Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 6 Results Show

Welcome back, tonight will be interesting. Crystal is the only contestant that had any negative critiques by the judges so whomever goes they will be shocked. My only shock will come if Crystal or Lee left. And if they did, the only ones you can blame are the judges for keeping Michael a few weeks back with the save. But hopefully it won't get that far, and within 2 minutes we have our first performance:

Musical Interlude #1: Rascal Flatts. Although I am no big country fan they are quite popular and I can understand why.

--We get a behind the scenes footage of the Ford Music Video. I don't like the video itself so to see a behind the scenes footage is a pretty big waste of time. But besides the last 2 minutes the results show is a waste of time.

--Now we get a Shrek tour by seeing how the contestants see how voices are dubbed. Then Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz came to the stage. I wonder if Fox has anything to do with Shrek?

--(With all of these extra curricular activities when do these contestants actually rehearse)

Onto the Results:
Ryan will make 3 groups of 2 on the stage. I hate the little question-answer questions with the contestants, it's just awkward.

Group 1: Siobhan & Lee
Group 2: Aaron & Crystal
Group 3: Michael & Casey

--Ryan then moved Siobhan over towards Michael & Casey and said that they are the Bottom 3. Lee, Crystal and Aaron are all SAFE! Very awkward how Ryan assembled the contestants and how he made Siobhan seem like she's safe but I expect nothing less than awkwardness with Ryan Seacrest. Thankfully Crystal is safe and I don't have to go.

Bottom 3:
--A pretty fair Bottom 3. I would have loved Aaron to go but if Michael goes that would be alright, he really is pretty weak and hasn't had a solid week for several weeks.

Musical Interlude #2: Sons of Sylvia. Um, don't know those guys. I think I might have seen them on a reality show a few years back and they had a different name. But that's about it. They don't really sound that "Country" but maybe that's not what they are going for.

--Someone accidentally turning in probably wouldn't know this was American Idol Results Show if they didn't know, they'd think it was some concert.

Musical Interlude #3: Lady Atebellum. I've heard of these guys. Only know the one song "Need You Now", but it seems to be working out for them.

Musical Interlude # 4: Shakira & Rascal Flatts. No offense but this is getting ridiculous. 4 musical interludes? A kind of weird duet. You normally don't hear these style of voices mixed together.

Back To The Results:

Who's Safe First? Michael
--Pretty surprising.

Bottom 2
--To have one of these 2 gone and Michael and Aaron still around really makes me shudder.

Who's Going Home?Siobhan
--Leaving Crystal as the lone lady. She might have been just a little too all over the place for people.

Final Thoughts: I give Shania Twain a lot of credit. She didn't even perform a song tonight. She really was there just for the mere reason of being a guest mentor. I had a lot of respect for her before but she definitely earned even more. What I don't have respect for is 4 musical interludes. This results show has to be condensed to a half hour. It's just a different show. This isn't American Idol. I wish they used their time more wisely. Maybe give us some more info about these contestants, show us behind the scenes footage of their week. Not of them going to Shrek or Cirque de Soleil but how they chose their songs, how they rehearse, change things up with the musical arrangement. That would be valuable and worth the time.

On Siobhan going home it's sad because Aaron & Michael are staying. Obviously Siobhan wasn't going to win but that's just how it is. Lee & Crystal are obviously Top 2 and how and when the rest of the contestants leave really doesn't matter.

We'll see you next week when the contestants will sing the Songs of Sinatra with Guest Mentor Harry Connick Jr.

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