Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top 11 Results

Welcome back. With the elimination of Jermaine Jones from the competition we were down to the Top 11. So already we are at the results show for the Top 10. Meaning that this person will not be making the Summer Tour. If we all recall, it was at this point last year that the Judge's saved Casey Abrams. Now I don't want to beat a dead horse(which is extremely harsh and I suggest you don't do that), but they used it, then only 2 weeks later front runner Pia Toscano was gone. I can only hope that if the Judge's Save is in play this year(which we will learn later in the show), that the Judges have learned from that mistake and intend on holding onto it until someone that could potentially win the whole thing is potentially eliminated. Right now it appears Jessica, Joshua, Phillip and Hollie and maybe Colton are front runners to win the whole thing. So we'll see what happens with all of this.

Last night we predicted Hee Jun Han, Erika Van Pelt, and Deandre Brackensick in Bottom 3 with Heejun going home. Heejun is a likeable guy, and both Erika and Deandre were Wild Card picks so who knows what will happen. Let's check it out, and let's get going:

Image Advisor
Tommy Hilfiger is going to help the contestants with their images. Yep. They spent 5 minutes on how Tommy Hilfiger intends on shaping these contestants into presentable singers, rather then the messes they were before they met him. Maybe I'm exaggerating, or maybe I'm exaggerating.

Judge's Save Is In Play!
Ryan informs us that the Judge's Save is back meaning the judges can rescue 1 person from elimination this season, but it expires at the Top 5. At least it gives the judges a chance to do the right thing. But it also gives them a shot of being dumb again. We'll see which one they are this year.

Ford Music Video
They went to a haunted house. Nice. When I think of Ford cars I think of American Idol contestants running around a Haunted Mansion.

Results Part 1:
Phillip, Skylar, Elise and Joshua
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Far beyond the call of duty[with his kidney operation]. Proud of him. Rooting for him.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Has a lot of faith in her. The song wasn't right for her. Could've done better last night. Will work better next time.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
She killed the song. Owned it. A big resurgence of epic proportions. She got it all. Blew his mind. In it for the long haul.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
You don't sing that song much better than that. Joshua had the big moment this week, like Jessica did last week.

Safe or Not?
Joshua is Safe
Phillip is Safe
Skylar is Safe
Elise is Bottom 3

Demi Lovato Performs
Good stuff. She performed live, which is always a good thing . Not a fan, nor am I against her voice, just don't really connect. But she sang well and looked great.

Results Part 2:
Colton, Shannon, Deandre, Jessica
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Might have been a wrong song choice but he sounded decently enough. It's the singer's choice at the end of the day.  Didn't deliver despite doing well in rehearsal.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Not the best song choice. Didn't get Randy's opinion about how the song didn't matter for him but matters for others. It's a middle of the pack kind of week for Colton. He'll get through.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
When she doesn't push too hard she's at her best. But she pushed too hard last night. Has extreme potential though, so maybe she can turn it around. 

Jimmy Iovine's Comments

Supported her in doing an uptempo song. Maybe a wrong song choice, she screamed and lost her breath then her rhythm. She's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Safe or Not?
Colton is Safe
Jessica is Safe
Deandre is Safe
Shannon is Bottom 3

Daughtry Performs:
My favorite performances tend to be when former Idol contestants come back to the show. So seeing Daughtry again is always good stuff. Plus they are a great band and he has shown that not being the American Idol winner could potentially mean nothing, I mean if he and Jennifer Hudson don't prove that nothing will. Also the song is really good, so great performance tonight.

Hollie, Heejun and Erika
Jimmy Iovine's Comments

Straight A's. Sounded fantastic. Has enormous amount of confidence. Only flaw is how she's dressed, she's only 18.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
He's got himself boxed in with the songs they are singing. People will get bored and stop voting for him.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments

Over singing is what she might have done. Doesn't agree with Randy on never listening to Jimmy and doing catchy jerky arrangements, because they have worked with some contestants in the past.

Safe or Not?
Hollie is Safe
Heejun is Safe
Erika is Bottom 3

Results Part 3: 
Safe or Not?
Elise is Safe
Erika is Bottom 2
Shannon is Bottom 2

Bottom 2/Who Goes?
Erika is Safe
Shannon is Potentially Eliminated

Judge's Saved?
Nope. Shannon is Eliminated.  C'mon now.  I thought others had a worse week than Shannon, but since she's in this position you knew they weren't gonna save her. There's too many more performers that are further and better than her at this point. I thought she was a likeable contestant, and had some potential to go a bit further, but her voice wasn't ready to get much further than pretty much this spot.

Final Thoughts:
* So 2 guys are eliminated(1 by the voters the other by his own stupidity) the first two weeks and to retaliate the voters decided to make it a 3 female Bottom 3. These are the exact Bottom 3 ladies that were in the Bottom 3 last week. Guess none of them did enough to get any more votes. Elise and Erika better figure their stuff out because this is not a good start for them.

*Overall I was pretty pleased with some of the Judge's comments this week. Some of them were insane(Randy), but Steven woke up from his 2 year nap and actually gave some decent feedback. Jennifer had her moments of sane and lunacy. Overall not terrible, oddly enough.

As we have been doing, our favorite performance of the week is located at the end of the blog. Please check it out. It was a great one. Hope you have a great week, and we'll see you next Wednesday. Until then, see ya!

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  1. I think it's obvious that Heejun is getting votes from a population that votes for the worst (happens each season). The only other explanation is that the teenage girls like him. It's becoming more obvious each week that his vocals are weak and should not be in the same category as the others. What a shame. Shannon is one of the weaker ones, as well, but Heejun should not have made the Top 10.