Thursday, January 21, 2016

S15- Auditions 5- Baltimore & Philadelphia

Welcome back everyone. Tonight is the 5th episode of the last season of American Idol and the next to last audition episode ever.  I think we have gotten some pretty good talent, but I would love to see more. I would say out of the 4 prior audition episodes only 1 or 2 were really memorable, so hopefully tonight will be a good showing. So let's get started:

Auditions # 5

Miranda "Poh" Scott (17) Her sister Shi made the Top 24 last season. These two with these names is crazy, but we'll have to go for it.  Poh is not bad at all. She has a voice for sure, I think it needs more control and finesse, but there might be something they can work with.
Notable Comments-Harry-Said negative things about herself. Found many things very refreshing. She just put it out there.
Going To Hollywood?Yep. All 3 send her.

Amelia Eisenhauer (15) She decides to bring a samurai sword to the studio with her. She isn't bringing it into the audition, so other than a thing to let you get on TV I don't get the point. But maybe that is the point. She does bring in her fiddle into the audition. She plays maybe one note with the fiddle, and then goes right to the singing. She has a nice intensity to her voice, it's a little too loud at points, almost screamy, but there were some nice soft moments.
Notable Comments-Jennifer-Very beautiful. Like the sound of her voice. There is a strength to it. Harry-Has a mysterious aspect to herself. Wants to hit the notes more squarely.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her.

Joy Dove (21) She is from the Little Rock audition. Not sure why they didn't include it when they were doing that episode, but it's fine they included her. She's different, but in a good way. It's also a little loud, but she has power behind her. We'll see if she can control some of that.
Notable Comments-Harry-Energy and spirit is awesome. Beautiful and full of voice. Just sings loud.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her. 

Mackenzie Bourg (23) He is doing a medley of all 3 judges' hits. He starts with Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy" and into Harry Connick's "Come By Me" and then into Jennifer Lopez's "Love Don't Cost A Thing" and ended back on Keith's song. This guy is super talented, he blended it so well, and has an amazing voice and obvious serious creativity.
Notable Comments-Harry-Smart son of a gun. Jennifer-Liked it very much. Liked the sound of his voice. Keith-Loved the first and last song the best.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

Andrew & Aaron Birdwell (27) and (23) These guys are brothers. They consider themselves nerds because they still play D&D aka Dungeons and Dragons. They should probably go back to playing games because singing is not their thing. Aaron has a better voice then Andrew but that's like saying getting poked in the eye is better then cutting off your ear. I mean both are bad, but one is much much more.
Notable Comments- Keith-Gregorian acid trip. 
Going To Hollywood? Nope

Jenna Renae (23) She has watched the show and actually waited to come to audition until she was ready. That's more than some of these younger singers that are just coming because there is no next year. I would put her in the realm of Sara Barielles or Ingrid Michelson or something along those lines. Really super talented. I think she has the whole package.
Notable Comments- Jennifer-Feels the lyrics. Has the whole package. Keith-Sounds like she grew up something outside of country. It's a good thing.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her.

Mario Bonds (27) He loves to sing and dance, and even though he is blind he does a lot of stuff and says he forgets he is blind sometimes. Very clever and cool. Mario has a lot of soul. Wavered back and forth on good but not great.  
Notable Comments-Jennifer-Kept going back and forth. Loves everything about him. Parts that really loved, but parts that took her out of the performance. Harry- Very strong spirit. Thinks he has talent but not specifically what he is looking for. As a whole performance didn't hear enough. 
Going To Hollywood?  Nope

Adam Lasher (28). I loved this guy last season. He kind of disappeared last year. He was there and then he wasn't and I never remember him being bad. He also got a hair cut and a new suit and looks amazing. There have been 2 winners and countless other contestants that have come back after not getting through at all or getting cut early on, so it's possible Adam could do well here. I hope so. I was a fan last year and I am a fan this year. I mentioned last year that his uncle is the great singer/guitarist Carlos Santana, so Adam can and still plays a great guitar. Let's see how it does this year.
Notable Comments- Jennifer- Really nice sound to his voice. Harry-Great rendition. 

Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

Emily Brooke (16) She has also returned after making it to Top 48. She was in the premiere episode last season. I wrote that she has a lot of depth and personality.  That hasn't changed. She actually is better this time around. She is a country singer, very Taylor Swift-like. I think she can get past the Top 48 this year if she keeps this quality up.
Notable Comments- Jennifer- Really improved. Tough to let her go last year, but that forced this, so it all worked out. Harry- This was a training ground for her, took it all and made her better. Proud that the show fostered talent to her.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her.

Best of the Night
Mackenzie Bourg and Jenna Renae. Mackenzie for his creativity and Jenna for her pure talent. I really enjoyed Emily Brooke and Adam Lasher also and am so happy they both came back and were better than last season when they were both were really good. There was so many really stand outs. Tough to pin point one. So those are my favorites of the night.

Final Thoughts
*Very strong night. There were at least 4, maybe 5 out of the 7 contestants that went to Hollywood  that can do really well. Tonight really showed that there is talent this season and someone from tonight's episode could easily win the whole show. It was that strong and creative.

That's it. Come back tomorrow for the very last audition episode of American Idol ever. That's crazy. We will be back with our recap and thoughts and hope you will too. So until next time, see ya!

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