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Top 12 or Top 13 or Top 14 Revealed

Welcome back. It's been a long week filled with lots of American Idol and tonight will not help making the week go any faster due to the episode being 2 hours long. But lucky for you I will be recapping everything so you don't even have to watch, I will suffer for you. You're welcome!

Anyways, tonight the Top 5 Guys and the Top 5 Girls will be announced live. We will then learn who the judges chose of the remaining 14 guys and girls that weren't chosen by America to perform again and hopefully fill in the remaining spots. There's been a lot of mixed messages regarding the Top 12 or Top 13 or even a Top 14. Hopefully tonight will answer all our questions and more. So let's get to it:

We will learn the fate of the Top 24 shortly but before we do these are I'dol Be The Judge's predictions of who America chose.

Top 5 Guys Prediction: Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, Scotty McCreery, Paul McDonald and James Durbin

Top 5 Girls Prediction: Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano, Thia Megia, Lauren Turner and Naima Adedapo

Top 10 Results:

After a pretty long recap of the boys performances, Ryan chit chatting with the guys, some behind the scenes video of the boys that was mildly entertaining we finally get to some results. Sort of...

Ryan asked Scotty & Robbie to come to the middle of the stage. There is some some more chit chatting with the 2 boys and bantering back and forth with the judges.

1st Pick: Scotty McCreery.
Interesting pick, he had a rough Hollywood week but rebounded during his last performance. Robbie Rosen does not make it.

Clint, Jordan and Jovany all go to the center of the stage. Lots more bantering. None of the 3 get picked by America.

The ladies are up next. We get their recap, their chit chatting with Ryan and then their behind the scenes interview video.

Ryan then asks Pia Toscano and Lauren Alaina to join him center stage. I feel both girls will make it but we first have to endure more judges banter and Ryan wasting time.

2nd Pick: Lauren Alaina. Deservedly so, Lauren makes it. She was very good and deserved a place in the Top 12 or Top 13 or Top 14. The way they were pumping Lauren up since the very beginning there was little doubt she was going to be a front runner.

3rd Pick: Pia Toscano. After last night's performance this was a no doubter. She was one of if not the best of the night.

Ta-Tynisa and Julie come to center stage. Julie is probably better than what she showed last night. Neither Julie or Ta-Tynisa make it into the Top 12.

Ashthon, Kendra and Karen are next up to center stage. We learn quickly that Ashthon does not make it. Kendra also does not make it.

4th Pick: Karen Rodriguez. After doing an amazing job last night this was a no brainer.

Jacob, Casey and Tim are asked to center stage. Ryan reviews the judge's remarks from the other night. Tim does not make it.

5th Pick: Jacob Lusk.

Clearly Jacob is a front runner. He has done an amazing job.

6th Pick: Casey Abrams. He is one of the more original contestants we have seen in a long time, he can do very well in this competition.

Naima, Lauren and Thia are next up. The three of them did a great job during their performances. Naima and Lauren are not in the Top 10.

7th Pick: Thia Megia. She stood out during her performance and deserved to make it. She is very young so it will be interesting how far she can go.

Brett and Paul make it up to center stage. They are both mellow kind of guys so it'll be interesting to see who made it. We learn that Brett does not make it.

8th Pick: Paul McDonald. He came on very strong at the end of Hollywood week and Beatles round and his performance the other night was delightful.

Haley and Rachel are next up. I don't see either of them making it but you never know. Randy explains why Haley's performance wasn't great.

9th Pick: Haley Reinhart. Out of the 2 of them Haley was stronger than Rachel, but I feel that Naima, Lauren Turner, or Ashthon did a better job.

Last 2 guys left are Stefano and James. They are 2 very different singers and both got great reviews from the judges. Stefano does not make it.

10th Pick: James Durbin. I'm still not the biggest James fan but he did do a nice job the other night.

My Predictions Results: 8/10. I picked all 5 guys correctly and got 3 out of 5 girls right. Not bad.

Judges Wild Card Picks Performances:

We learn that 6 out of the 14 contestants will get another chance. There are 3 boys and 3 girls.

1st Choice: Ashthon Jones(I'm Telling You I'm Not Going): Her reprieve proves that she has lots of stage prescence. She travels all around the stage and speaks to the judges and tells them she's not going. I don't know if this was her best performance but her last note was crazy good. Steven thought she brought it like she brought it before. Jennifer thinks she deserves to be here. Randy still loves the attitude.

2nd Choice: Stefano Langone (I Need You Now): Jennifer Lopez loved this guy from the beginning and that no doubt plays into the reason he got another chance. His performance was a little subdued but his singing voice was very controlled and had a lot of depth to it. Randy loved the song choice. Jennifer thought Stefano came through and did it right. Steven thought he brought it. So it sounds like they think Stefano did a good job. We'll see if he did enough.

3rd Choice: Kendra Chantelle (Georgia On My Mind): I thought Kendra did a great job the other night and tonight was no different. She has a lot of movement in her voice and can grow even more. She really did a beautiful job and her last couple notes were crazy go. Randy thought that Kendra rocked it all the way.

4th Choice: Jovany Barreto (Angel): I feel Jovany has been a middle of the line performer. I haven't thought he stood out in prior performances and I don't think he stood out again. He was decent but nothing earth shattering. Jennifer thought he did a good job and did all he could do. That doesn't sound as promising, we shall see very shortly.

5th Choice: Naima Adedapo(For All We Know): Choosing Naima meant the end for Ta-Tynisa, Rachel, Lauren Turner and Julie. Naima's performance the other night was a bit stronger than tonight's I feel. Her voice didn't seem as strong, but she still did a nice job. She put out all her emotions.

6th Choice: Robbie Rosen(Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word): Choosing Robbie meant it was the end for Jordan, Brett, Tim, and Clint. I liked Brett so that's a little sad, I would have chosen him over Jovany. Robbie was a good choice by the judges. He has a nice voice, nice personality and the girls seem to like him, if he made it he could go far. Robbie really brought out all he could tonight and deserves a shot to move on. He sounded great. Randy thought Robbie was very tender and did a beautiful job.

Judges Wild Card Picks Results:

Before we get to even one result we get Ryan asking the judges if they are ready, they obviously say they aren't. Do you know why they aren't. Oh, it's because we get to see Jennifer Lopez's new music video. Even if the judges were ready, which I'm sure they were, we were seeing that video. Even though the song is catchy that's not why we are here. So after another commercial break we finally get to the results:

Judge's Pick #1: Ashthon Jones. Not surprising given her performance on Tuesday and tonight.

Judge's Pick #2: Stefano Langone. Not surprising given J.Lo's love for the guy.

Judge's Pick #3: Naima Adedapo. Pretty surprising. I thought Robbie or Kendra were in. But her performance the other night was rock solid.

How Was The Show:

Tonight was one of the craziest episodes ever. A lot just happened. We saw results, cuts, performances, Ryan going nuts, tears, hugs, it's really all you could ask for.

So it's a Top 13. I think that Kendra was stronger than Haley and Robbie was stronger than Stefano, but other than that it's a pretty strong Top 13.

I don't like that everything was kept so secretive and kept in the dark. We didn't know if there was going to be a Top 12 or 13 or 14. We didn't know how many performers would get a reprieve, we didn't even know that there would be singing tonight. A little secretive, a bit confusing, but there ya have it.

Two years ago when they had a Top 13 the protocol ended up being that in the first week 2 contestants will go home. They need to do this to end up at the same point that they would be if there weren't an extra person. Will this happen this year? We don't know. I guess we will learn all this and more next time.

Come on back here next Wednesday for the beginning of live performances. The Top 13 will perform and we will know how many will be leaving the compeition the next week. It's been a crazy week, and it's only going to get crazier. See you all back here next week.

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