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Hollywood Rounds: Part 2

Welcome back. Last night saw the elimination of almost half of the contestants that were selected to go to Hollywood, but we only saw a handful of eliminations. To be exact there were 190 that started and only 108 left. Tonight we will see more eliminations and hopefully some nice and memorable performances as well. Tonight also features the dreaded Group Rounds. Should be interesting. There are a lot of groups so we will try our best to streamline it.  Let's get right to this 2-hour show:

Hollywood Day 3: Group Round
The contestants can be in groups of 3 or 4, they can pick whatever song and do whatever choreography they want all in one night. Idol mentor Scott Borchetta is around to help some of the groups. 

Notable Group Round Drama: Shelbie Z left her group.  Dalton and Cassie couldn't find Poh. Poh decides that she can't continue the show.  The group with La'Porsha and Manny tries to be nice and give one member to the group of 2 that Shelbie left then decides not to, but then La'Porsha goes anyways. 

Group 1: Jordan Sasser, Kory Wheeler, Jenna Renae, Kelsie Watts
Our Take: They sing "Treasure" and have a nice harmony. Jenna sounds great, Kory surprised me a little. Jordan had good attitude. Kelsie was a little weaker than the rest but still pretty decent.
Notable Comments: Jennifer-Thought that was great. Great start to group day. Happy w/what they did. Utilized their strengths.
Results: All 4 are going through.

Group 2: Jenn Blosil, Bri Ray, Lynnzee Fraye, Sara Sturm
Our Take: Jenn was good best of the bunch, Bri was light, Lynnzee was kinda forgettable, Sara was not so good. It was a little weird at points, but not a disaster or anything.
Notable Comments: Jennifer-Wasn't perfect, but they did a good job. Keith-Good song choice, Jenn has a nice quirky thing.
Results: All 4 are going through. 

Group 3: Amelia Eisenhauer, Tristan McIntosh, Lee Jean and 1 unnamed girl
Our Take: Amelia has a nice voice, I think Tristan did too much again with a simple song. 
Notable Comments=Keith-Tristan was really good.
Results: All 4 going through

Group 4: Avalon Young and 2 others 
Notable Comments: Harry- Avalon is a really talented singer. Looks like a kid having fun.
Results: All 3 going through. 

Group 5: Jeneve Rose Mitchell and 2 others
Notable Comments: Harry- Jeneve had a pining in her voice, made lyric most important thing. Real artistry.
Results: All 3 Going through

Group 6:Chynna Sherrod, Terrian and 2 others
Our Take: Terrian sounded nice, couldn't hear Chynna on her own.
Notable Comments: Jennifer: Reminded her of how much she is gonna miss Idol. It's been a joy and honor to be part of this show.
Results: They don't tell us.

Trent, the guy from last night that we heard has Mono,  was told he has to perform alone to protect the other contestants. This never happened before in the history of American Idol, no one has ever performed alone for group round.
Group 7: Just Trent Harmon
Our Take: He sounds pretty good, even with mono and all by himself. He just tries hard to fill up the stage where 2 or 3 other people would have this round.
Notable Comments: Harry: It sounds better in "mono". Keith: No one else wants to go near his talent, not just because he is sick.
Results: Going through. 

Group 8: Shelbie Z (found her new group), Michelle Marie, Ashley Lusk, Lindsey Carrier
Our Take: Michelle is not so great. Ashley was kind of forgettable, Lindsey was just not so great, Shelbie has a strong voice and has got a strong personality.
Notable Comments: Keith-Everyone had something strong, Lindsey could have tweaked it.
Results: Michelle, Shelbie and Ashley go through. Lindsey is going home. 

Group 9: Elvie Shane and John Wayne Shultz and 2 others.
Our Take: Elvie tried too hard on his part, didn't hear John sing.  
Notable Comments: Harry: Use the stage, even if the song sucks. 
Results: John and 2 others going through. Elvie goes home.

Group 10: Ashley Lilinoe, Mackenzie Bourg and 2 others.  
Notable Comments: Harry: Lot of talent, but unfortunately not all going through.
Results: Mackenize and 2 others going through. Ashley going home. 

Group 11: Dalton, Anatalia, Kassy (Anatalia was kicked out of her group and Dalton and Kassy lost Poh)
Our Take: Dalton has a good voice. Anatalia sounds not bad at all. Kassy has a great voice. Overall pretty good group.
Notable Comments: Keith-Wondering why they clipped some lyrics to make it their own. Did really well.
Results: All going through.

Group 12: Sonika Vaid, Stephany Negrete, Andrew Nazarbekian  (They are the ones that kicked out Anatalia)
Our Take: The fact that they kicked out Anatalia and then struggled in rehearsals isn't a great sign for some of these contestants.  Sonika did sound nice. Stephany did as well. Andrew did not sound good at all. He hit some real weird notes.  
Notable Comments: Keith-3 can sing, but Stephany only performed and worked stage. Andrew has nice range but didn't seem like he had been on a stage before in his life.
Results: All going through. 

Group 13: Marcio Donaldson, Jonn Klaasen, Kylle Thomasson, Kacye Haynes
Our Take:  They tried to make the song their own, I'll give that to them. It was creative.
Notable Comments: Keith-None of you got sleep, but you guys were on. Jennifer: Loved how they utilized the stage. Commanded the stage. 
Results: All going through. 

Group 14: Daniel Farmer, Joy Dove, Lindita
Our Take: The group has a great personality. Joy and Daniel are characters for sure, and they can sing. Lindita sounded better in her audition, here she sounded pitchy.
Notable Comments: Harry: Surprised Joy let Lindita have the last note. Joy needs to crush the others. Surprised she didn't finish. 
Results: Joy and Lindita going through. Daniel going home. 

Group 15: Eliz Comacho, Gianna Isabella, Dana Ordway
Our Take: Eliz makes some drama with her group, she does her part and then leaves during rehearsal. Tries to be louder than the others and overtakes it. She doesn't come off well. Gianna forgot her words. Eliz did not sound good at all. Did not hear much from Dana. They sing "Hit Em Up Style" which has always been a very tough song in group rounds.  
Notable Comments: Jennifer: There was obvious tension and you can feel it in the performance. 
Results: Gianna and Dana going through. Eliz going home. 

Group 16: Joe Dahman, Alesana Tolai, Olivia Thai, Jessica Paige
Our Take: Overall not a good perfomance by this group. No one really stood out or outpeformed the others.
Notable Comments: Harry: Looks like their dog just died. No energy, no joy. Seemed complacent. 
Results: Jessica going through. Joe, Alesana and Oliva going home. 

Group 17: CJ Johnson, Jess Kellner, Jessica Baker, Zach Joseph
Our Take: CJ sounded really good, he stood out, but Jessica has a nice tone.
Notable Comments: Harry: Didn't show which one was a superstar. 
Results: CJ, Jess and Jessica make it through. Zach going home. 

Group 18: Thomas Muglia, Joey Hendricks, Bryson Dunn, Thomas Stringfellow
Notable Comments: Harry: Need absouletly great and that was average performances. 
Results:  Thomas and Thomas are going through. Bryson and Joey going home. 

Group 19: Manny Torres, Malie Delgado, Christian Eason
Our Take: They had La'Porsha but she left to go to a group with only 2. Manny has a good personality and a nice voice and tonight proved he belongs in the competition.  Christian did a really nice job. Malie was kinda forgettable.
Notable Comments: Jennifer: Sounded really good together, loves that they are almost losing their voices. Sounds really good. Harry: Looks like they wanna fight for this. Keith: Best performance was from Manny.
Results: All going through. 

Group 20: Laurel Wright, Marshall Cunnicgam, Drew Angus, John Arthur Greene.
Our Take: All of them forgot their lyrics.
Notable Comments: Harry: Act like they own the stage.
Results: Marshall and Laurel going through. Drew and John going home. 

Group 21: La'Porsha Renae, Tonie Starr, Marlena Johnson
Our Take: Great move by La'Porsha to be the "angel" as they said. She left another group to help this group have the right number of members. It looks selfless and makes her look really good. She also owns the stage, has a fantastic beautiful voice to boot. Marlena forgot her lyrics, as she predicted but kept trying to own the stage. 
Notable Comments: Harry: That's how you forget words. Jennifer: Held her own. Had a very group feeling. Felt like she was watching Dreamgirls.
Results: All going through.

Final Thoughts
*Gonna keep this brief given we saw 21 groups and a lot of montages. There were so many people that went through. I guess it's better to keep people just in case they do better next time, rather than eliminate them and never know, but they kept an exorbitant amount of full groups. I think because there is no next year they were being safe with their eliminations.

*A few standout performances were from La'Porsha, Manny, Jenna Renae, and Trent "mono guy" Harmon. There really weren't a ton of standout performances tonight. Next week is a big one, it will determine the Top 48, so should be interesting how everything shakes out.

That's it. Hope you all enjoyed this recap, we know there was a lot of groups and performances, so we appreciate you reading our blog. We'll be back next week for the conclusion of Hollywood week. So until next time, see ya!

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