Saturday, January 15, 2011

American Idol Through The Years(Part 2)

The Worst of Idol.
We are now only a few short days away from the beginning of Season 10. We hope that Season 10 is the best, but we know that in the course of 9 seasons there have been some shockers & some misteps. Every show has bad moments if it is on long enough. In the 9 seasons of American Idol there have been bad moments and decisions that have made the show just as imperfect than any other.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Worst of Idol:

5. 1 Hour Result Shows. It takes roughly 10 seconds or less to announce who will be leaving the show, but American Idol decided to take a few seconds and turn them into an hour. The Results Show is just one big waste of time. They not only have the contestants perform to lip-synched tapes of themselves while dancing awkwardly, but they include musical acts that have nothing to do with the week’s theme. If you want to have Shania Twain sing during country week then go ahead but the crop of singers they include in these shows is inane. It turns more into a concert no one asked for, rather than a results show. I understand FOX doesn’t have a lot of programming and wants to choke every last second out of a show that gives them ratings, but could they at least focus on the contestants. I hope these changes in Season 10, but I’ve been hoping this since they doubled the results show’s running time many years ago.

4.Tamyra Grey Implosion. Arguably, she was on the way to winning the first season of American Idol. She was probably Kelly Clarkson's main competition. But many will remember when Tamyra sang “I’m So Excited”. It was a disaster, and it ultimately ousted her at position 4. Even Nikki McKibbin outlasted her. That’s got to be a little embarrassing. We will never know if Tamyra Grey would have had the success that Kelly Clarkson did as a result of the win, but that was a terrible Idol moment. To see Tamyra get eliminated click here

3. Sanjaya. Only one word really explains the man who nearly destroyed American Idol. Week after week he sang terrible, and week after week he continued to go through. At points of his dubious run he even knew that he shouldn’t be there. I’m not saying that those who left before him would have went much further, but he was just terrible. And the more that Simon Cowell said that he was terrible, the more the fans rallied behind him, and kept him in. In fact, in a weird twist, the one week that he actually sounded relatively decent and Simon Cowell told him so was the week that he was thankfully kicked off. Sanjaya left lasting impressions that have still lessened some of the respectability that the show once had.

2. Chris Daughtry Gets Voted Out. The first time that a major flaw in the juggernaut known as American Idol came to fruition. Although it was the American public voting, the bandwagon behind Taylor Hicks swelled and the judges only added fuel to the fire. While they lauded Taylor Hicks for being different and unique they let one of the more talented contestants to get kicked off at 4th place. Daughtry had raw talent and deserved more respect than what he was given. They showed they were being a bit biased, and it most definitely bit them. The judges were questioned and proved that they are extremely fallible. To see the shocking clip please, click:

1. Simon Cowell Leaving. I just don’t see how this will ever be good. He was the bread and butter of the show. We will see how Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler do, but no matter what, Simon Cowell leaving is going to make a bigger impact than when Brian Dunkleman left the show. I mean that was heartbreaking, but this one might prove to be more costly.

Notable Mentions: Having a Top 13. Addition of Ellen DeGeneres. Guest Judges During Live Performances. Addition of Instruments. Allowing Ryan Seacrest’s Ego to Explode.

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