Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Semifinals: Top 10 Males Perform

Welcome back. Tonight the Top 10 males will perform just as the ladies did last night. The ladies had a great night. Only 2 or 3 ladies had a completly rough night. We shall see how the males fare. Thus far the males have not shown that they can compete with the ladies, as a whole. Only 2 or 3 guys have really been consistently good. It'll be interesting to see what happens tonight, because no matter what 5 guys will be chosen by the audience to move on the Top 10 Finalists and it's really wide open for the most part. So let's get started:


Elijah Liu
This first spot is so hard, we saw Zoanette have a tough time yesterday, it didn't help that she was terrible, but being first in a 2 hour show is rough, especially when the audience doesn't really know a lot about you. I think it's a really cool song choice by Elijah to pick this song. He has some really nice and tender moments, which happens because the song allows it, but there were parts where he doesn't sustain the note long enough to make it completely meaningful. It kind of trails off in spots. He is a cute guy, with a pleasant voice, we'll see what happens. B-
Keith=Love the song choice because it suited his voice. Showed a lot of control. Really great start to the show.
Nicki="Willing to Stay". Liked it, looks great and is very marketable.
Randy=Liked it more than last week. Definitely very current and marketable. Never left first gear, never went anywhere just laid there.
Mariah=Liked it a lot, one of his better performances. Confident and strong throughout. Didn't compete fully in points. Relevancy is his strongest point.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Pretty much. He is a cute kid, nice voice, not overly dynamic though.

Cortez Shaw
(Locked Out Of Heaven-Bruno Mars)
This is a current and fun song, it's not a classic, it's not a song that will be remembered in 10 years or anything, but it's entertaining. That is what this performance is, it's OK, it's not entirely memorable but it's kinda entertaining. I think he had some pitch problems in there, especially when he went for some of the high notes. His voice sounded hoarse and a little whiny in some parts and then kinda soulful in others. A mixed bag for sure, maybe a bit more bad than good. C
Keith=Loves the song but this song doesn't suit this song.
Nicki=Seems like he enjoyed his performance and wasn't nervous. Didn't understand his clothing choice. Charisma came out and his confidence. The voice strained at points. 
Randy=Sometimes the high notes should be down because he is straining at points. Likes the song just not sure if he is there yet.
Mariah=Have enjoyed his ballads in the past. Thinks he should have been lower in his register at points.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Yep. He sounded like he was straining at times, and the song choice was poor. Could be in some trouble.

Charlie Askew
With a new pulled back/pony tail haircut Charlie puts the Odd in...well...Odd. He is an interesting character for sure, but his vocal prowess is seriously lacking. Whoever styled him needs to be fired. From the pulled back hair, to the one feathered earring to the tank tops and super tight black pants. His voice at times becomes so high pitched that the lyrics become tough to understand. I don't get him, so that might be why I don't get this performance. But this was brutal. D-
Keith=Has a huge vocal range, he could front a band because the way he performs that doesn't seem fully genuine. Things were very disconnected.
Nicki=Doesn't know what happened to him. Doesn't like any bit of the style. Wants the cute cuddly Charlie back. Upset that the old Charlie is gone.
Randy=Worried about his fate in this song. The beginning was really terrible. The end was just screaming. Nothing connected. Doesn't get it.
Mariah=Seems to like classic rock songs. Enjoys him as a person and adds diversity but he just doesn't really compare to some outstanding voices still left in this competition.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Definitely. I feel bad that he was on the verge of crying as soon as Keith gave his comments but it doesn't take away the fact that this was a terrible performance. Ryan tries to get deep with Charlie and it just gets more uncomfortable to watch.Charlie tells Ryan that this performance was his chance to vent. Well bad choice to do that right now.

Nick Boddington
(Iris-Goo Goo Dolls)
Nick goes for the really simple easy approach, which is as opposite to Charlie as you can get. He just sits at the piano and goes for this great song. He puts a few nice runs in there. He backs off a couple moments when he really could have pushed himself, which is a little disappointing. I think his vocal quality is very pure and clear and nice. It never had any huge moments, but it was a good solid performance. B
Keith=Perfect song choice. Loves that he played the piano while singing. Had some issues with nervousness at points but loves his vulnerability. Beautiful tonight.
Nicki=Wishes he kept the original melody. Felt it was pretty and knows it was his comfort zone, doesn't know if it will get millions of votes but it was true to him.
Randy=Not sure if it was his best performance. Likes that he made it his own. Good solid performance. [editors note. It unsettles me when Randy and I say the same thing verbatim]
Mariah=Really kicked in at the end, strong and confident. Hopes the audience considers some of his better performances as well as this.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Yup. He is a good performer, a nice voice, just nothing exciting. We'll see if people vote for him, he could get lost in the shuffle.

Burnell Taylor
(I'm Here-Color Purple)
We are told that this is the song that Burnell auditioned with. I can't remember it specifically but the judges really loved it then. During this performance all I can say is this kid can sing, but his hand expressions are super distracting. I feel like his wardrobe didn't match the drama of the song. From the pink shirt to the jean jacket and backwards baseball cap with flowers on it just seems like he was dressed in 1993. But it doesn't take away that his vocal was really great at several points. By far the best of the night thus far. Keith gives him a standing ovation. B+

Keith=Believes every word that he sings. Voice is very distinct and signature. Loved it.
Nicki=One of a kind. Born to do this. The struggle and pain in his voice is undeniable.
Randy= Really believable. It's an amazing song and great way to sing it. Loves him.
Mariah=Tearful moment. Gave everything he had. Everything was presented beautifully.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Yep.  He was the best of the night so far. Very strong presence on stage.

Paul Jolley
(Just A Fool-Christina Aguliera & Blake Shelton)
Singing a Christina Aguilera almost always allows the performer to have big and high reaching moments and this song does that for Paul. He for the most part does really well. I wouldn't go out and buy his CD off of this performance, but he proved that he has a really nice voice and sings pretty well. B-
Keith=Hears parts of a country/pop singer but he needs to really ease himself in a little bit more. Can tell he is still under-appreciating his voice.
Nicki=A solid performance.Defers to Keith's opinion because Paul wants to be more country and Keith is the country guy.
Randy=Beginning was amazing but something happened mid way where it wasn't as pleasant at points. Needs to find his sweet spots when he goes to the higher register.
Mariah=Has a strong instrument, wants him to be more theatrical if that's what he is or country. Isn't really sure what he wants to be.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Pretty much. As said by a few of the judges Keith is the expert on country music, so if Keith didn't like the country in Paul that says a lot.

Lazaro Abros
(Feeling Good-Nina Simone)
By far a better song choice than last week. At least this time I really could hear the lyrics and get a clear picture of what the tone of his voice is. He seems more confident on stage and it was proven throughout the performance. The last run at the end of the song was my favorite run of the night by anyone. B
Keith=Really good tonight. Loved his connection to the audience. 
Nicki=Loved it. The people go crazy for him. Very strong vocal. Likes that he put his own attitude in it.
Randy=Is "In It To Win It". When he hits his sweet spot his whole heart lights up.
Mariah=Loves that he throws himself into every performance. The song was a little too low for him. 
Do The Judges & I Agree? Yep. He was more confident, his voice worked well. There is still room for improvement, but tonight was very nice.

Curtis Finch Jr
(I Believe I Can Fly-R.Kelly)
What I can tell online and talking to people is that Curtis' voice on it's own is one of the better ones in the competition, but his arrogance and almost superiority complex makes him very unappealing. It's one thing to know you are good, but don't tell people that you know that you are good, it's not a way to go. Tonight Curtis was much more subtle than he usually is but I still wish Curtis could just sing a song rather than doing so much with it, he's very dramatic with it all. His vocal quality is incredibly high, will never take that away from him, he puts it all out there. I just would love some more subtleness and simplicity. He's gonna get to the next level, no doubt so I do wonder what he could do to switch it up. All 4 judges give him a standing ovation. B+
Keith=Put everything in there, he has so much hope in there that he gives to everyone.
Nicki=The bar is raised every single time with him. The way he sings is given to him from a higher power. Hopes and prays that he makes an album that helps people and makes people believe.
Randy=Amazing song choice. The competition really started tonight.
Mariah=The energy he gave off is what is needed in her life.Thankful that Curtis is here tonight.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Mostly. Their love for Curtis is on a whole other level, but I still enjoyed his performance a good amount.

Devin Velez
(It's Impossible-Perry Como)
I love the song choice. It's definitely one that has never been done before. This song(according to Wikipedia) has also been done by a Tejano group called Mazz, as well as Elvis, Andy Williams and Andrea Bocelli. I really enjoy Devin's voice. It's simple like Nick Boddington, but he has a more dynamic moments and can reach the higher notes with more ease. He again sings some of the song in Spanish which is nice. This is who Devin is, so if this is who he is then that's that. I like that he is true to himself. I just like the simplicity and ease of Devin. B+
Keith=The beginning was a little shaky but he eventually found his zone and got stronger and stronger.
Nicki=Thought it was muy bien and perfecto. Congratulations, kudos, finally stepping into his own.
Randy=Really enjoys his tone and his vibrato. Effortless. Feels really comfortable. 
Mariah=That performance was incredible. Loved it. Loves that he can jump between genres. 
Do The Judges & I Agree? Oh yea. Everyone is on the Devin train. He is a nice kid, great voice and has a ton of potential.

Vincent Powell
(End Of The Road-Boyz II Men)
Before last week Vincent wasn't even on my radar nor really anyones, and if they say that he was then they are lying. Thankfully he gave a great performance last week and he followed it up with another really well done performance. It wasn't as great as last week but I liked it a whole lot. He is more R&B than Curtis, who is more gospel, so I love where Vincent's voice is, genre wise. B
Keith=Nerves got on top of him tonight. Hopes America puts him through though.
Nicki=Wasn't sitting on it right tonight. Loves the song choice, but the song didn't help his voice.
Randy=Wasn't his best performance, but still good. One of the greatest singers in this. 
Mariah=There were moments of brilliance despite some nitpicky moments. It was beyond.
Do The Judges & I Agree? Kinda. They didn't think Vincent had his best performance. It did give an opening to Nick, Elijah and Cortez to possibly make a run at the 5th spot. I think Vincent still has it based on last week and the fact that he went last tonight, but it gave the 5th spot a little bit of an opening.


Top 10=Burnell Taylor, Lazaro Abros, Curtis Finch Jr, Devin Velez, Vincent Powell

Eliminated=Charlie Askew, Paul Jolley, Elijah Liu, Cortez Shaw, Nick Boddington

Final Thoughts

*It says a lot that almost all night I was looking at what all these guys were wearing and really looking at how it looks too retro or out of character or a weird color choice, meanwhile I don't remember a thing the ladies wore but I remember their performances. It says a whole lot.

*I can't wait until some of these guys face off against the girls because to think that someone like Charlie is in the same competition as someone like Kree or Candice is so crazy to me. It doesn't even seem like the same show. It's true that there were some really nice performances tonight, from Burnell, Devin and Lazaro. But are the best 3 on the same level as even the 5th or 6th best female? Not so sure.

*If my predictions turn out the way that it really turns out and there are no men wildcards then there will be 100% no doubt about it that no way that a W.G.W.G aka White Guy With Guitar will win American Idol. I don't think Nick, Paul or Charlie even play guitar, but still. So no one following the string of David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillps. So I guess that'd be something right there.

That's it. Not as strong as the females but still a pretty decent night. We will know tomorrow who the Top 10 will be and if there will be any wild cards. All that happens tomorrow. So until then, see ya!

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