Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Season 10-Less Than 24 Hours Away

We are less than 24 before the season premiere of American Idol Season 10. We've done the best Idols and the worst Idol moments, it's now time for The Top 5 American Idol Contestants To Never Win American Idol. These are the contestants that maybe had 1 bad week, or didn't have a strong enough fan base or were sabotaged by the judges, but deserved to win. So let's get to it.

The Top 5 Should've Been The American Idol, Idol Contestants:

5. Tamyra Gray(Season 1). Listen, I feel Kelly Clarkson is the best Idol and who knows if there would have been an American Idol like it has been without her, but Tamyra Gray week in and week out was amazing and probably could have won if not for 1 bad week. She sang a song called "I'm So Excited" and maybe got a bit too big for herself that one week and blew her shot. She didn't deserve to be outlasted by Nikki McKibbin that's for sure. Who know's if she would have won but either way if she made it to the Top 2 with Kelly Clarkson it would have been one heck of a finale.

4. Melinda Doolittle (Season 6). Every week Simon Cowell kept saying that Melinda Doolitle looked like she didn't even have to try, that she was giving a clinic to all those other contestants, but unfortunetly she may have peaked way too early. She made it to the Top 3, but the cuteness of Blake Lewis and his beatbox, and some mega pipes by Jordin Sparks led to the downfall of Melinda Doolittle. It's unfortunate because although she may have been a little predictable she still was probably the most pure voice of that season. Simon Cowell said in an interview later on that Doolittle should have won the season, and I have to agree.

3. Crystal Bowersox (Season 9). Aw, poor Crystal Bowersox, done in by millions of teen girls. It's no doubt that Crystal Bowersox was the shining star of the dismal Season 9, but her fan base was a little older and the teeny bopper girls fell for the good looks of Lee DeWyze and called and texted with their teeny bopper fingers for him. I truly believe that DeWyze made a great number 2 but Bowersox won the finale night and won the season week after week. Crystal's album sales have outsold DeWyze's and most people only remember her as the Season 9 star, but what the voting audience want they get. Plus it didn't hurt that the judges fell for DeWyze's story of being a former paint salesman with a shy personalilty. I guess pure talent gets outdone by a story these days.

2. Chris Daughtry (Season 5). There probably hasn't been as big of a shocker as when Chris Daughtry was voted off of the show at position 4. He was hands down the best talent on the show and his immense popularity and multiple Grammy wins have proven what kind of talent he was and is. The judges loved Taylor Hicks for some reason and what they want they get. They backed the wrong wagon. Chris Daughtry may not have been as popular as he is today if he had won American Idol so maybe it was a blessing in disguise, but at the time it was definetly a huge dissapointment to all American Idol fans.

1. Adam Lambert (Season 8). Undoubtledly, one of the most unique and dynamic personalities to ever come to the American Idol stage. There wasn't anyone like him before, and most likely won't be anyone like him again. Unfortunetly his personality and most probably his sexuality came into the focus rather than his huge talent. There is no doubt that he deserved to win over Kris Allen. Although Allen had a couple weeks of decent performances towards the end of the show which helped him gain momentum, as well as gaining other teeny bopper favorite Danny Gokey's fans after he was voted out at the Top 3, it was Adam Lambert that everyone was talking about. Thus making him the best American Idol contestant to never win American Idol.

So there you have it. Those are your best American Idol contestants to never have won. There have been many others and if you feel like it please comment on your favorities that you think should have won but didn't.

We will be back tomorrow January 19th after the premiere of American Idol Season 10. Come here to get the honest truth about the judges, the contestants and if Simon Cowell will be missed in the first 5 minutes or the first 3 minutes. I'dol Be The Judge is the place to be, see you tomorrow.

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