Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 4: Movie Theme Week

Welcome back to American Idol. Only a few weeks left until the finale. We are left with the Top 4. This week the contestants are singing songs from Movies. The contestants also delve into duets. Crystal and Lee will sing a duet and Michael and Casey will sing a duet. The guest mentor is Jamie Foxx. He is rumored to be on the list to replace Simon Cowell next year. I don't really see that fitting, but at this point I don't know who could replace Cowell.

How Did The Contestants Do?

Lee(Kiss From a Rose:Batman Forever): Lee is actually singing my favorite song of all time, my only hope is that he doesn't mess it up. My first take is that it seems that he is having a tough time catching up to the speed of the band and backup singers. Plus he hits a few bum notes and he sounds like he is running out of breath a little. Not a really great performance, but like Crystal last week he was due for an off week. Randy thought that Lee had a tough week and was "pitchy". Ellen believes that Lee could have done more with the song but is still soooo good. Kara thought the arrangement was way off and he got lost in it. Simon also thought that Lee chose the wrong song. It was reinforced that although he had an off night he is still good...Translation, America shouldn't forget that he has been so good for so many weeks. Lee fell into the trap Crystal did last week and past season front runners have, they might get a bit too comfortable after being so good and only getting positive criticism and they start to believe they can coast to the Top 2. Not saying he is going to get kicked off but maybe this can be his reality check. Grade=B-

Michael(Will You Be There: Free Willy): Again, a really powerful song, so Michael better make it so good that we forget how unbelievable Michael Jackson was with this song or he will get lost in it. Overall, I'm not very enthused about Michael's performance. I feel he could have done a little more with it and showcased his voice a little more. Randy didn't really "feel" the performance. Ellen feels that Michael was good but found it predictable. Kara was looking for a great performance and didn't think that Michael did that and didn't step outside of his box. Simon feels that Michael tried hard but still could have chosen another song. Grade=C+

Lee & Crystal(Falling Slowly: Once): Dueling acoustic guitars. If I had my choice this would be the Top 2 for me. The beginning was a little rough, but they both pick it up and they sound really nice once the band picked it up. Randy calls it amazing and unbelievable. Ellen calls them the new Captain and Tenille. Kara calls it one of her favorite moments of the entire season and they brought out the best in each other. Simon calls it a fantastic song. They both knocked it out of the park. Grade=A

Casey(Mrs.Robinson:The Graduate): After Casey's dreadful performance last week without his guitar he brought back his instrument this week. It's a very subdued performance, like he could be playing the song while people are performing Yoga. Grade=B-

Crystal(I'm Alright: Caddyshack): Crystal decided to lighten the mood for the night and pick a fun song. Ryan asked Crystal if she thought the judges were hard on her the past couple weeks, she said she did but she's tough and could take it. Her performance tonight was light hearted and seemed like she was having a good time. The judge's thought she was back in the game. Didn't know that Crystal was ever out of the game but either way this was her best week in a few weeks. Grade=A-

Casey & Michael(If You Really Love A Woman:Don Juan DeMarco): They also are playing acoustic guitars together. They aren't looking into each other's eyes like Crystal and Lee were. It's a subdued version and meshes their very different voices pretty well together. I was a little worried they wouldn't fit together but it actually does. The judge's overall thought they blended really well together.

How Was The Night?:
Go Big or Go Home. This is my sentiment about tonight. At this point, the contestants shouldn't be just good, they need to go out there and put it all out there. As Ellen told Michael when Michael said he wanted to just make it to the Top 3, at this point in the competition you should be trying to win the whole thing not just getting by. Michael and Lee both had that problem during their individual performances. They played it safe. Lee & Crystal, though, stepped it up way up once they hit their duet together. They both proved whey they should be Top 2, as Kara said their duet was her favorite moment of the season, and it was mine also.

Who Should Go Home? Michael. He has been Bottom 3 or 2 for the majority of the weeks, and I think Casey did just enough to get by this week, but you never know. I think despite Lee's off night he will be safe, and Crystal should glide safely into the Top 3.

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