Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 3 Performance Show

Welcome Back to American Idol. This is a very important week. This week determines who makes it to the Finals. This is also Simon Cowell's last week on the American Idol set. Next week they will be at the Nokia Theatre. A little bittersweet. But a lot to do tonight. The contestants will sing 2 songs. 1 chosen by them, and 1 chosen by the judges.

How Did They Do?

Contestant's Choice:

Casey(Ok, It's Alright By Me): I never heard of the song but Casey just said he chose this song because it's something he could've written. Um, ok...well let's just work on getting through this week before you take credit for someone else's song.
A very interesting song choice. Not very popular, but like last week he chose one that didn't have his guitar dominate him and he just played along with it. The song ended kind of abruptly and the audience didn't even know to start clapping, but maybe that's the plan...actually probably not. Randy calls the song alright for him. He didn't like how safe and easy Casey's choice was. Ellen also thought Casey didn't bring it. Kara says that this was probably the worst time to sing a song that no one has ever heard of. Simon thought Casey didn't bring it and it was just a bad time for him not to put it all out there. Grade=C+

Crystal(Come To My Window): At least Crystal chose a song that people know and can identify. She is changing up the song just enough to make it her own, plus I like the addition of the harmonica. Is it her best performance? Probably not, but she still sings the song really well. Randy loves Crystal's vocals and thought it all worked in the end. Kara thought it was a good vocal but didn't have a moment. Simon thought Crystal hasn't compromised herself as an artist once throughout the entire competition, which he gives her a lot of credit for. Grade=B

Lee(Simple Man): After a down week last time out Lee needs a good week and his first performance tonight definitely was a step in the right direction. He was a little sharp in some places but definitely better than last week. Randy likes the song choice and feels that Lee is in it to win it. Ellen thought that Lee has turned from a baby lamb into a grown cat. Kara feels the first round goes to Lee. Simon thought that Lee's song choice was right on the money and he crushed the other 2 in the first round. Grade=A-

Judge's Choice:
Casey(Daughters: Randy & Kara's Choice): Kara and Randy chose this song and hope that it will make him vulnerable and that he will sing it well. Casey sang the John Mayer song and put more emphasis on piano then on guitar, which actually goes against what a lot of us would have thought. It definitely makes him vulnerable because there is a lot of focus on his vocals, which in the past didn't work out for him. I think Casey could have done a lot more with that song. Randy enjoyed his song choice over Casey's choice. Ellen liked this performance more than the other one. Kara thought it was artistic and gives herself a good amount of credit for making the choice she did. Simon thought it was a much better song choice but thought the arrangement was kind of lazy and didn't give Casey enough climax in the song. He pretty much thought there wasn't a wow moment, and there wasn't. He sang well but it really wasn't exciting and even the usual rambunctious crowd was kind of tepid. Grade=B-

Crystal(Maybe I'm Amazed: Ellen's Choice): Crystal goes guitar-less and shows a lot of vulnerability even starting on the stairs and ending up on the catwalk behind the judges. She did a beautiful job with this song. She showed a lot of range and power. Randy calls Crystal in it to win it, just like he said to Lee. Ellen said she couldn't have asked for more. Kara thought that Crystal did something with her voice that she hasn't done before, and Crystal agrees. Simon questioned the song choice after initially hearing that Crystal would be singing it, but after hearing it he thought that it brought Crystal to the finals and that she might want to thank Ellen for getting her there. Personally, Crystal brought herself to the Finals if she gets there, and after hearing her compared to Casey, it will be tough for her not to get there. This was one of the best if not the best performance that Crystal has ever given. Grade=A

Lee(Hallelujah: Simon's Choice): An interesting choice for Simon because this song has been done many times before and actually done only a couple months ago by Tim Urban(who actually did a nice job with it). Risky, but the reward is incredibly great if he pulls it off. Lee definitely did something different with that song. The production value might have been a little over the top but Lee really had a great moment that might have propelled him to win the whole thing possibly. Randy thinks that Simon's choice was fantastic and feels Lee really is in it to win it. I kind of feel he said that about 3 times tonight, but we get the picture. Ellen calls Lee's performance stunning. Kara thought that Lee personifies what the show is all about, starting from one place and getting to this kind of moment, and he is the heart of the show this season.Not sure I agree with that either, but again, we get the picture. Simon is very proud of Lee and said he's proved that he is a star and hopes that Lee makes it to the Finals next week. At this point, it would be a crime if he didn't. Grade=A

How Was The Night? For Lee & Crystal the night couldn't have been better. They both proved why they have been the cream of the crop the entire season. It took many months but we are almost there. It took a Tim Urban, a depleted female contestant crop and too many inappropriate Ryan Seacrest moments, but we are almost there. Casey had a rough night. He first chose a song that no one has ever heard of, then took a slow song and made it slower. Crystal on the other hand did something with her voice that propelled her to another level. Lee definitely has stepped up his game. He saw the immense popularity and positive feedback that Crystal was getting and decided to do more with this competition than just be happy to be there like many past contestants have stated. Lee started to really believe that he could win the whole thing, and this changed the way he approached all of his performances from there on out.

Who Should Go Home? Casey. Unfortunately he just isn't nor has he ever been in the same league as Lee & Crystal and tonight proved just that. Casey was the best of the rest, not the best of the best, and if all goes as it should Casey will go home tomorrow night allowing Crystal and Lee to take their deserved place in the Finals.

See you here tomorrow night when we learn who makes it into the Finals next week.

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