Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 2 Finale Performance Show

Welcome back. Well, it's been a long, long season. Many memorable and not so memorable contestants and moments this year, but we've finally made it. We are down to Crystal and Lee. Front runner Crystal Bowersox has had a few okay weeks while Lee definitely has the momentum. We'll see if Crystal can get back to her winning ways and make us forget about her rough spots, or can Lee take all of the positive feedback and unbelievable judge's praise and take it for the win?

On the "Ellen Degeneres Show" Simon Cowell said that if it was a 4-5 weeks ago then Crystal would have won hands down, but now he thinks Lee will win it. But as he said, he's been wrong about the winner the past couple years, first thinking David Archuleta would win against David Cook then Adam Lambert over Kris Allen. We'll see what happens, only Crystal and Lee can determine the outcome...oh and the American audience. Ryan flipped a coin last week determining who would go first and second, Crystal won the toss and decided to go second. They will be singing 3 songs. Their favorite performance,the executive producer's choice and what their single will be if they win. Let's get to it.

How Did The Contestants Do?

Lee(The Boxer, from Inspirational Week): Lee chose this as his favorite performance, and for me, it was my favorite Lee performance, although Treat Her Like A Lady was pretty good as well. For this performance he changed it a little from last time out. He's added a little more band arrangement, more chimes and drums. Really decent start. Randy thought Lee sounded good but needs a little more energy. Kara agreed with Randy and said he needs to fight a little more. Simon said he expected more passion and excitement and said it was like a kiss on the cheek when he wants a kiss on the lips, but not from Lee. Funny. I agree, but he has 2 more songs so we will see how that goes. Grade=B-

Crystal(Me & Bobby McGee, from Billboard #1 Week): Crystal did a great job this whole season so picking one song is probably a bit more difficult. She has decided to stay true to the same arrangemnt from her previous time out. She definitely is also more into her song then Lee seemed. Crystal pretty much blew Lee out of the water on energy level. Randy thought Crystal was dope and needs to make a record like that. Ellen thought Crystal was compelling. Kara thought that Crystal has fire in her belly. Simon thought Crystal was terrific and that it is a great competition tonight. Round 1 definitely goes to Crystal. Grade=A

Lee:(Everybody Hurts: Exec Producer's Choice) This song is pretty perfect for his voice. He has an interesting voice like Michael Stipe of REM does. It allows Lee to get a little more energy into his voice. He doesn't particularly look excited but his voice definitely picks up from last song. Randy thought it was definitely better and pulled it together. Ellen thought Lee went off a few times and that Lee pulled back a little from going all out. Kara thought Lee told a beautiful story. Simon thought it was a great song choice but ultimately thinks Lee is nervous and needs to come out and be 10 out of 10on the final song. Grade=B

Crystal(Black Velvet, Exec Producer's Choice): Very interesting choice. Crystal is without her guitar and going for more sultry and placing more focus on vocals. She is doing a lot with the song and her voice is definitely in key from start to finish. She is again showing that she wants to win this thing. She's definitely doing things with her voice that she hasn't done all season. Randy says that this is the Crystal he loves and that she is in it to win it. Ellen thought she was fantastic and gives her a standing ovation. Kara sees that Crystal can feel it and wants it. Simon feels that she took a song that has been done over and over and just nailed it and was very impressed. Round 2 goes to Crystal.

Lee(Beautiful Day): No more original songs, this will be Lee's single if he wins the show. This is U2's song. Lee is still holding back and although his vocal is pretty solid he doesn't look like he wants to win it. He doesn't look in the camera even once. He kind of seems like a beaten man. He needed to come out and really make his last 2 songs be a thing of the past and he didn't really do that. Lee initially looks pretty upset about his performance. Randy thought that Lee got his groove back through the middle to end of the song. Ellen says more about Lee's overall time on the show rather than this performance in particular. Kara thought Lee got swallowed up by the arrangement but thought that Lee still deserved to be there. Simon thought although it wasn't his greatest performance that Lee is still a great guy. Mainly, the judge's feel that tonight wasn't his night but through the competition he has grown the most and developed into something great. Lee definitely had a rough night and he needs his fans tonight to help him. There was no way the judge's were going to bash him, they tried to let him down easy without coming righ out and saying he wasn't so great. Grade=B+

Crystal(Up To The Mountain): All Crystal needs to do is what she has been doing and the night will be a clean sweep for her. This performance was definitely less energy, but her vocal was just tender and perfect. There were no big band arrangements, it was simple but quite effective. Crystal definitely swept the night, almost no competition. Randy thought Crystal was amazing and was so proud and felt it was her best performance at the perfect time. Ellen thought that Crystal was so unique and in a league of own and was glad to be a part of the rise of Crystal's career. Kara thought that Crystal was completely invested in the song and really blossomed. Simon in his last judging critique, thought it was the best performance of the night and that it was outstanding. Crystal sums up her journey as unbelievable and that she's incredibly grateful. Grade=A+(First one I gave out the entire season)

Musical Interlude: Will Young, from Pop Idol U.K, Sings The American Idol Departure Song. Definitely a beautiful song. The highlights of the season play over his voice.

How Was The Show?:
Going into the show I didn't mind who won either way. They both have done a great job and were both the standouts. I thought Lee had the momentum going into tonight but it could go either way. But after tonight's episode Crystal has to win. It used to be Lee & Crystal and everybody else, but tonight it was definitely Crystal and Lee became like everyone else. She completely proved why she is much more a seasoned performer than Lee. Lee got swallowed up by the moment and the intensity of the night, while Crystal continued to just put on a concert. Crystal did everything right while Lee kept getting in his own way.

Every week I have written who I think should be voted out, this week I will post who I think will win.

Who Should Win? Crystal. She has been the most consistent contestant this entire season. She carried the show when the show needed a bright light on a terrible crop of contestants. She by far outperformed Lee tonight on every single song. She said the right thing, especially right before Simon gave his critique she gave him a few nice sentiments and thanked him for his work. Simon even got a little misty eyed when she said that. Crystal was a class act then and though her songs and deserves to win.

We'll see you right back here tomorrow when the American Idol winner will be crowned.

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