Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top 9 Results Show

After a relatively good performance show we are back with the results of last night's show. Who's Going Home? Will the Judges Save Be Used This Week? Will Aaron Kelly pass out when he sees his idol David Archuleta? These questions all will be addressed in tonight's results. If Ryan says that the results are shocking then there's a good chance the Judges Save might be in play tonight. But we shall see.

But first:

The Top 9 Group Number-Ok they actually looked like they sang this time while singing a few Beatles songs. Still awkawrd, still can do without it.

---We get a little more tease by Ryan that there will be a shocker. A shock wouldn't be Aaron, Tim or Andrew, so this could get interesting.

Onto The Results:

Siobhan/Katie/Crystal: Each brought out to the center of the stage. Crystal is told she is safe, obviously. I am completly nervous about Crystal for one reason and one reason only, if the Judges Save gets used tonight she has no safety net and she has to have a bad week. She's due at least one. Even Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson had off nights. Either way Katie and Siobhan are both safe, ensuring a guy is going home tonight.

---We are told that Adam Lambert is the guest mentor next week. So a guy who was just on the show last year, didn't win the show, has put out one album, a couple of songs that made it to the radio and created a lot of controversery after the AMA's, is now a mentor. Ok. The term "Mentor" really doesn't mean what it used to. No offense to the guy but couldn't they get someone who actually won their season, Kris Allen got the title but definetly not the respect.

Musical Interlude #1: Jason DeRulo. The only reason I know he is Jason DeRulo is obviously because he says it in his song. Don't you just hate when singers say their name in a song. We know who you are, that's why we are listening to you, we aren't going to stop from changing the station because you said your name. Either way he's Kara DioGuardi's protigee so she obviously is pumped. Me? I'm ready for some more results.

But First:

Musical Interlude #2: David Archuleta. Yes, Aaron Kelly's hero is back on the American Idol stage. You would think after 2 years of doing whatever work he's been doing as an "artist" he would look and be more comfortable in interviews, unfortunetly that doesn't work out and we all now remember why we didn't like him to begin with. Also, I'm reminded of the fact that when he was on the show and it was Beatles week he announced proudly he didn't really know who the Beatles were. Someone, claiming to want to get into the music industry doesn't know the Beatles. Wow. Anyway lets get back to the show:

Back To The Results:

---Ryan puts the guys into two different groups.

1st Group: Lee, Casey & Tim

2nd Group: Aaron, Mike & Andrew.

--Ellen is asked by Ryan which group is the Bottom 3, she chooses Group 2. And she chose correctly. Thus, Lee, Casey & Tim-smiles like a goon-Urban is Safe once again.

Bottom 3:

Aaron, Mike & Andrew

First Safe? Aaron. Of the 3, Aaron deserves to go home but the teen girls loves them some Tim & Aaron.

Musical Interlude #3: Rihanna. In an obvious pre-taped performance Rihanna performs a new single off her album. That's about it. I am kind of ready for what's to occur, because I get the feeling that the Judge's Save is getting used tonight.

Who Was Voted Off? Michael. Absoultley unpredictable. I don't understand why Ryan had to announce that it was a shocker tonight. Obviously Michael is a shocker due to his overall good critiques by the judges. If Ryan didn't announce it would be a shokcer then I might have been fooled, but Andrew being voted off is no shocker. Either way, the Judges have their decision to make.

Is The Judge's Save Used? Of course. Michael is Safe. I knew from the second Ryan said it was shocker tonight that the Save would be used. Although I am glad it's gone, because it's a little gimmicky for me,I just don't think they should have used it yet.

Final Thoughts: I never understood why the other contestants seem happy to have their fellow contestant come back. Don't they know that they have no more safety net. That because it was used on him they could potentially go home and there is no way to protect having an off night. Maybe they don't realize this, maybe they are good actors, but either way I am nervous for Crystal & Lee to a certain extent. The Judge's Save should only be used on someone who the Judges believe could be the potential winner. If they still think that Michael is the potential winner after seeing Crystal and Lee week after week then they are making a serious mistake and are puting Crystal and Lee in danger. This move could bite them in the butts, quickly.

We'll see you next week when 2 contestants are going home, should be fun.

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