Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top 13 Results

Tonight we learn who the eliminated contestant will be. Because of the new twist the public has only voted enough to deliver the Bottom Male and Bottom Female. The judges will then decide which of the two contestants will go home. We predicted for the males that Shannon and Elise would be the Bottom Females, and Jermaine and Jeremy were the Bottom Males, and that Shannon would eventually leave. She had a rough night last night. We'll see if she is in fact Bottom female or if there is a surprise. So as we do, let's get to it:

Top 13 Perform:
I see that based on some of the critical feedback they got last year and the X Factor debacle when it was noticeable that the contestants were lip synching that they have the entire Top 13 singing live. The guys start off and it's horrible, then Jessica and the females come in and it gets slightly better, but there's just too many people at this point to have a really great Group performance. I really couldn't wait til it ended.

Ford Music Video:
It's back, the ridiculous, worthless Ford Music Videos. Do people really see the American Idol Top 13 in a Ford commercial and that pushes them to go and get a car. I think not.

Results Part 1:

Elise, Hollie and Jessica
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Whitney Houston didn't fit her. She's in trouble tonight.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Delivered on the promise of doing well, showed up and did fantastic.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
The best performance of any Idol he's ever seen on that stage. No doubt that she will be back next week. 

Safe or Not?
Jessica is Safe
Hollie is Safe
Elise is Bottom 3 Girls

Heejun, Jermaine and Colton
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
A lot of work needs to be done, because this was not the genre or kind of singing that was good for him

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
He took great direction, but concerned that in the long run that this type of performance isn't exactly true to him. He hasn't found his true self yet.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Had an internal battle between tuning and feel and he lost on both.

Safe or Not?
Colton is Safe
Heejun is Safe
Jermaine is Bottom 3 Guys

Lauren Alaina Performs:
It's crazy that's it's been a year since she was on the show. She looks great, more mature and confident than she ever was. She sounded great too.

Results Part 2:

Erika, Shannon and Skylar
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Wasn't made for the song, but took it and enhanced it  and made it better for herself.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Nerves got the better of her. It tighetned her vocal chords which prevented her from going further. She has talent but needs more expereince.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
LIked the nasally aspet of her voice, so he disagrees with J.Lo's comments

Safe or Not?
Skylar is SAFE
Erika is Bottom 3 Girls
Shannon is Bottom 3 Girls

Joshua, Deandre, Phillip and Jeremy
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
People could potentially get bored with Phillip down the road, he needs to mix it up and find a few right moemnts for him. He had a good night, but going further is worrisome.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
A pleasant suprise, didn't overdo it or try to her. Did the song and that's all.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
He came knowing he is and that's a huge advantage. But the girls have a lot of vocal fireworks so it could overshine him later on.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Didn't deliever at all. Jeremy will find himself in the Bottom 2 and Jeremy could go.

Safe or Not?
Deandre is SAFE
Jeremy is Bottom 3 Guys
Phillip is SAFE
Joshua is Bottom 3 Guys

Results Part 3:

Mary J. Blige Performs:
Gotta admit she was a great mentor last night. She gave great feedback and critiques. I've never personally been a Mary J. Blige fan as a performer, but I give her tons of credit for being relevant after so many years.

Bottom 2 Guys and Bottom 2 Girls Results
[Not tooting my own horn her but I exactly predicted this Bottom 2 guy and girl]

Jermaine is SAFE

Shannon is SAFE

Elise is SAFE

Jeremy Rosado. I liked Jeremy but he obviously didn't connect to the audience, and last night didn't help his case. He got saved by the judges last week, but wasn't so lucky this time. Nice attempt, but of the two remaining, him and Elise, he was definitely weaker and deserved to go home.

Final Thoughts:

*I give the judges credit for eliminating a person they just saved last week. I didn't think they would. I personally think that if it was Shannon and Jeremy that Jermey would still be around, but he got paired with Elise, who might have had a bad night. My favorite from last year, Haley Reinhart was in the Bottom 3 or 2 for many many weeks, but kept making it and ended up as 3rd Place, so being in Bottom 2 so early isn't a death sentence for Elise, but she definetly needs to connect to the audience better, and maybe smile a little bit. Couldn't hurt.

*I have a little concern about the hype surrounding Jessica. After what happened to Pia Toscano, just last year, I worry for Jessica. Pia had one bad night after getting standing ovations and great feedback every other week, but then went home. If the judges do have a "Judges' Save" this year they have to ensure that people like her and Hollie and even Phillip don't get sent home accidentally or because they had one bad night. I feel this show is like a marathon, the entire run of a person's time on the show should be a factor, not just one off night, unless they completely implode, which has happened before. Jessica needs to stay humble, and keep making right moves while others have off nights. She has to stay consistent. If she does that then she has a great chance of being in the Final 2 and winning this whole thing.

Well that's it. The first week of real competition is over. As a new feature, below this column, after every results show we will post our favorite performance from that week. Also please check out our podcast BSFACTOR, we take on the OSCARS, it's a fun great podcast. So take a look, take a listen and also come on back here next week for more Idol recaps. So until then, see ya!

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  1. All I can say is Thank God Jeremy is going home. Can't believe he was saved the first time.