Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UPDATE on Jermaine Jones (AS of 11pm Tuesday)

We will post our regular blog after tomorrow's show. But as an update, it appears contestant Jermaine Jones aka The Gentle Giant is being forced off the show. Per TMZ and Jermaine himself on his Twitter he will be leaving before he performs tomorrow night. So we don't know what this means for the show tomorrow and if anyone else gets kicked off the show this week.

This is apparently due to past crimes that Jermaine did not disclose, as well as some outstanding warrants that are out for him right now. Many other contestants have been forced off of the show before, so Jermaine isn't different than those people, it's just that he actually was kicked off the show by the judges before Top 12, only to come back due to "Producer's Choice" to make it a Top 13 . Very interesting. We'll have more to the story tomorrow, but thought you'd like to know until then. See ya soon!

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