Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top 9 Results

Welcome back. Tonight another contestant will be eliminated. Unless something shocking happens the Judges Save probably won't be used, but ya never know. We predicted Lazaro, Paul and Devin as the Bottom 3 with Paul going home based off of last night's performance. So without further ado let's get to it:

Jimmy Iovine's Take on The Top 9
As always Jimmy has his opinion about how the contestants did during their performance.
Kree-Is Great. Clear that she is great. Tends to over-sing at times but if she uses her power more sparingly she will go a long way.
Burnell-Enjoyed his tone. Did a great recovery from not knowing the song, but not knowing The Beatles is jarring. Has the talent to put himself through.
Lazaro-Easily worst of the night.  Bottom of the pile despite what audience thinks. Needs to just get through it and sing the song. Needs the judges to give the right critiques good, or bad.
Amber-Did a wonderful job. Despite what Nicki said Amber chose the song not the producers, producers just choose genre. Nailed the meaning of the song. Belongs in the Top 3.
Candice-If there ever was a natural it is Candice. Did an incredible job. Best performance of the night.
Paul- Good voice, but not ready for primetime. Not worst of the night, but made some simple mistakes. He'll be in Bottom 3 tonight.
Angie-Is way too dramatic. Is talented but there is something wrong and needs to be fix. If it is fixed she could be the next American Idol.
Devin-Has a great ear, but has to consistently apply it. Very middle of the pack. Promising, but needs to work on his delivery.
Janelle-Great song choice. Her restraint is explosive. She might have been dressed as a greek goddess but is the dark horse.

Results 1
Amber Holcomb
We learn Nothing. Ryan doesn't give any result. Just a time filler of when she was rehearsing and the smoke on the stage made it her to see her. 

Top 9 Men Perform
The men sing The Beatles' "Got To Get You Into My Life". Without the ladies it's pretty brutal.

Results 2
Paul Jolley
His hometown named last Saturday his day but more importantly.... BOTTOM 3

Musical Performance #1
Casey Abrams from Season 10 is back. He and his band play a very jazzy version of "I Saw Her Standing There". He is playing the bass and there is a dude on the bongos. It's a very cool performance. He throws in his growls and scats and all of his crazy stuff in there.

Top 9 Ladies Perform
The women sing "Here, There & Everywhere".  These ladies could be a girl group and sell a million records if they joined up together. Those are some crazy beautiful voices right there. I know the point of the show is being the Idol, but they were so good together.

Results 3
Devin Velez is BOTTOM 3

Lazaro Abros
After another discussion of why Lazaro didn't do well last night and why he is gonna do better in the future we learn that he is...SAFE

Musical Performance #2
Tonight marks the return of last season's runner up Jessica Sanchez. We see a video package of her life since last year. Tonight she is back to sing her new song with Ne-Yo called "Tonight". The song is that R&B/Pop thing that Jessica did well last year, it's very current and could be on the radio. It sounds like it's already been on the radio, it just fits what's out there now.

Results 4
Kree Harrison is SAFE

Candice Glover is SAFE

Angie Miller is SAFE

Janelle Arthur is SAFE

Burnell Taylor is SAFE

Amber Holcomb is BOTTOM 3

Bottom 3

1. Paul
2. Devin
3. Amber

Who's Safe?
1. Amber

2. Devin

Voted Last?
Paul Jolley. 

Judges Save Used?
No. Paul is sent home. He is a nice guy, but this was what we figured would happen.  He just isn't up to the standard of some of the people left in this competition.

Final Thoughts
*I think the most "shocking" part of the night was Amber being Bottom 3, not Paul going home, and Amber's entry into the Bottom 3 wasn't so shocking if you go back and listen to her performance again. There was no way they were saving Paul with people like Candice, Kree, and Angie. The question would have been if Amber was sent home would the judges have saved her? It's possible. Devin has some issues, this is the second week in a row he has been Bottom 3 or 2, so he has some work to do.

*They keep switching up the results show format. Last week they gave us rankings this week they did the standard Bottom 3 and no rankings or order. So who knows what is gonna happen next week. I am fine with just knowing the Bottom 3. It's worked for 11 seasons before and I think it'll work again.It is interesting that they didn't do the rankings, I wonder if Candice, Kree and Angie made up the Top 3 and they just didn't want to repeat themselves and pimp those 3 ladies too much. I don't know.

That's it. Top 9 week is complete and another person is gone. We have 8 people remaining. So come on back here next week for more Idol recap and commentary. Posted below is our favorite performance of the night so check it. So until next time have a great week and see ya!

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