Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 7: Inspirational Songs Week

Welcome back to "Idol Be The Judge". This is Top 7 week, it took a couple weeks but we are finally here. The contestants will be singing Inspirational Songs helped along with guest mentor Alicia Keyes. Only an hour episode so;

How Did The Contestants Do?:

Casey James(Don't Stop): Alicia Keyes tells Casey to bring out his personality, but he pretty much does the same thing he does every single week. Sings a song that sounds like Huey Lewis and The News. Sure he plays a mean guitar and probably kills it on Guitar Hero, but that ain't the game he's playing. Randy wants him to step out of his comfort zone and even Ellen tells him that he is a little forgettable. Simon and Kara are frustrated and so am I. He could potentially be Top 4 but it's the same thing every single time. He is in a little danger of Bottom 3. Grade: C

Lee DeWyze(The Boxer): He definitely changed this song to make it his own and keep it current, it definitely doesn't sound like the Simon and Garfunkel version. Randy tells Lee he is a really great artist and he is. Maybe not my favorite performance by Lee but he did a really beautiful version of this song. He is definitely on his way to the Top 2. He is really starting to step out of his box and is showing a lot of personality. Far and away the best male on the show. Grade: A-

Tim Urban(Better Days): Alicia Keyes tells Tim that the song feels really good on him. This guy could totally slide into the Top 4, which says a lot about this season, but this week it wasn't really that great. The judges aren't really impressed by Tim this week and are let down considering that he has had a couple decent weeks in a row. He could easily be back in the Bottom 3. Grade: C

Aaron Kelly(I Believe I Can Fly): This song is huge and he has to do a lot to pull it off and his track record has shown he really isn't able to. The arrangement of the song is really odd. I know they only have about 1 minute to sing the song but they cut out the good parts and kept in some parts that should have been left out. This kid has got to be gone this week. Very brutal. Simon says that if he heard it on the radio he would have turned it off in 10 seconds, I would have given him about 5 so Simon was being generous. Grade: C-

Siobhan Magnus(When You Believe): Singing a Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston song is a huge challenge but if Siobhan wants to vie for one of the Top spots she has to step it up. I don't really know what outfit she is wearing but the arrangement of the song with the violins is pretty The song started out a little shaky but she definitely started to get into it. I still believe she was holding back again. Since they told her that she had to cool it with the big notes she has been changing herself too much. With Aaron, Tim and Casey having very off nights she could be saved this week, but with the supposedly many teen girls texting and calling in for the boys she could be in a little trouble. Grade: B-

Michael Lynche(Hero): I thought he was going to do the Mariah Carey version of "Hero" but choosing the Nickelback version was a better decision. I really love this song and Michael did a pretty decent job. Kara thought that the song wasn't his best and it definitely wasn't. Simon believes that Michael will be around next week and this performance definitely warrants that. Grade: B

Crystal Bowersox(People Get Ready):
Alicia Keyes calls Crystal one of her favorites and obviously I definitely agree with her. No instrument for Crystal this week. She was very raw and natural tonight. The song started out with pure vocals no band accompaniment for at least 30 seconds. She got very emotional towards the end of the song and started to break up a little. She was standing ovation/unbelievable tonight. She was definitely inspirational tonight. She is ready to be the American Idol now. Grade: A+

How Was The Show Overall?: Definitely a mixed bag tonight. Lee and Crystal proved why they deserve to be in Top 2 contention while nobody really else was able to prove why they are still on the show and why they deserve to be here. As bad as most of the contestants were tonight I still think they should have gotten an extra few seconds to sing their songs. I know they were short on time but only a minute of singing on a singing program really doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Honestly, if American Idol really wants to give back then they will tell 2 contestants to go this week just so we can crown Crystal the winner at this point. Sure Lee could slide in there as well but there is still a long ways to go to the finale.

Who Should Go Home: Aaron. He hasn't had one week where he made me think he deserves to stick around. Sure Siobhan, Tim & Casey could easily go as well but Aaron should be the one going home this week. I sure hope that Siobhan doesn't go because another guy needs to be gone but I really don't know what people think of her. If any of the guys goes other than Lee that will be just fine with me.

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