Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 8 Results

Welcome back. Tonight we will learn the fate of yet another contestant...that is unless the Judge's Save is utilized. Unless one of the females is in last place it's doubtful that the save will be used based on last night's performances and their Idol run thus far. 

Last night we chose Devin, Lazaro and Angie as the Bottom 3, with Devin narrowly beating out Lazaro as the one to go home. So we will see what happens, and with that let's get to it:

Top 8 Perform
They sing Detroit's own Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll". The guys continue the trend from last night, sounding horrible. The girls are just so much better than the guys in so many different facets. It's a mess in a lot of places. Obviously, Kree and Candice, and a few other sound decent, but mostly it's an unnecessary time waster.

Top 8 Ford Promo/"Mentor Session"
We then see the Idol contestants driving in their Ford cars and going to mentor kids at a school. Fun stuff. I am sure it's pretty cool for the kids and the contestants to go there, but it's also some product placement, so that taints it a bit.  The kids all practice Phillip Phillips "Home", and then they perform in front of them. It's pretty sweet, but we sure got lots of  views of the Ford cars.

Jimmy Iovine's Take on the Top 8
Candice=Every contestants benefits from watching Candice. She is just who she is. She is not going anywhere but the finals.
Kree & Janelle=Janelle looked like an amateur and Kree looked like a pro. Janelle's performance lowered his overall take on her last night.
Lazaro=Did better than last week. He needs to listen to somebody, even if it's not him.
Janelle=Really redeemed herself. Murdered it. So so transcending. Would put this cover on her album.
Devin=Did a very good job. The judges compare him to himself but they should compare him to everyone else, because if that is done he comes up short.
Angie, Candice & Amber=Loved the trio. Sang well together. Supported each other. Really really really good. Angie worked off Candice and Amber and really was fantastic. Together they were 10 out of 10.
Burnell=Really impressed.  He sang and understood those lyrics. Did great.
Angie=Angie got it wrong, package was really wrong. She is way off from the performer we all know and love.
Amber=Was just great. She is not in Bottom 3 tonight.
Burnell, Devin & Lazaro=They were "Wrong Direction". Terrible. Big difference between the women and the boys. 1 or 2 of them were not prepared. Will effect all 3 of them in the voting.
Kree=Has a unique gift in the top register. She sounds like she is pleading, not screaming.
Final Take=Boys are in Bottom 3, with Lazaro going home.

Musical Performance #1
Colton Dixon, last years finalist returns with his new single "Love Has Come For Me". Since last year we learn that Colton has put out a new album, that put him at #1 on the Christian and Gospel charts.  He is on tour with group "Third Day".  The song sounds perfect for him. It sounds like what he was trying to showcase last season. It's cool that he has done so well.

Musical Performance #2
One Republic and former American Idol Contestant, runner up in Season 5 Katherine McPhee perform together a song called "If I Lose Myself". It's basically just One Republic for the first 2 minutes of the song, then Katherine starts. It's crazy how long it's been since Katherine was on the show, 7 years is a long time ago. Katherine is on that show SMASH, it's not a good show, but her voice is still quite good on it, and here. They perform a fine song, I'm not going on Itunes to buy it, but it's still a pleasant enough song.

Musical Performance #3
For the first time this season one of the judges decides to perform, and that's Keith Urban. I am surprised he is performing so early on in the season, but I guess just because he performs now doesn't mean he won't perform again. He has a concert and I am sure an upcoming new album to promote. He performs "Long, Hot Summer", which is a song that came out a couple years ago. So he is giving people a bit of a taste of what they will see when they see him on tour. The other judges give him a standing ovation.

Results #1
 Kree is SAFE

Candice is SAFE

Janelle is SAFE

Angie is SAFE

Amber is SAFE


Burnell is SAFE
Lazaro is SAFE

Last Place

Judges Save Used?
No. Devin is Going Home. After Randy delivers the news Ryan says "Really? Wow". There is No "Really" here. In the 3 weeks since Top 10 began Devin has been either Bottom 2 or last. It's not really a shock.

Final Thoughts
*As we said, Devin was in the Bottom 3 for the first 2 weeks of the Top 10, then last place this week so it's no surprise that the judges did not give him the save. I give them a ton of credit for not using that save despite a nice vocal last night and tonight by Devin. I feel any of the girls deserve that save given their track records at this point, Burnell has now entered the Bottom 3, so I don't know if he would necessarily get the save. Lazaro won't get the save. Devin's voice is great, but it ended right there, he wasn't a great performer or have anything overly dynamic. Devin is a good guy, but compared to who is left in this competition I am not shocked.

*Well if anyone wasn't noticing how dominating these girls are and how way behind the guys are then tonight cleared a few things given the Top 5 and the Bottom 3. Burnell did a nice performance but the disastrous group performance with other 2 guys and his reaction that he did his part, primarily throwing his group mates under the bus obviously didn't really sit well with fans. Lazaro better stop with the excuses of not getting enough time to learn the songs and really figure things out because he went from 4th place to Bottom 2 in only 2 weeks.

* I know it's called a Results Show, but given that we only get results in maybe the last 10 minutes of the episode it should just be called "Filler Episode & 1 Super Quick Result", because that's basically what it is. I don't remember specifically when these results show went from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, but those were really the days. It's been awhile, but I miss it. They used to maybe have 1 musical performance, a quick Ford promo and then all results. That was good stuff.

That's it. Another night in the books. Another male eliminated. So with 7 people left it is 2 males and 5 super strong females. So come on back here next week for another installment of I'Dol Be The Judge. Check out who we think had the best performance last night below, and until next time, see ya!

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