Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 9 Results

Welcome back. Tonight we will learn the fate of one contestant. We will know if they are 9th place or if they are the lucky recipient of The Judge's Save. Last night was a pretty solid night. Even weaker performers(Heejun and Deandre) weren't that bad. So I can definitely see the Judge's saving any of these 9 contestants, which is scary when there are so many talented competitors. We shall see what happens. We picked Heejun, Deandre and Hollie as Bottom 3, with Deandre going home. As always, let's get to it:

Interactive Ford Music Video
To make things more "interesting", the Ford people have put some special  icon in the music video and if people can spot it they can win something. So I guess the hope that people were rushing out buying Fords for the music video alone weren't quite accurate. Now we get a game to go along with these videos. Awesome.

Move to Hollywood Hills
We see the Top 9 move into their  new home,  a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Not too shabby. The contestants drive up(in their Ford of course)to a huuuuge mansion. It's like they live in their own apartment building. The house has an elevator, a pool, a pool table, crazy big rooms, and a movie theater, just to name a few things.

Results #1
Elise, Phillip and Hollie
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Did herself and American Idol a lot of good. Her hair, clothes, vocal ability all came together. She has the opportunity to have several great weeks in a row. She was a dark horse, but not anymore, she's coming on strong.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Stevie Nicks believes in this guy, and he has the potential to be a big big star. Flawless last night. 

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Did a beautiful job, but lacks experience. Technically she's right but emotionally behind the pack. Jessica has the edge when compared to one another. She has the pieces but needs to fill in the blanks.

Safe or Not? 
Hollie is Bottom 3
Phillip is Safe
Elise is Safe

Nicki Minaj Performs
Not gonna lie, Nicki Minaj's new song "Starships" is easily one of my favorite songs of 2012. I love the whole performance.That dress was crazy. Let's just say that it accentuated a certain area in a crazy way. Jumping up and down was a little dangerous, but she pulled it off. It was a lot of singing to her pre-record, and just moving around a lot on stage, but honestly, I don't care. I love the song.

Results #2
Colton, Heejun, Joshua

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Colton was good, but not good enough. Didn't have enough poise to control the crying at the end. He didn't hit all the points that he needed to.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Has so much talent, but only delivered 85% last night, he lost it at the end so he didn't win the night. During his trio medley he killed that because he was so relaxed. 

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Great to see him comeback. I don't think he sings as well as the other 8 at this point in the show. 

Safe or Not?
Colton is Safe
Joshua is Safe
Heejun is Bottom 3 

Scotty McCreery Performs
As I always say, it's nice when former Idols come back to the show. I may have rooted for others more than Scotty *cough*Haley*cough, but it doesn't take away that he was the most consistent performer last year and did deserve the win. He's had a lot of success in such a short amount of time. He sounds great, it's a fun performance. 

Results #3
Skylar, Jessica, Deandre
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Always gives something that is exciting. Picked a character song, rather than melody. Needs more song with melody rather than just bits and pieces of it. Was great during the trio.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Not going crazy, but not disliking him either. There's still something missing. Needs more experience. Falsetto is beautiful. If people don't buy into him he'll be in trouble.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
At 16 it sounds like she has been doing it for years. People doing it for 20 years have trouble doing things that she does with her voice. Encourages voters to buy into this girl.

Safe or Not?
Jessica is Safe
Skylar is Bottom 3
Deandre is Safe


First To Safety?
Skylar is Safe
Hollie is Bottom 2
Heejun is Bottom 2

Safe/Possibly Going Home?
Hollie is Safe
Heejun is Lowest Vote Getter 

Does Heejun Get Saved?
No. Heejun does not get saved. I'm a little shocked but not floored. After getting a standing ovation yesterday, he doesn't get the save. There's still too many talented contestants on this show, is what I'll guess is the explanation behind not using the Save.

Final Thoughts:
*I am actually going to give the judge's some credit. They aren't basing their judge's save decision on last night, but on the course of the season, and who is left to use it on. There are still so many talented voices, and with Skylar in Bottom 3, and Hollie in the Bottom 2 this week, they might need the judges to help them sooner rather than later. So it seems that thus far, the judges have learned from their huge mistake last year, when they gave the save to someone who wasn't going to the win the show(Casey),and then lost someone that possibly could win the show(Pia), the following week.

*I liked Heejun but I completely agree with what Jimmy Iovine said. He said that it's a numbers game and the other 8 voices in this competition are stronger than his at this point. Heejun was a fun character, but you can't compare him to front runners like Jessica, Phillip and Colton. Again, just like Erika last week, Heejun gets to go on tour so that's a pretty nice parting gift.

Well that's it. It was a different night then what I expected, but this time in a good way. As always we have posted our favorite performance from last night. Hope you enjoy. Next week is 80s week, and given that only 2 of the remaining contestants were even born in the 80s it should be interesting. Until next time, see ya!

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  1. Not impressed with Nicki Minaj and Scotty. Not sure what all of the excitement is about with those two. Anyhow, the right person went home and I agree that the judges are being smarter this season with their save. I always look forward to Jimmy's comments about the performances on results night because I think he is usually spot on.