Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hollywood Rounds: Part 1

Welcome back. This week begins Hollywood "Week". It's actually 3 episodes this season, last year there were 4 episodes. This season is ending very early, April 7th is the last episode to be exact, last season the finale was May 13th. So many aspects of the show will be reduced or cut altogether. For instance, there is no Top 48 House of Blues performances this year, after Hollywood week the Top 24 will be immediately be revealed. We'll keep you updated on the schedule and any other tidbits along the way.

Before we begin recapping tonight's episode we wanted to post our Top 20 Contestants from the audition round episodes. There were several other notable contestants not mentioned on the list, but these are the ones that really stood out. We will see how they progress, but last year we did a list of our top audition round performers and 4 of them made it to the Top 10. So we'll see how this list goes.

Our Top 20 Going into Hollywood
Audition 1=Lee Jean, Sonika Vaid
Audition 2=LaPorsha Renae, Tristan McIntosh, Melanie Tierce
Audition 3 =Jenn Blosil, John Wayne Shultz
Audition 4=Amber Lynn, Chris "CJ" Johnson
Audition 5=Mackenzie Bourg, Jenna Renae, Emily Brooke, Adam Lasher
Audition 6=Jessica Cabral, Melany Huber, Chynna Sherrod, Zach Person, Collette Nash, Stephany Negrete, Manny Torres

We'll keep track of how they do throughout the season. Tonight we will keep track of the rundown of the show and try to feature as many notable contestants and give as many opinions and thoughts along the way. So without further ado, let's get to tonight's episode.

Hollywood Day 1
Lines of 10
The contestants are put into Lines of 10 to perform for the judges.
Line 1 Notable Contestants= Jordan Sasser (the guy with the wife who didn't get to Hollywood & was pissed), Jaci Butler (green haired girl), Dalton Rapattoni
Results Moving On= Jordan, Jaci and Dalton along with 5 others made it through.
Results Going Home=Two guys that we didn't hear.
Our Additional Comments? Dalton was impressive and his eyes are so blue. Jaci went for it. Jordan was alright.

Line 2 Notable Contestants=Jenn Blosil(quirky girl with great voice), Thomas Stringfellow, Olivia Rox
Results Moving On=Jenn, Thomas and Oliva make it.
Results Going Home=People we didn't hear
Our Additional Comments?= Jenn was great, Thomas was okay, and Olivia was alright.

Line 3 Notable Contestants=Jessica Cabral, Melanie Tierce(Harry walked away while she was singing because she was that good), Sonika Vaid (Harry said she thinks she can win in her audition)
Results Moving On= Sonika and Jessica
Results Going Home=Melanie Tierce
Our Additional Comments? Jessica was fantastic. Really nice. Melanie was very good. Sonika has a great voice and a lot of emotion. Surprised Melanie didn't make it. She was quite good. One of our Top 20.

Line 4 Notable Contestants=La'Porsha Renae (auditioned with her adorable daughter)
Results Moving On=LaPorsha Renae and some others
Results Going Home=No idea
Our Additional Comments? La'Porsha was just so darn good, even better than her audition. Keith seemed really impressed with her. She has to be one of the front runners right now. That Line was devoted to only her and no one else.

Line 5 Notable Contestants= Harrison Cohen (auditioned with his grandpa that hits on everyone), Daniel Farmer (had a crush on JLo and made it clear in the audition), Manny Torres(last audition contestant)
Results Moving On= Daniel and Manny
Results Going Home= Harrison Cohen
Our Additional Comments? Harrison was alright, nothing outstanding. Daniel is a fun character, his voice is a little thin at points. Manny sounds really good, and is good looking and seems fun as well, good combination.

Line 6 Notable Contestants= Lee Jean, Melany Huber, Shelbie Z
Results Moving On= Everyone but Melany
Results Going Home=Melany Huber
Our Additional Comments? It is strange that everyone but Melany made it through, she didn't sound that bad.

Hollywood Day 2
Lines of 10 Continued...

Line 1 Notable Contestants= Jeneve Rose Mitchell (she lives off the grid in Colorado)
Results Moving On=Jeneve
Results Going Home=Random people
Our Additional Comments? Jeneve came in with her cello and played straight up country, it's interesting for sure.

Line 2 Notable Contestants= Gianna Isabella (her Mom is Brenda K. Starr), Tristan McIntosh(was surprised by her military Mom at the audition)
Results Moving On=Gianna and Tristan
Results Going Home=Random people
Our Additional Comments? Gianna did a little too much with some of her song. I liked Tristan more in her audition, it seemed too rushed or something. Both deserve another shot despite some flaws.

Line 3 Notable Contestants= Michelle Marie, Krysti Jewel
Results Moving On=Michelle and others
Results Going Home=Krysti and others
Our Additional Comments? Didn't like Michelle too much here, it was just overdone. Krysti chose a bad song, I didn't like what she did with it or what it sounded like.

Going Home Montage=Kerry Courtney, Brook Sample, Usen Isong, Rianna Molenro, Ethan Kuntz, Jake Dylan

Line 4 Notable Contestants= Trent Harmon (he has full blown mono tonight), Poh Scott (her sister is She), Emily Brook (was on last season)
Results Moving On= Everyone
Results Going Home=No one
Our Additional Comments? Even with mono Trent sounds pretty nice, he put everything he had out there. Real good. Poh was good, not outstanding. Emily sounds great, she sounds ready to do well in this show, and she has a good shot at it.

Final Thoughts
*There were a dominating amount of girls tonight with a sprinkle of decent guys. My biggest gripe, and most people know it if they have read this blog over the years, is that the show narrows down the contestants incorrectly. Instead of having the best people, guy or girl, they narrow it down to 12 and 12 or ultimately 5 guys and 5 girls, instead of just having the Best 24 or Best 10. I don't care if it's 6 and 4 or even 7 and 3. If those 2 extra girls are better than those 2 guys that didn't make it then so be it. Why eliminate someone because they are or aren't a certain gender? It's wrong, and over the years a lot of people have joined the Top 10 over others that deserve to be there but couldn't because the amount of their gender was filled up. So again, if this season the girls are just so good why do we have to eliminate them? Just doesn't seem fair, but it's the last season and if they haven't changed it yet, they obviously never will.

*Tomorrow is Group Rounds. I never got the concept of groups in an individual competition, but group round is almost as famous and really infamous than any other round. So much drama. It's fun, it's crazy, I am sure we all will enjoy at least some of it.

*Two of our Top 20 went home. Oddly they have the same name, spelled differently, Melanie Tierce and Melany Huber. I liked both in audition rounds and didn't mind them here, but whatcha gonna do. 

That's it. We saw a lot of good talent go through, a couple of interesting eliminations, but we move on. Come back here tomorrow for more Hollywood Week. Until then, see ya!

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