Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 13 Results

Hello and welcome back. Tonight is the first live results night. There were a lot of mediocre performances and only a couple really standout performances so almost anyone can go home. We will get performances from Diddy Dirty Money and Adam Lambert tonight. What's a results show without tons and tons of filler? Yesterday I picked, Karen, Ashthon and Thia to be part of the Bottom 3 with Karen going home, we will learn if I was right or wrong really soon. So let's get right to it:

Ryan's Announcements:

*We learn that only one contestant goes home this week. Due to cutting the Top 24 from 3 weeks into 1 week they have a couple weeks to play with, meaning no double elimination. Ryan also tells us that the "Judge's Save" will return this year.

*We learn that Casey was sick and had to go to the hospital. I know that he had some medical issues a week or so ago, so I hope this isn't anything too serious.

Contestant's Mansion:

We see the huge, gigantic Beverly Hills mansion that the contestants will live in this year. It's crazy big. Pool, large kitchen, large rooms, almost anything you could ask for. Past American Idol contestants are probably throwing things at their TV screens when they see the living conditions that these contestants get to endure.

Top 13 Perform:

For the past number of years the contestants at this point in the competition lip sync the song due to the largeness of the group. It seems that they are singing but are singing along with their pre-taped voices. They sing a medley of Michael Jackson songs. Decent, nothing overly outstanding.

Ford Music Video & Movie Premiere:

*Where there is American Idol there are these lame Ford Music Videos. They remain just as silly as always. Casey was not in the video so it seems that Casey has been in the hospital since performance night or shortly thereafter.

*We also see a glimpse of the Top 13 going to the "Red Riding Hood" premiere. The movie stars Amanda Seyfried, who just happens to be in the audience. I'm going to take a big guess that this movie is Fox distributed.

Results Part 1:

Jacob, Karen and Stefano go to the center of the stage. Ryan asks each contestant about their performance and their thoughts overall.

*Jacob felt that although he messed up, he found himself.

*Karen says she loved the song but there were some technical difficulties that messed her up.

*Stefano says he just feels blessed to be part of the Top 13 even though he didn't get picked initially by the audience.

*Ryan tells all 3 standing there that they are safe except one.

Stefano and Jacob are SAFE
Karen is part of the BOTTOM 3

Performance #1:

Adam Lambert is actually looking pretty good these days. He sings a very mellow, controlled song, but with his signature high pitched flair as well. Pretty catchy song and performance. I prefer when these results shows feature past American Idol contestants rather than random artists that have nothing to do with the show.

Results Part 2:

*Ryan asks Lauren, Ashthon and Haley up to the stage. Lauren felt that the judges were right about their critiques and apologizes for her performance (very cute). Ryan sees that Lauren is getting emotional and tells her what her fate is. Lauren is SAFE

*Ashthon says that she should have chosen a better, more well known song.

*Ryan asks Randy what Haley should be singing, since she has sung many different genres at this point. He feels that she could sing almost anything and just needs to find her place. J.Lo interjects that Haley should go the Rock/Pop genre. (I don't think we have heard Steven Tyler say anything at this point, so good J.Lo for getting a word in tonight)

Ashthon is in the Bottom 3
Haley is in the Bottom 3

This means that everyone else is SAFE. The way in which a lot of time was taken with these girls as well as the first group of contestants early on it seemed that it was getting late and they needed to put these girls in the Bottom 3 right away. No more playing around.

Performance #2:

Dirty Diddy Money is next up to perform. They sing "Coming Home". Diddy always puts on a pretty decent performance and the song has been around for awhile and is catchy, so if you have to have these performances then that's the way you do it. On a side note didn't Diddy and J.Lo go out for a couple years? Awkward much? How awesome would it have been for Ryan to say something like "Diddy you know J.Lo" or something to that extent, that would have been a fun little moment.

Bottom 3 Results/Who's Going Home?:

My predictions yesterday put Ashthon and Karen in the Bottom 3. Haley had a relatively boring performance last night, so it's not a big shock that she is there.

First SAFE: Karen. My prediction was off by 2. I hope to get better in picking the one out in the following weeks. Don't you fret. :)

Second SAFE: Haley. She needs to pick it up next week. She has a voice but needs to do more.

Going Home Unless Saved By Judges: Ashthon. Not a shock in the least bit. She

Judge's Save?: Nope. Ashthon sings the same song she did last night and sounds just as bad. It's too early to waste a Judge's Save. These are best used in the middle rounds, not right off the bat. Ashthon didn't get picked by the American audience last week, and didn't get picked again. That has got to hurt. She had a couple decent moments during the earlier rounds and ends up being one of the better first eliminated contestants. So she's got that going.

Stay tuned next week when we will be adding another aspect to the blog as well as continuing all the latest news, scoop and recaps. Come on back next Wednesday after the show. See you then.

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