Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 3 Results Show

Welcome Back. Tonight is a very important night, tonight will determine who makes it to the Finals and who will come up just a bit short. Tonight American Idol will show us the hometown visits that the Top 3 experienced this past week. Ironic that they show us their homes and all the joy they had of going back, but in reality they don't really want to go home, especially not this week. Should be a fun night.

Let's Get to The...Oh Wait A Minute. This is American Idol, first we get some more talking and filler. We get the Top 3's take on their experience on the show. It's an hour show there is a lot of filler tonight. Casey admits he never imagined winning nor did he ever think he would get this far. Crystal said that she has thought about winning and is cool with whatever happens but definitely wants to win. Lee wants to win actually he says he really wants to win. Other than that we just get 5 minutes of Ryan trying to be the next Oprah.

Hometown Visit #1: Casey James. Casey just seems like a nice Texas guy. He definitely has a large female fan base. Casey visits the hospital and the doctors and nurses that helped him after he was in an accident a few years back. It really got him emotional. We will see if his large fan base pushed him through this week, he's going to need a lot of help.

Musical Interlude #1: Travis Garland. I've not only never heard of the song he is singing but never heard of him before. I think there should be a rule that the musical guest actually has to be better than the contestants currently on the show. This guy is quite terrible. He belongs in a boy band from the late 1990s.

Hometown Visit #2: Crystal Bowersox. Crystal's hometown is Toledo, Ohio. Crystal just personifies cool. She's sarcastic, down to earth and extremely well versed. She seems like she is already a superstar, she speaks like a well trained, seasoned professional. Plus her hometown had something called BowerStock, get it, like Woodstock but BowerStock. I dig it. Very cool.

Hometown Visit #3: Lee DeWyze. Lee's hometown is Chicago. Lee gets to throw out the first pitch at the Cubs game, gets hugged by screaming women and men. Lee visits his old job at the Paint store. Probably doesn't seem that long ago but it's really a lifetime since he worked there. Lee gets very emotional and gets choked up at almost every turn. He gets a pretty large turnout during his mini-concert and even gets choked up during his performance. This is a side of Lee that we don't often see.

Musical Interlude #2: Justin Bieber. Sorry, I can't recap this. I honestly can't listen to him. So if you are a Bieber fan please go to Youtube to find his performance but I can't sit through it.

Now, Let's Get To the Results:

First Safe Is? Lee DeWyze. Not a shocker considering the judges fawned all over him last night, plus he really did deserve it.

Next Safe Is? Crystal Bowersox. Deservedly so.

Going Home? Casey James. Definitely the right way to go.

Final Thoughts? Couldn't have asked for a better Final 2 this season. Crystal and Lee deserved to be in the Finals. They were the most consistent and were the most talented of the entire group. Casey gave it a good run and went as far as he could.

Have a great week, we will see you next week for the finale when either Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze will take home the American Idol crown.

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