Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 6: Shania Twain Week

Welcome back all you American Idol watchers. We are down to the Top 6 and the contestants will be singing from the Shania Twain songbook. Shania is in the audience and says that her songs are written by a girl and girls aren't easy for a guy to do. I know that Andrew Garcia would be up for the task, you know he loved sing the lady songs. Anyways let's get to it:

How Did The Contestants Do:

Lee(Still The One)-Shania is saying maybe too much guitar on his first run through with her, it’s true he hasn’t be criticized for doing the same type of thing with the guitar every week. It started shaky, but he made it different and it’s still recognizable, not his best but I give him credit for trying something new. Grade=B+

Note on Randy: Every week he says that it’s his favorite song of all time, does he know that you can’t have more than one favorite, then it’s not a favorite, it’s one of a bunch

Michael(It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing)-Shania calls it one of her favorites. Michael is boring with it, he seems winded like he cut words short. Shania clearly liked it and is in tears. The judges felt he was emotional and connecting with it. Simon calls the version “wet”. Even Simon didn’t really know what he meant that time. Grade=C-

Casey(Don't)-I am glad that he changed it up and isn't all Huey Lewis and The News about it. It's more vocal than guitar which is a great change. Randy calls it Casey's best performance ever. Shania Twain even said that he nailed it after Simon told him to give Shania a big kiss on the lips for giving him this song. From last week to this week was a great change, but he's a little inconsistent so who knows about next week. He should be safe to make it there. Grade=B+

Crystal(No One Needs To Know)-Crystal always has something going on, one week a didgeridoo this week a whole folksy band with her. She changed her voice even a little this week and sung the song well. The judge's say it's not their favorites but it's still really good and she's amazing. It was about time that she was criticized a little, hopefully the audience realizes that she is still head and shoulders above every person left. Hopefully her fans aren't fleeting, if she's in any trouble this week it has more to do with the fans than anything else because she is so good and to give up on her by having an average performance would be so disappointing. Grade=B

Aaron(You Got A Way)- Every time he tries to hold a note he goes off pitch. Simon believes that Aaron was a different person. The judges keep saying that tomorrow will be tough with the results because everyone has been so good. I didn't hear it at all. Maybe because he has been so bad the last few weeks it has tainted my vision, but honestly I just feel that they are hearing something totally different. Grade=C+

Siobhan(Any Man of Man)-Siobhan went back to that high note in the song which has been missing the past few weeks. But she has been criticized the last few weeks for not being herself so this was a great change. The judges gave Siobhan a lot of praise this week for it. Grade=B

How Was The Show? Shania Twain was a great guest judge and she was a great mentor. She was spot on. She along with Adam Lambert have been by far the best mentors. They really got into the contestants flaws and fine tuned them. I am a little worried about Crystal. She had her first off night and was given some criticism while a lot of the past bad contestants got some praise. The fans have got to be smart and take these past 6 weeks into account. In Season 1 of American Idol Tamara Gray had one off week, and she was kicked off, she was a possible winner at that point but it didn't matter. We'll see by the results if this happens to Crystal, I really truly hope not.

Who Should Go Home?Aaron. Based on previous weeks bad performances and the fact that he just wasn't that great in my opinion, despite the judges praise.

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  1. I am so tired of sioban and her screaming. I turn my tv down when she is on, it causes my dogs to howl.