Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Baaaack! Audition Round 1 (New Jersey)

All the waiting, all the behind the scenes drama, all the reshuffling of judges and now it's back. American Idol Season 10 has begun. Audition rounds are always tricky, they want to be funny but they also want us to get to know the contestants. Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez are in place, Ryan Seacrest has his hair gel on and here we go.

Since the audition rounds packs an exorbitant amount of contestants we will break it down by how the contestants did, picking out a select few, as well as how the judges fared, and how the show was overall. Although it took nearly 15 minutes to get to the first contestant we won't let you wait so long, so let's get to it:

How Were The Contestants?:
*They start the show with a girl that asks us to remember her from Season 6, we didn't, even though Jennifer Lopez said she remembered, so Lopez begins her reign with a lie, what a start. She did make it to Hollywood round that season and she makes it again with one of the most antiquated, overdone songs ever done on American Idol "Hallelujah".

*We see our first 15 year old contestant and she actually has a great voice. So the lowering of the ages makes a dent quickly and she gets passed to Hollywood right away. It's weird that she wasn't even born when "Friends" first premiered.

*What we see quickly is the panel saying "Yes" to a plethora of contestants. But about 25 minutes into the show we finally see our first delusional contestant. Lopez has a tough time saying no but eventually Randy and Steven decide for her and Lopez succumbs and agrees with them.

*We get a Jennifer Lopez meets Snooki type contestant that cries when she sees Jennifer Lopez(in a good way). The girl sings an original, which is never ever a good idea, opens her shirt and before they say no they let her sing again. She shows that she has an okay voice, and proved that she can actually sing and they let her through. They tell her not to be silly and show off her voice rather than opening her shirt up and being a stereotype.

*Then we get a home taped clip package of a 16 year old boy that was in a wheelchair at a young age to overcome the obstacles and walk again. So after seeing this taped package he enters the audition round and he obviously has a great voice. American Idol almost always puts through the contestants after when we see those kinds of taped packages. After singing really well he does in fact get through. Good voice but completly obvious after the tape package.

*We then see burping guy. Yep, burping guy. A guy who burps when he is nervous. He for some reason is allowed to sing 2 songs. The first one went terrible, the second one was worse. Steven Tyler asks if he ate paint chips as a child. He doesn't deny it. They kind of told him to stop singing then and forever. I agree.

*Pop meets Liza Minella. That's what we get. A girl comes in, sings with some craziness, begs and pleads to go to Hollywood, Randy says no and then Jennifer and Steven let her through. I don't get it. She has a fun, bubbly personality, but in no way deserved a golden ticket. Simon Cowell would have thrown her out of the room as soon as she got down on her knees and begged. But this is a new panel of judges and what happened before doesn't seem to matter now.

*Then we get our super crazy contestant of the night Yoji Pop. He is from Japan and says he has been imitating Michael Jackson since he was 3, no 2, actually since before he was born. Then he proceeds to sing a Miley Cyrus song, not Michael Jackson. This leads to a montage of contestants singing Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A". I think Yoji Pop gave the answer that most of us would, when asked by Ryan Seacrest if he is a Miley Cyrus fan he said "No". That about sums it up.

*The last audition of the day comes with another taped package of 16 year old boy from the Bronx. He speaks of his life in the Bronx and the difficulties he and his family have struggled with since he was young. Steven Tyler asked him to sing a couple times to determine if he had what it takes. The judges were a little conflicted about if he has it all, but ultimately they pass him through.

*The number of 15 and 16 year olds that made it to Hollywood was extraordinary. They seemed to be the average age of the night that passed through.

How Were The Judges?:
*Steven Tyler is a crazy dude but I love it, so far. He joins in singing or pretend playing the drums with the contestants, he has some crazy sayings, but he has a different kind of vibe which I enjoy. He does say some "interesting" things to the ladies of the show, but it's not pervy, just a little off.

*Jennifer Lopez wants to find the correct words instead of just saying what she feels. She doesn't want to just say no, but I feel that as it becomes more apparent she will find it easier to say it.

*Randy Jackson was just as giggly and non threatening as usual. We were told that Randy was the tough one, if they mean tough one as the same as he has been in 9 seasons, then sure he was tough.

*Randy is Randy so there's so much more he can do at this point to be different. Lopez and Tyler need to step up their game a bit. They let some contestants get through that in years past wouldn't have, but there is a bit of a learning curve I suppose. If they don't like a contestant they need to tell them right on the spot and quickly. Don't play with them and let them think that they are good when they aren't.

How Was The Show?:
*The first show was in New Jersey, so of course we get a whole montage of Jersey Shore type people. Does American Idol really have to be lame like this? Oh yea they do.

*American Idol has done it again, they show us emotional taped packages on some contestants and they end up making it through. They always do this. They have to show us some home-life taped packages on contestants that don't make it just so it isn't so obvious.

*These audition round episodes get a little tedious after awhile, but I'll give the show a little leeway the first episode. It took a while to get into their groove, but I can kind of see where they are going. If this was the first show that American Idol ever had, and there was never a Simon Cowell and all we had was this there's a good chance that this kind of episode wouldn't have attracted the viewers that it will because it's been on the air for 9 years. It was a decent episode, but a bit generic and in a some ways a bit lame.

Please join us back here tomorrow for more audition round from New Orleans. Hopefully the judges will pick it up, the contestants get a little more memorable and Ryan continues to stay more in the background.

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