

Crystal(Me & Bobby McGee)-)-I'm sure Crystal didn't enjoy trying to impress Miley Cyrus. Not sure if she's a big Hannah Montana fan. As Simon said, Crystal is in a league of her own. She can't even be compared to the dreck that is the rest of the contestants. As long as she stays humble and doesn't get cocky she has a great shot to win this thing.Grade=A-

Andrew(I Heard It Through The Grapevine)- -Very odd performance, he is going to give Paige a run for her money in going home this week. I think just barely he will stick around, but that just wasn't a good perfomance. It was stiff and just gave off a very weird vibe. Simon was right on the money saying that they might have overhyped his version of "Straight Up" several weeks back, because since then he has just been terrible. Grade=D

Michael(When A Man Loves A Woman)--Don't get all the love that Michael gets. He's decent but in reality if this season's contestants were just a little bit better Michael would get swallowed up. Obviously, he has nothing to worry about due to Paige, Andrew and Tim. Grade=C

Katie(Big Girls Don't Cry)--Sounded better than she has ever sounded. Still not even close to being in Top 3 or 4 but she can stick around for awhile. With the terrible performaces that there have been, Katie just has to stay under the radar and she'll last for awhile. Grade=B

Casey(Power of Love)--A pretty solid performace, but honestly there's nothing really special or unique about this guy. Similar to past contestants like Ace Young or Constantine Moruilis, maybe Top 6 or 7, but that's about it. He needs to stay out of doing the karaoke version of songs, he fell into that this week, he'll stick around to try and improve for next time. Definetly disagree with Ellen about him being the best vocal of the night, did she forget about Crystal. Wow. Grade=C+

Didi(No Good)--Despite the judges, I still believe Didi is a dark horse. She got panned by the judges so she is in danger of Bottom 3 territory, but with Paige still being the worst of the night, just don't think Didi's going anywhere. Grade=B-

Siobhan(Superstitious)-Not my personal fave, but she definetly has a great voice and has found her little nitsche. I think she has great potential. Definite front runner at this point. Grade=B+

How Was The Show Overall?
The beginning of the night started with the microphones not working when the judges walked in and unfortunetly they were eventually turned on. Other than Crystal the night was just very poor. The judges were dissapointed and so was I. At the bare minimum 2 out the 3 of Tim, Andrew, and Paige will still be around next week and that is just really tough. Is it really a coincidence that the night was terrible and Miley Cyrus was the guest mentor? No need to ponder that question too much.

Who Should Go Home?
Paige. She is just not in this thing anymore. She doesn't even look like she wants to be here. Let her join her roomate Lacey and be gone. Tim and Andrew better be thanking their lucky stars that Paige was this bad or they would be in some serious trouble. At least we don't have to think about them using the judge's save this week.

We'll See You Tommorow for the Top 11 Results.

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