Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top 10 Results

Welcome back. Last night there were some amazing performances, and there were some not so amazing performances, we will see how it will all turn out. We predicted that the Bottom 3 were going to be Curtis, Lazaro and Janelle with Curtis going home. It's tough at this stage to know what will happen because the audiecne has yet to vote at the same time for both the men and women, but that's our best guess.

We'll also let you know if the Judges will recieve a Judge's Save this season as they have for the past few years. Last year Jessica Sanchez was ridiculously voted off at the Top 7 but luckily they saved her and it allowed her to make it to 2nd place. So if there is a judge's save and it is utilized we will let you know. There are a few performances, a sing off between the male and female contestants who were runners up to the Top 10 and obviously the results. So with that let's get started:

Jimmy Iovine's Take on The Top 10
Jimmy gives his take on each of the contestants after their performance.
Curtis:Can't do this as slow urban gospel form every single time.
Janelle: Completely sold on her, she's not going anywhere.
Devin:  Is a fan of him, but if he continues to do what he did last night he won't be around long.
Angie: A real talent, was really good, but wasn't great.
Paul:  Picked a pretty good song, not understanding his country love because he just doesn't have that feel to him.
Candice: That's what music is supposed to feel like. She nailed it. Won the night.
Lazaro: He has potential but he really needs to work and handle the criticism.
Kree: Knows the material and she can sing. Can pick her own material despite it being difficult to do. She's in the Top 3.
Burnell: Vindicated for the boys. Best guy by 1000%
Amber: Charisma & star pacakge is all Amber. Absoultly in Top 3.

Results Part 1 
We are told by Ryan that we will learn not only the results but learn who is in the Top 3, which is a first for Idol. We will also get random information about the results regarding the contestant.

Devin Velez
Recieved 25% of votes in Puerto Rico. Number 1 in Puerto Rico. WILL LEARN RESULT LATER

Janelle Arthur
Came in 1st place in Tennessee by getting 30% of vote. WILL LEARN RESULT LATER

Candice Glover
Crushed the competition in South Carolina by 42% of vote. TOP 3 & SAFE 

Top 10 Perform
With a little cross promotion between Idol and Dreamworks the Top 10 is singing a song called "Shine Your Way" for the Dreamworks movie "The Crood". Together they sounded rough. Individually all of them were alright, but blended it wasn't so good.

Results Part 2
Kree Harrison
Gets a key to the city of her hometown in Texas. TOP 3 & SAFE

Musical Performance #1
Bon Jovi performs. Seems pre-taped, but either way it's fine. Bon Jovi is usually really good and tonight didn't do anything differently.

Sing Off
Closest runner up guy and girl will perform for a spot on the American Idol tour, so the tour will consist of 11 contestants. 

The guy singing off is....Charlie Askew. WOW! That's just unbelievable, that he was that close to making it into the Top 10 after just a terrible performance last week is crazy. Pepole must have felt bad for the kid because he was brutal. He decides to sing an original "Sky Blue Diamond". He sits behind the piano and goes for it. By far night and day more sane and calm than last week's mess. Still his voice is quite piercing and I don't feel like he is the 11th best person in this comeptiton.

The girl singing off is...Aubrey Cleland. Now this at least makes sense, Aubrey did a fine job last week. She sings  "Out Here On My Own". Tonight was shaky but her tone was quite beautiful and deserving a place on the Idol tour. 

The viewers will decide between Charlie and Aubrey and we will learn that result next Wednesday.

Musical Performance #2
Phillip Phillips is back on the Idol stage with his new song "Gone Gone Gone". I say it every year but I love when the Idols come back to the show that made them famous. Phillip has done a really nice job with his song "Home", it made him a household name. I like this song as well, it's very catchy.

Results Part 3
Angie Miller
Received 17% of vote in Florida. TOP 3 & SAFE

Lazaro Abros
Received more of vote in Florida than Angie. WILL LEARN RESULT LATER

Results Part 4
For the first time in Idol history we will learn where the rest of the contestants are ranked, not just learning the Bottom 3. 

4. Lazaro Abros

5. Amber Holcomb

6. Janelle Arthur

7. Burnell Taylor

8. Paul Jolley

9. Devin Velez

Voted Last
10.Curtis Finch Jr. Prior to this reveal Nicki threatens to walk off the stage if Curtis was voted last.

Judges Save Used?
There is a judge's save this year and the contestants have to sing for the judges to determine if they will stay or go. This save can only be used once and must be unanimous. 

The Judges Save Is=NOT USED

Despite Nicki wanting him to stay on the show and her belief that if she had more time she could have convinced the judges it didn't come to pass and Curtis is eliminated from the competition.

Final Thoughts
*I don't really like the format of the results tonight. The fact that we didn't know one person in the Bottom 3 until 50 minutes into the show was ridiculous. This is called the "Results Show" so you'd think we would get at least some results before nearly the end of the show. But between 2 musical performances, a sing-off, and a recap of the previous night and their introduction of the Top 3 they really dropped the ball on the actual results.

*On the other hand I do like that we know where all these people stand. They utilized this on The X Factor last season and I liked that a lot. I am shocked at Lazaro being the 4th best, but he has really had an impact on the show with his story despite having a rough performance. Curtis being last is not surprising nor is Devin's ranking as 9th best. Devin had a really tough night. The fact that the Top 3 were all females and the Bottom 3 is all males is not a shock at all.

 *Nicki threatening to walk off the stage if Curtis was the last one was silly. There are so many unbelievable voices left in this competition and it is way too early to utilize the Save. I am glad the other judges didn't let her emotion get in the way of the correct thing to do. Curtis didn't do well last night and he wasn't all that great for a long time, and his personality/ego didn't help the situation. I am really not upset at this at all.

That's it. What did you think? As we did last season we will post our favorite performance at the bottom of this blog(there's a 20 second promo of the American Idol App, after that is the performance). So check it out and we will see you back here next Wednesday to see how the Top 9 do, so until then, see ya!

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