Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top 5 Results

Welcome back to the Top 5 Results show. I hope this is a non shocker show, meaning Casey or Aaron go. At this point the judge's shouldn't be just saying that they had a good performance, but saying can they win. Only Lee & Crystal have shown that they can actually win. With Lady Gaga & Harry Connick Jr performing tonight it should be a fun show.

Group Performance: The Top 5 sings a medley of Frank Sinatra standards. They are definetly playing up the fact that Crystal is the only girl left. Other than that I can always do without the Group Performance.

Ford Music Video: I never understood why they don't sing a song from the week's theme to promote Ford, instead of some random song but it's part of the time wasting-ness of the American Idol Randomness.

How Are Their Tuesdays? We get a clip package of how much the contestants Tuesdays used to be compared to now. Yes, it's really that exciting. I do like the Behind The Scenes aspect, but the results show is just so long that I just want to get to the Results.

Onto The Results:

Lee: After it seems like 10 minutes of question and answers with Ryan and the judges, Lee is SAFE.

Musical Performance # 1: Lady Gaga. She is as crazy as she is talented, so she is definetly very talented. I like her because she is different than a lot of people out there. There is no other performer that looks and creates an atmosphere on stage like she does.

Closer Look into Guest Mentor Harry Connick's Time With the Contestants: Connick Jr is possibly my favorite mentor of all-time. He's hilarious and right on the money, a great combination.

Musical Performance #2: I normally don't really care about his music but after doing such a great job with the contestants I am willing to hear him out, plus he sings "And I Love Her" a Beatles song.

Another Group Performance: The Top 5 sing a medly of Harry Connick Jr songs. Um, okay. They are really kind of pushing it now.

Back To the Results:

Crystal is sent to the far side of the stage. Michael is sent to the middle of the stage. Aaron joins Big Mike. Casey joins Crystal.

Ryan tells Lee to choose which group is safe, he declines.

Ryan tells us that the group that is Bottom 2 is Michael and Aaron, meaning Crystal and Casey are SAFE.

Bottom 2

Michael and Aaron. I thought these guys should have been gone a long time ago. I don't mind who leaves tonight, either one will help the show.

Who's Going Home? Aaron Kelly. He was due to go home for a long time. He is taking it like a champ, smiling and not crying.

Final Thoughts: I've thought that Aaron should go for many many weeks, so I am glad that he is gone. Casey definetly had a worse night than Aaron did last night, but overall Casey has been more consistent. Crystal has to step up her game next week. She easily still could have been the Top vote getter but the judge's are getting a little upset that she isn't pushing herself, and so am I. Lee has to just keep doing what he's doing. To think that Casey or Michael will be at least Top 3 is a little disturbing. By far, this is one of the weaker Top 4's American Idol has ever had. It got a little bit better because Aaron isn't in it, but probably not since Season 3 has the Top 4 been this weak.

Please come back for the Top 4 Performance Show Recap right after next Tuesday's American Idol.

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