Wednesday, January 13, 2016

S15: Auditions 3- Philadelphia

Welcome back. Tonight's auditions are in Philadelphia. Last week Clay Aiken said some pretty rough things about American Idol and the judges, and this week we see that Aiken was helping out during the Philadelphia auditions, hanging with contestants and speaking with them. Seems a little messed up that he agreed to be on a show this season that he goes and bashes. Kinda of biting the hand that fed you. Not cool. But let's get to this one-hour episode, it should fly by.

Philadelphia Auditions

Gianna Isabella (15) Her mother is Brenda Starr. She is notable for her song "I Still Believe" it was relatively big in the 1980s. Gianna obviously has a good gene pool because she can sang. She has a lot of control and has a nice intensity. The judges bring in Brenda and we find out that Jennifer has a fomer connection to Brenda. It's really sweet how close Brenda and Gianna are.

Notable Comments-Jennifer-Sounded really great. Can tell she is [Brenda's] daughter.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her.

Derek Huffman (21) He came with a boom box and the instrumental version of "Angel" by Shaggy. It's not acapella, it's not creative. Not a good karaoke version.
Notable Comments- Jennifer-Really sweet. That was a first. But a No.
Going To Hollywood? Nope.

Issac Cole (15) He does his acapella song with a guitar. Makes sense to me. But what does actually make sense is that he has nice country voice. It's a little young, but there might be something there.
Notable Comments-Harry-Alot to like about him. Country music has to do with southern but he isn't southern. He should get rid of the twang. Keith-He's a work in progress. Close to ready, but not there yet.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

Sara Sturm (17) She comes with a story about a restaurant she works out. I don't even know. Her voice is okay. I have heard worse, but I wasn't totally impressed yet.
Notable Comments- Jennifer-Really good singer. Got that young thing. Fearless.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her. 

Ellis Banks (25) This dude comes in with a robe, glittery hair piece and thong, no shirt, no pants. This is extreme. He sings Lady Gaga's "Born This Way". It's a performance, but a singer he is not.
Notable Comments-  Harry-Not what we are looking for, but a lot of fun. 
Going To Hollywood? Nope.

Jenn Blosil (23) She is very, um...quirky. I don't know if it's a put on, or she really is that way, but she has an interesting personality. Her voice is kind of like Sia. A little gravely, and bluesy. I like how she slowed the song down and made "Radioactive" a big rock song, into a tender, yet intense song on the piano. Very creative.
Notable Comments- Jennifer- Interesting, compelling almost. Likes her. Keith-Good storytelling quality. Very present.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her.

Harrison Cohen (17) He comes up with his own original song, and it's kind of catchy. I enjoy the song, even more so than his voice, which was serviceable. He's a good writer.
Notable Comments- Harry- Scares him that he is not the bookend to Kelly Clarkson, if he is that powerhouse. 
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

John Arthur Greene (27) He tells the story of how we was playing Cops and Robbers with his brother when they were little, and accidentally picked up a real loaded gun and he killed his brother, at the age of 8. It's a real sad, terrible story.  From tonight's perspective only, he has a nice voice. I wasn't excited about it, but it's a solid voice that deserves another try. He makes some facial expressions that I could do without. So hopefully he can work on that.
Notable Comments-Harry-Strong voice, but wonders what else is there. Jennifer-Doesn't know if at a certain point he will be able to hang with some of the other singers.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. Keith and Jennifer send him.

Best of The Night?
Jenn Blosil. I really didn't like much of her kind of quirky, floaty, kind of personality, but her voice rocked this pretty weak episode. We'll see how she does when compared to more formidable contestants.

Final Thoughts
*Pretty weak episode. I thought there was potential in a couple of them, Gianna and Jenn, and Harrison had a nice song, but that was about it. Not much to go on. We'll see if Philadelphia represents at all in Hollywood.

That's it. A weak episode, so not a ton to say. We will be back her tomorrow for 2 hours of Auditions. Hopefully they will be a lot stronger than tonight. Until then, see ya!

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