Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 11 Results

Hello and welcome back. Tonight we will learn the fate of one contestant. As we stated yesterday this week is important because whoever goes home tonight will not make the Idol tour, meaning less money, less chance of getting your name out there. So big stakes tonight.

Yesterday we picked, Haley, Thia and Stefano to be Bottom 3, with Thia going home. Over 30 million people voted last night and Ryan says the results are shocking so it's possible that the Judges Save could be in play this week. So let's see what happen, let's get to it:

Marc Anthony Tries To Help/Make Excuses Time:

The contestants get a tutorial on how to use the little ear piece that connects them to the band so they will be less pitchy, and will help them perform in front of a live audience. I'm sure the only reason why some of these contestants are consistently pitchy is because of the little ear piece and not because of their voices just not being good enough. I do wonder how they got Marc Anthony to help out? He actually had some decent advice, and said he disagreed with some of the judges comments, including his wife's.

Group Performance/Performance #1:

The Top 11 perform "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". They are all dressed up very nicely. You can really tell they are singing live, this is the first time you can hear their pure voices in a group performance. They might have some backing track, but their voices are actually coming out of their mouths live. The performance was fine, I think they looked better than they sounded, but these group performances shouldn't be counted as anything important.

Then Stevie Wonder came out singing "Signed, Sealed, Delievered I'm Yours". After hearing at least 3 Stevie Wonder songs last night I'm not surprised they brought him out as a special performance tonight. He is always good, he really is. It is Steven Tyler's birthday so Stevie Wonder sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Very cool. Plus they had a birthday cake and a portrait made especially for and of Steven Tyler. Nice.

Ford Music Video:

Like last week, like last year, like the past number of years, these music videos are really a waste of time. But the contestants like them, and Ford likes them, so these will continue forever. Awesome.

Results #1:

Lauren, Pia and Scotty are the first called to center stage.

Lauren, Pia and Scotty are SAFE

Performance #2:

The band Sugarland performs a song. I don't understand having this country group come on during Motown Week. It would be like if they were doing Country week and having Jay-Z rap, it just doesn't match. Plus this performance was taped, so it lacks some of the dynamic of a live performance.

Things We Learned About The Contestants:

*James is a wrestling fan

*All the contestants except Paul dislike James' like of wrestling

*Pia, Paul, James and Stefano get into a fake Wrestling Match

Results #2:

James and Paul come to center stage.

Hulk Hogan then comes out. Yes, I really just said that. He announces that both contestants are safe and then pretends to knock out Ryan Seacrest. This was crazy weird. What happened to this show? I'd get it if Hulk Hogan went to their house and hung out, but during results show when one person will be leaving the competition within a matter of minutes, I don't know if that's really right.

*James is SAFE

*Paul is SAFE

Results # 3:

Jacob, Thia and Stefano come to center stage next.

*Jacob is SAFE

*Thia is Bottom 3

*Stefano is Bottom 3

Results # 4:

Haley, Casey and Naima come to center stage next.

*Naima is SAFE

*Haley is SAFE

*Casey is BOTTOM 3

Performance # 3

Jennifer Hudson performs live tonight. She sings a song called "Where You At". She looks unbelievable, she looks like a totally different person than when she was on the show a few years back. Her voice is still as strong and powerful. George Huff, who was also a past contestant is one of Jennifer's back-up singers. Just a note, no comment. Either way that was a really nice job by Jennifer Hudson tonight.

Bottom 3/Who's Going Home?

First Safe: Thia. Pretty Shocking. I am glad a guy is going home tonight, 2 weeks in a row was enough, it was time.

Second Safe: Stefano. One of my picks to be in Bottom 3, he better step it up next week.

In Danger of Going Home: Casey. I didn't expect that one at all. That judges save could be used tonight. Using it this early would be crazy, because this is only the 11th place finalist.

Saved By The Judges? Yes. Wow! The judges don't even let Casey finish his song. They stop him right in the beginning. Honestly, to use the judges save so early on is so crazy. After learning his fate Casey almost faints and starts shaking. Jennifer gives Casey advice to just sing pure and simple, no more antics, just be the singer he proved he can be. Crazy stuff, it really is.

Final Thoughts?:

*I'm not saying that Casey isn't good, nor am I saying that the public wasn't wrong, but to use that Judges Save tonight was not the right move. There are so many more talented people in this competition and to not have the ability to save them later on down the line, when the competition becomes even more intense and critical is wrong. This was way too early. I know the judges love him, but if at this point the public doesn't, doesn't that count for something? I thought it did.

*Having the tour include an 11th member is the only fair thing about this. It would have been wrong to not allow the 10 people that legitimately got picked by the audience, not to go on tour.

*But that's still not going to make me feel that the Judges Save was used properly. There's no way that Casey is going to win this competition. The Save should only be used for people that have a really great shot, being the 11th place finisher is not a good sign that you will make it very far.

Please come back next week to I'dol Be The Judge to see 2 people eliminated. No more judges save for the rest of the season. We will learn which contestant will fall short of the tour again. Should be interesting. See you then.

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