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S15: Auditions 4-Denver & Little Rock

Welcome back. American Idol is holding auditions in Denver tonight and Little Rock again. Obviously Little Rock had a good amount of talent to see them again, in a different episode. The auditions have been good, not great. Hopefully tonight we will see some real talent. Let's get started:

Denver & Little Rock Auditions

Amber Lynn (28) and James VIII (23) These two came into together but audition separately. She sang first. He plays guitar for her. She has a lovely voice. She can hit some higher notes but can hold it back when she needs to as well. The fact that she is 28 means she has a lot of experience doing what she does. His name is actually something else, but he is the 8th James the whatever in his family, so it's cool. He was reluctant to audition. He does a lot in his audition. I am not sure he knows what to do with his voice so he just threw it all out there. He went deep, he went light, he went soul, he went Pop. It was interesting.
Notable Comments=Harry-He was rushing when he was playing the guitar. Bottom line she can sing. Jennifer-She has soul. Loves the sound of her voice, the way she plays with it. Harry-He was born to do this. Interesting thing about you. It was weird cause it was effective, but it was interestingly good.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. Both are Going to Hollywood. All 3 Judges Send them.

Emily Wears (25) She is an auctioneer, so she can speak really fast. She does a tongue twister that is insane because of how fast she goes, and then she goes and sing a really slow song. Very tenderly. It's sweet.
Notable Comments=Harry-Singing needs a little bit of work. Has a nice sustaining of the tone. Lot of talent there. Wasn't strong enough for him. Jennifer- Was really sweet. Didn't have a lot of power or emotion.
Going To Hollywood? Nope.

Chris "CJ" Johnson (28) He has the cutoff t shirt and tattoos but goes and sings a really cool version of a Hall & Oates song "You Make My Dreams Come True". It was creative and he really got into the groove. Made me like the song again.He has such a nice voice. Very talented.
Notable Comments= Keith-There's an effortless confidence. Connect with road warriors. Did his own thing.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 sent him.

Ethan Kuntz (15) This kid is super cute. He is bluesy kind of singer. He is very fresh faced and his voice is young, even though the song is kinda old school.
Notable Comments=Keith-Did not expect that song to come out. Had mixed reactions. Jennifer-Such a natural. Knows exactly who he is.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. Jennifer & Keith send him.

Mary Williams (23) She is a horse trainer and world champion donkey competitor. Not sure I get that, but it's ok. Her voice is pure country. There is a voice there. Some shaky moments, and the nerves came out at points but it was nice.
Notable Comments=Jennifer-Felt the emotion. Pleasing to her. Keith-It's a tall order. Missed the feeling of the story telling. Performance and put on, more than story telling.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. Jennifer and Harry send her.

Xavier Soller(26)  He is the Denver Nuggets M.C.  He brings a mini basketball net into his audition. A little too much schtick for me. But Jennifer Lopez actually did make the basket. So that was pretty cool and her reaction was funny. The audition was a little too much shtick too. It's not a great voice, but it was a fun performance.
Notable Comments= Jennifer-Loved playing basketball, loved that she won. But it's a No today.
Going To Hollywood? Nope

Terrian (18) She explains she lives in a very rough area. Her voice is nice, and she makes the song "Happy" a little different and very cool and groovy.
Notable Comments= Harry-Likes her and is talented for sure. 
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her.

Leann "Blue" McIssac (23) She is a nomad for sure, in fact her occupation that they display is traveling nomad. She has been all over the world and stayed outside and lived from place to place. On the spot she writes a song that has each of their names and a word that they connect. It's an intersting parlor trick. Her voice is interesting and she obviously is very smart.
Notable Comments=Harry-Sounded like a Jewish prayer vibe. Glad there are people like her in the world. Doesn't think singing is for her. But her spirit is big for her.
Going To Hollywood? Nope

Thomas Stringfellow (17) He is a cute kid with a very floaty, light voice. He has a great intensity and restrain and power, and all the good things a natural singer should have.
Notable Comments= Keith-Likes that he does his own thing, which is really appealing and didn't copy the original. Likes his vibe a lot. It's interesting.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

Tywan "Tank" Jackson (29) He is a big guy, with a lot of energy, he is a dancer, and dances a little for the judges. He has a really nice voice, and seems like a good guy. He goes off tune a little, but overall it was pretty good.  
Notable Comments= Jennifer-Sang even while out of breath. Really nice voice.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

John Wayne Schultz (27) He auditioned Season 10. It came down to him and Scotty McCreery in the later rounds, and they kept Scotty and he won the whole season. So that's not a bad person to be compared to. Season 10 his Mom was with him to celebrate him going to Hollywood, unfortunately his Mom has since passed, so it took John a few years to come back. Luckily, he did because he has a very pure country voice. I am not the biggest country fan, but I appreciate a person that knows what works for them, and it works for John. There are a few things that can help him along the way, but it's a nice audition. 
Notable Comments= Keith- Didn't copy any way, it was natural. So refreshing. Harry-Perfect performance.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

Leah Harbert (24) This girl is delusional, but sweet. She legitimately thought she could sing, but she can't at all. You knew she was gonna be in trouble when Britney Spears was her musical influence. Not good.  
Notable Comments=Keith-Hides the influence of Britney. Harry-Spend time working with vocal coaches.
Going To Hollywood? Nope.

Jordyn Simone(15) She is so young, but she looks like she is 25 years old, as commented on by the judges. Her voice is that of an older singer. It's very controlled, deep, rich and Velvet.
Notable Comments= Jennifer-She don't sing 15 either. It's a phenomenon. Speechless. Something different and special there.  Harry-Showed a complete variety of skills, sang beautifully.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send her.

Kassy Levels (19) and Rhea Raj (15) Heard only a second of each of them.But both brought different vibes, I liked Rhea a bit more.
Notable Comments= Keith-Some wanna be a star, Kassy is one... Jennifer-Rhea's voice matches her vibe. It all works.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. Both are going.

Jake Dillon (22) He has been married since 18, has a wife, kids, the whole thing. I like Jake's voice.He is a cool character, seems like a good dude.  
Notable Comments=Harry-It was good. Like his voice, likes his vibe. It's not gonna cut it for him, or him in this competition. Not overwhelmingly good. Keith-Thinks musically he will get killed in Hollywood.Wanted more boxes checked.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. Jennifer and a reluctant Keith send him.

Ashley Lilinoe (20) She is from Hawaii and has a very laid back, groovy, mellow vibe. She doesn't let anything get to her. I liked her, didn't love her. If she goes through, great, if not, not a big deal.
Notable Comments=Jennifer-Some nice things, but wanted a bit more from her.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. Keith and Harry send her.

Andrew Nazarbekian (20) He bascially flew from Russia to Denver for this auditon.  If you are coming from that far way for this and only this you have to be good, and Andrew is very good. He has a very pretty voice. He did a few runs that went out of whack, but still good.
Notable Comments= Jennifer-Really naturally beautiful voice. Be interesting to see what happesn along the way.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

Elivie Shane (27) He is a singer. Pure singer for sure. I can see him doing well with different genres that American Idol throws at them. He seems like a guy that can adapt.
Notable Comments= Keith- Loves that he loves to do this. Really contagious to watch.
Going To Hollywood? Yep. All 3 send him.

Best of the Night?
Amber Lynn  and Thomas Stringfellow. They each had a real natrualness. I remembered them after a very long episode, so that's saying something.

Final Thoughts
*Tonight's episode was far and away better than last night. There were many more natural singers and people with a lot of experience and emotion.

* I think it is possible that the judges are taking more people that they are on the fence about, only because there is no next year or another season. There is no more coming back when they are ready. So I think they are going on the side of caution and just taking the people that they might have turned away before and if it works it works, and if it doesn't all it costs is plane ticket and hotel room for FOX. No big deal.

That's it. Come back next week for the last of auditions. We hope you are enjoying the blog and tell others to check it out. Like American Idol this is our last season doing this, so hope you have and will continue to enjoy it this season. So with that being said, until next time, see ya!

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