Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top 11 Results Again...

Welcome back to I'dol Be The Judge. Tonight 2, yes 2 contestants will be going home. There are no more Saves, no more second chances, the results are what they are. We will learn soon if Casey was able to live past the Top 11 or will the Save be used in vain. All of these questions, plus a performance by Fantasia will occur tonight. Last night we picked Thia and Naima to go home with Stefano and Paul rounding out what might a Bottom 4. So, let's get to it:

Scotty and Lauren Duet/Results:

In lieu of a full Top 11 group performance they have decided to break up the performances into groups or duets. Singing "I Told You So", Lauren and Scotty sing this very country song. They have a nice vibe together, Lauren sounds amazing and Scotty is just Scotty, the same as he always is, good, bad, or indifferent.

After the song they come to the middle of the stage for their results.

Lauren and Scotty are SAFE

Ford Music Video:

Yep, they did another video. Cool.

Contestant Chit Chat:

*Casey will keep his beard.

*James recieved a custom made WWE belt in the mail

Naima and Jacob Duet/Results:

These 2 are both in a little danger of going home tonight, but before they get to that they sing "Solid". It was a little subdued for the two of them, not sure I really enjoyed it. Actually I'm pretty sure, I didn't enjoy it.

After the song they come to the middle of the stage.

Jacob is SAFE

Naima is in BOTTOM 3

Performance #1:

Fantasia performs one of her new songs, and debuts one of the weirder hairstyles I ahve seen in awhile. She has always had a great voice, and is a very dynamic performer. It might not be my cup of tea, but she did a very nice job.

Haley, Thia and Pia Performance:

So far my favorite performance was these 3 singing "Teenage Dream". It made them all sound really fun and young. It reminds me of when we really got a great glimpe of Pia when she sang "Grenade" back in the Hollywood roudns. Seeing Pia sing something other than a ballad was pretty refreshing.

After their performance they come to center stage.

Pia is SAFE

Haley is SAFE

Thia is BOTTOM 3

Behind The Scenes Video Package:

We get to see how the contestnats lives were during last week's craziness. They recorded, they went to a charity function, they performed together, they did the music video, they moved from their beautiful mansions after it started to leak, and then they got ready for their rehearsals and finally performed. All that in a week.

Paul, Casey, Stefano and James Performance:

These 4 boys each are playing a different instrument singing "Band on The Run". Very original how they arranged this performance. Casey even has a replica Paul McCartney Beatles replica bass that he plays. Definetly a very cool performance by the 4 guys. After their performance they come to center stage.

Casey is SAFE

James is SAFE

Stefano is SAFE

Paul is BOTTOM 3

Performance #2:

Will.i.a.m and Jamie Foxx perform a crazy song that involves dancers, drums, I think I saw some cheerleaders out there as well. Like last week the performances don't match. They did Elton John week and instead of having Elton John perform or someone similar, they go the complete opposite and have these guys. Not saying the performance wasn't kind of cool or fun but it doesn't match the theme of the week.

Bottom 3/Who's Going Home?


Going Home= Naima and Thia

Final Thoughts?:

*I wish I was wrong, I really wish that I didn't predict these 2 ladies going home, but I did. The boys of this season are just killing it. I actually think that Paul was weaker than Thia last night, but she really hasn't stood out. Naima had a really rough night and deserved to go home.

* I see Lauren and Pia going a really long way, and Haley has now had a resurgence so she could stick around for awhile. Unless something crazy happens a boy will definitely be going home next week. I think that Paul, Jacob, and Stefano are in serious danger now because all of the focus will be on the boys, because there is no way that the producers or anyone involved in this show will want only 2 girls left with 6 boys.

You have to come back to I'dol Be The Judge for all of the latest recaps and reviews. Finally only 9 people will be performing so the shows will be a lot quicker and smoother. See you soon!

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