Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top 13 Revealed

Well here we are, tonight we learn which  contestants will make the Top 13. All we know for sure is that America picked 5 females, and 5 males. The wild card picks are all up to the 3 judges, which is incredibly scary. So in essence we don't know if it will be 3 extra males, 3 females or what combination. Last year we had 2 girls and 1 guy chosen. I feel this year it will be 2 males and 1 female. It's gonna be a long 2 hour result show so I'm ready if you are. Let's get to it:


Chase, Phillip and Jeremy
Jimmy Iovine's Opinion
Jeremy-He needs more than a nice personality to make it through.
Chase-Good looking guy, but to win you have to bring something fresh and exciting and he didn't bring that.
Phillip-Originality is needed and Phillip has it, he's believable and thinks he is on the spot.
Top 10 or Not?
Jeremy is Not Top 10
Chase is Not Top 10
Phillip is In Top 10

Jessica, Hollie, Brielle and Hallie
Jimmy Iovine's Opinion
Hollie-Little girl, big voice, given right material she can do damage.
Brielle-Lot of charisma, real entertainer, but don't pick an old song like that, could hurt her.
Hallie-Best show so far, really poised and great tone. Doesn't know what the audience will do.
Jessica-Talent from A to Z. She's the one to beat.
Top 10 or Not? 
Brielle is Not Top 10
Hallie is Not Top 10
Jessica is Top 10 
Hollie is Top 10

Joshua, Heejun and Adam
Jimmy Iovine's Opinion
Joshua-The real deal, and he's definitely making it through, wants to make sure it's not Sister Act 3.
Adam-He has to merge the supposed black woman that's trapped inside of him with his real self.
Heejun- Confusing. Gets the personality and shtick, but it's not American Comedian it's American Idol.
Top 10 or Not?
Joshua is Top 10
Heejun is Top 10
Adam is Not Top 10

Baylie, Chelsea, Shannon and Skylar
Jimmy Iovine's Opinion
Skylar-Picked a great song and blends soul with country beautifully. Brought a lot of charisma and stage presence.
Baylie- Has all the pieces but they didn't come together. Lost the plot, out of tune and probably outta here.
Chelsea-Really nice voice, but wasn't original enough. Carrie Underwood karaoke doesn't fly.
Shannon-Really good voice, great poise, dressed more for the Prom but did well overall.
Top 10 or Not?
Shannon is Top 10
Skylar is Top 10
Baylie is Not Top 10
Chelsea is Not Top 10 

Aaron, Creighton and Reed
Jimmy Iovine's Opinion
Reed-Real talented, way too cabaret and kitschy. Not gonna make it like that.
Aaron-Judges and audience loved him, but he was cheesy. Did not work.
Creighton-Has an interesting voice, but the top end is screechy, judges loved him but they aren't correct.
Top 10 or Not?
Aaron is Not Top 10
Creighton is Not Top 10
Reed is Not Top 10

Elise, Erika, Haley and Jen
Jimmy Iovine's Opinion
Jen-Has a nice voice, but should stay away from Adele.
Erika-Likes her a lot, very natural, and has great restraint and she should stay where she is.
Haley-Sang out of tune the entire time, but can't get around the robotic mimicking. Definitely nightmare not a sweet dream.
Elise-The judges like her and he agrees. She brought something different to Adele which is great.
Top 10 or Not?
Haley is Not Top 10 
Erika is Not Top 10
Jen is Not Top 10
Elise is Top 10

Deandre, Eben, Colton and Jermaine
Jimmy Iovine's Opinion
Jermaine-Glad the judges brought him back, can listen to his album already. Needs variety and excitement to get him through.Rooting for him.
Deandre-An enormous amount of potential, and needs a good coach. Not ready for that song yet.
Eben- Really talented with potential, but is not ready for prime-time, wish he could come back, but he's not allowed.
Colton- Really talented, but can't do too much too soon. Needs to pace himself and he could win this thing.
Top 10 or Not?
Deandre is Not Top 10
Colton is Top 10
Eben is Not Top 10
Jermaine is Top 10

Wild Card Sing Off:

Jen Hirsh- She really did well during her redemption song. It's nerve racking to think you might be going home, but she did everything she could and maybe even more to try to make the coveted Top 13.The judges overall give her a solid response, not overwhelming, but solid.

Jeremy Rosado- I thought Jeremy sang well enough to have made the Top 10 originally, but he was a bit overshadowed by some bigger stories and different voices. I liked Jeremy's voice a ton, and you can see Jennifer is moved to almost tears during his performance, especially when Jeremy himself teared up. The judges love him as a person and loves what he did tonight.

Brielle von Hugel- A little bit shocking to have her sing off, but the judges really enjoyed her performance. It's also another chance for the producers to show her mother.  She sings yet another Adele song "Someone Like You".  I'm glad she picked a more contemporary song, but I just feel that she didn't bring the emotion throughout the entire performance. The judges did not like it all, despite her passion.

Deandre Brackensick- I quite enjoyed hearing him sing in his real voice, rather than his falsetto so much. He relied way too much on it the other night. The balance is when he really hits his stride. I didn't enjoy this performance that that much, but it was pretty good. The judges seem to have love for him. The judges thinks he dug down deep this time and has a lot of dynamic in his voice.

Erika Van Pelt-I thought she deserved a spot initially in the Top 10, but now I definitely feel the competition would really miss her voice if she was not in there. Her voice is so booming and big. I definitely did prefer her performance last night over this one, but she still brought it and she brought it big. The judges are incredibly pumped up about this girl and deservedly so.

Reed Grimm-So quirky, so ridiculously quirky. I would have much preferred hearing Adam or Hallie sing again, but that was not to be. Not gonna deny that he's a crowd pleaser, and has energy, but the voice is lacking on a lot of levels. He's different from the other people, so if the judges want something different then they might go for him. The judges call him unique and liked his whole thing, and wanted to give him another shot.

Wild Card Picks:
Randy's Pick=Erika Van Pelt  [YEA!!!!!]

Jennifer's Pick= Jeremy Rosado [YEA!!!!!!]

Steven's Pick=Deandre Brackensick[ALRIGHT]

Final Thoughts: 
-The Wild Card Picks are exactly what I thought they would do when they narrowed these 6 down. I'm sorry that Hallie Day and Aaron didn't get another shot, but thems the brakes.

-I'm pretty pleased with this Top 13. I predicted 5 of the 6 girls, and 4 of the 7 guys. So 9 out of 13 is not terrible. My favorites going in are Jessica, Erika, Elise, Phillip and Joshua. We'll see how long they remain my favorites or if someone else can sneak in there.

-Loved most of Jimmy Iovine's opinions. I wish he was the 4th judge. I know the other judges get a little offended that he isn't there and on the spot like they are and because some of the feedback he says opposes what they say. Maybe he is a little harsh at times, but we are at a stage where being critical can only help these young contestants.

-With how they hyped Jermaine it wasn't a shock to see him get into the Top 13, he has a decent voice, but I'm worried about what it's gonna sound like during some of theme weeks. It'll be interesting.

-The judges for the first time this year got their real first taste with criticism. Hopefully they will use that and Jimmy Iovine's truthfulness and be better during the next several weeks. They need to help these contestants, and help America really learn who these people are and what they can offer. Telling everyone they are great will help no one.

-Loved tonight's episode, it had a lot going on, not a lot of useless minutes. I wish every episode was like this one.

There ya have it, big episode I hope you enjoyed, I actually did. Next week the men will be singing the songs of Stevie Wonder and the ladies will sing the songs of Whitney Houston. Figured they'd pay tribute to her this year, glad they are doing it early on. Keep a lookout on this page or at for our Podcast on the Oscars. It's a great listen. Also please come on back here at the regularly scheduled Wednesday night. Should be a crazy night, have a great week, so until then, See ya!

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  1. I was very impressed how they kept the entire 2 hours interesting with only results. The format was very good and suspenseful. Jimmy needs to be sitting in that 4th seat like you pointed out. I am REALLY hoping the 3 judges got their message as they seemed to be more critical last night and praying they keep this going versus the cheerleading. I was very happy with most of the selections but felt that Heejun was very weak (selected due to airtime and quirky humor, I guess). I also thought Jermaine was a little weaker than some others and his style will get old quickly. I'm on the fence with Philip and Colton and not sold on them yet.