Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 12 Results

Hello, hope everyone had a fun St. Patricks Day. Tonight is the results from the Top 12. The performances last night were pretty middle of the line again, for the second week in a row. There were a couple decent performances, Pia, Stefano and Lauren, but the rest were a bit forgettable. Speaking of forgettable, Lee DeWyze will be singing tonight. Was that too mean? No, good. Also performing tonight will be The Black Eyed Peas

Yesterday we picked Haley, Naima and Karen as the bottom 3, with Haley going home, we will find out if I was right or way off very shortly. So let's get to it:

Group Performance:

The contestants singing "live" to their back-up tracks is always awkward. They sing a medley of "Born To Be Wild" and "Born This Way", if you didn't know, this week's theme was "Year You Were Born", if you didn't know that this was the theme for the week you probably could have guessed based on the song selection.

Ford Music Video:

I want to know what person has purchased a Ford car because of these ridiculous videos. They are a waste of time and are not fun to watch at all. They might be fun to make, but seeing them is tough.

Things We Learned About The Contestants Video:

*Karen can make funny noises with her throat, is fluent in Spanish and English *shocker*

*Thia collects quarters

*Scotty can wiggle his ears

*Jacob is a square

*Casey is an avid moon walker

*James wants to learn how to speak Swedish

*Lauren knows how to speak one language...Spanish. Yikes. I guess she doesn't consider English a language.

*Pia is fluent in English

*Paul has a weiner-dog

Results #1 & 2:

Jacob, Lauren & Casey join Ryan at center stage.

*Jacob is Safe

*Lauren is Safe

*Casey is Safe

Haley and Paul join Ryan center stage.

*Paul is Safe

*Haley is Bottom 3

Performance #1:

Lee DeWyze won last year, and will always be a part of American Idol so I'll give him that, but honestly he is easily in the Taylor Hicks category. His song "Beautiful Like You" was pretty boring, and I think Simon wouldn't have even liked it last year. But he won the show so that about sums it up regarding last season.

Results # 3, 4 & 5:

Scotty, Pia and James each go to center stage.

*Scotty is Safe

*Pia is Safe (On a side note I think Pia is the favorite right now, and deservedly so)

*James is Safe

Naima and Stefano are next up to center stage.

*Stefano is Safe

*Naima is Bottom 3

Karen and Thia are last remaining contestants to come to center stage.

*Thia is Safe

*Karen is Bottom 3

Not tooting my own horn, but I predicted the Bottom 3 correctly. We'll see if my prediction of Haley going home is also correct.

Performance #2:

*"Just Can't Get Enough" is the new song by The Black Eyed Peas. Weren't there 4 members of the Black Eyed Peas? For more than half of the song Fergie and were the only 2 on stage. There was a Saturday Night Live skit a few weeks ago that spoke about the "other 2" members of the group, and honestly tonight perfectly represented that skit.

* It was a pretty cool performance, very high energy like they always are and mostly entertaining.

*This performance was obviously taped yesterday or last week, you can always tell because the judges aren't there. When the performance is live they show the judges sitting in their chairs. Doesn't really matter, just another way that American Idol tries to pull one over on us all the time.

Bottom 3/Who's Going Home?:

First Safe: Naima

Second Safe: Haley. 2nd week in a row that Haley went home. She is one lucky girl, she better rock it next week.

Going Home Unless Saved By Judges: Karen. A little surprising it's not Haley but Karen didn't do much better than she did last week when she was pretty terrible. During her chance to save herself the judges discuss their options, all the while Karen ends up hitting a very sharp note and is pretty pitchy.

Saved By The Judges?: Nope. The judges do not use the save. Karen is going home. Randy explains that it wasn't unanimous. I can't imagine one of these judges actually willing to use this save so early in the competition. I'm not gonna say directly which judge I think wanted to bring back Karen but their name rhymes with Lennifer Jopez. This save is not designed to be used for the 12th place finisher. You have to think the remaining contestants are pretty pleased it wasn't given to Karen. If Karen had recieved it then that means if the other contestants were ever in danger they wouldn't get a chance to be saved.

Final Thoughts:

Well that ends another fun filled week of American Idol. Next week the contestants are trying to stave off elimination at least one more week so they can land on the American Idol tour. There's not a big difference between the 10th out or the 9th, but there's a huge difference between being the 11th person out and the 10th. Money, some notoriety, and the chance to tour. Big stakes next week.

Come on back to I'dol Be The Judge next week and during the week, on your phone, on your computer, anywhere. We'll be back with more recaps and Idol news. See you soon.

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  1. I've been reading your reviews each week and they are summarized very well. Kudos to your predictions that last two weeks on the Bottom 3 predictions!