Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 9: Lennon/McCartney Week

Welcome Back to the Top 9 Performance Show. Sir Paul McCartney is not the mentor so instead we get lovely tidbits of information about each contestants from all the other contestants, seems like a fair trade. But nonetheless with Lennon/McCartney songs how bad can the contestants be? That was sarcasm by the way, anyways, lets see how they did.

How Did The Contestants Do?

Aaron(The Long & Winding Road)-We know he wants to be like David Archuleta but the kid has to shoot higher than that. A very boring performance. Kara was absolutely right in the fact that he sounds the same each and every week. Aaron is in trouble for sure this week. He went first and he got panned by the judges. Not gonna be surprised if he is in the Bottom 3, not gonna be surprised if he goes home. Grade=D+

Katie(Let It Be): I don't care what Katie does, she can't go home this week. If she goes there will only be 2 ladies left and honestly with this group of guys that's way too much. I wish she hadn't chosen this song because it's been done before, and done better, but her voice alone was decent. Don't the judges know we don't care if she is Pop/R&B or Country, no one cares, no ones buying her CD, let her sing and leave it alone. Either way she still doesn't deserve to go home this week. Grade=C+

Andrew(Can't Buy Me Love): Started off like he was going to do an R&B version, then went Rock-A-Billy, then went Big Band. He should have stuck with one style. The tempo changed way too much. Sure his voice was decent but the performance as a whole was pretty weak. I agree with the judges, the whole performance wasn't even close to being relevant. He deserves to be Bottom 3 for sure, could be in danger of going home. Grade=C-

Michael(Eleanor Rigby):Give "Big Mike" a lot of credit, he did the song in a different way than I have heard before and that has been done on this show. David Cook was actually told right after his Eleanor Rigby performance that he was the one to beat, so the song has a lot of weight. Michael did another solid job. I don't get Simon's confusion, Michael's a soul/R&B singer, he really hasn't ventured into any other territory. That's not a positive nor a negative but it's just a fact. Either way solid performance. Grade=B

Crystal(Come Together): Alright, Bowersox can have an off night, but her off night is still better than the best night of 90% of the contestants left. Plus she brought out a didgeridoo. How can you not respect someone for coming out with a didgeridoo. As long as the Judge's Save is in play Crystal won't ever be in danger. She has nothing to worry about. Grade=B+

Tim(All My Loving): For a guy who should have been gone last week, he did a pretty okay job this week. He'll probably be safe, but maybe those people who felt bad about him getting picked on last week won't call this week and maybe Tim will go. I won't feel even a little bad if he goes. Sure he had a better week this week, but as a whole he is the weakest contestant on the show and overall deserves to go home. I know some people want to kick people off if they have one bad performance i.e,Didi...well I think people should be kicked off even if they had a good one and the rest of their other week's suck, i.e, Tim. Grade=C

Casey(Jealous Guy): I still feel that if you are doing Lennon/McCartney week you should sing a Lennon/McCartney song, but he chose to do just Lennon. The judges liked it, I thought it was a little long and a tiny bit boring. I think he could have done a little more with, and with a thousand Beatles songs he could have chosen one from their songbook but it was still a decent choice. Probably his best performance and he didn't sound like Huey Lewis nor the News. Grade=B+

Siobhan(Across The Universe): Sounded very nice, but most lullaby's also sound nice and sweet. Unfortunately, I don't think she intended it to be a lullaby. She definitely was controlled and didn't scream during the song like she usually does, but she went to the far extreme. She is either crazy rocker yeller girl or subdued sleepy mellow girl . There has to be some happy medium for her. She could potentially be in a little trouble. Grade=C+

Lee(Hey Jude): I say if you bring out the bagpipes then you want to be in the competition. Sure I was nervous that the guy who came up and hugged Siobhan was coming down the stairs during Lee's performance but after realizing that he was playing the bagpipes I started to appreciate the effort. This is the first week that Lee seemed like he wanted to be there. Gotta love the little drop in by Crystal saying that if Andrew and Lee had a baby it would be a Danny Gokey. That's probably the most perfect observation of the night, including the judges. Grade=B+

How Was The Show? A lot of high hopes for Lennon/McCartney week, the contestants could have chosen from thousands of songs and they chose relatively gloomy slow sounding songs. Obviously the songs themselves are great but the performances as a whole were very sleepy and they made them dark. Some of these songs are classics and the contestants really do anything with them. Not a lot of stand outs tonight. Sure Crystal, Lee & Casey sounded pretty good but nobody rocked out like they should have, so in that sense the night was overall pretty disappointing to me.

Who Should Go Home?
Surprisingly, this week, not Tim. The smile-fiend actually sounded better than the person who should go home....Aaron. He has a lot going against him, he went first, he chose a song that he did nothing with, and he and Tim split a lot of votes(the teen girl vote) and Tim might actually get some more votes this week, so Aaron should go home. I wouldn't cry if Tim or Andrew did but based soley on tonight Aaron should be going home tomorrow.

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