Thursday, January 20, 2011

Audition Round 2 (New Orleans)

Welcome back to Day 2 of Audition rounds-New Orleans. Tonight's episode was only 1 hour long so a bit more tolerable. If we are honest, then we have to admit that it is a bit repetitive after awhile and 1 hour is probably plenty for audition rounds. But this looks to be the format going forward. 2 hours on Wednesdays and 1 hour on Thursdays.

The last time the show was in New Orleans was back in Season 4. Since we know that Carrie Underwood won that season the eventual winner obviously didn't come from New Orleans, but I'm sure the contestants during this round want that to change.

And on we go:

How Did The Contestants Do?:

*Right off the bat we get a story of a young musician/piano teacher named Jordan Dorsey. Before he opens his mouth you know he is going through because they show his home life and one of his students. Once he begins to sing the trend continues and he sings a great version of "Over The Rainbow". The judges are impressed and so am I actually. He unanimously gets through. No suspense due to the home life taped package but this time I don't mind given the guy was actually good.

*After a few definite "no's", Sarah Sellers walks in, she has the lips of Steven Tyler and Randy questions his possible family link to her. She starts to sing and although it's a little timid, the judges agree that she belongs in Hollywood.

*Before next contestant Jovany Barreto walks in he warns us he will take his shirt off in front of Jennifer Lopez, because he is a fan of hers, sure that makes sense. And after getting through to Hollywood, Jovany makes good on his promise and takes his shirt off and of course Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson volunteer to take theirs off as well. Strange, but there you go. Ryan Seacrest has a great line that "out of all the people in there you got Randy and Steven to take their shirt off?" Good line.

*Next up we get a little retrospective of Randy Jackson being a New Orleans boy, he grew up close by in Baton Rouge. The next contestant Jacqueline Dupree brings in Randy Jackson's former high school coach and a few pictures of Randy way back when. She starts to sing and has a nice controlled voice. She is on her way to Hollywood.

*Brett Loewenstern looks like he is a definite no, but as they say 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. He starts to sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" which should only be done if done right and he did it right. He said he got bullied in school because of his "eccentricities" but they might have actually helped him move right on to Hollywood. He is definitely somebody that we are going to remember, his hair helps will help us remember him for the next round but his voice might help us remember for many rounds to come.

*We then get a montage of just terrible, delusional singers. They have to sprinkle in a few, just so it doesn't seem like it was all good in New Orleans.

*15 year old Jacee Badeaux comes in, he looks about 11 but has a very cute youthful voice. Jennifer Lopez feels his voice is beautiful and he is just 'pinch your cheeks' cute. The judges loved him and feels he should go right to Hollywood. I honestly feel that although he has a cute voice it might be a little untrained and a bit too young sounding to go very far. But I've been wrong before so who knows?

*To finish the night is another very heartfelt story of a young mother named Paris Tassin who was told to give up her pregnancy due to the possibility that her child might have special needs. Her child has hearing problems, but Paris is so thankful she went against doctor's orders. To be honest Paris has a bit of a voice but nothin extraordinary. Jennifer Lopez begins to cry as Paris sings because she can feel the power and meaning behind the song. All 3 judges put Paris right through to Hollywood.

A very touching story to end a pretty decent round.

How Were The Judges?

*Steven Tyler continues to flirt with the girls, but also continues to be sarcastic and light-hearted. He just says whatever he wants to. From crazy to cute to heartfelt. He is a pretty cool character.

*Jennifer Lopez fell into her role as sweet with difficulties saying no, even to the definite no's. She did a little better than the night before but needs to work it out a bit more. She enrolled in the Paula Abdul school of crying and getting emotionally attached to the contestants. But she's pretty adorable, I gotta say.

*Randy Jackson continues to be his same kind of self. He is honest and tends to deliver a more definitive no then the other 2 judges at times. He just straight out says "it was terrible", which at least is as brutally honest as we have seen.

How Was The Show?:

The one hour format makes the show go a lot quicker. I wish that all audition rounds were 1 hour long but it is what it is. The show definitely was more entertaining than the last episode. A good mix of sob stories, to crazy contestants.

I wish they would give us a couple of sob stories and then the contestants don't make it, just to psych us out and make us be in at least some suspense. But at this point this kind of critique is probably falling on deaf ears.

Overall a much better episode. A lot quicker and the tone was much more entertaining. I still miss the cynical, brutal honesty that Simon Cowell provided but if this is what the judges do then it's still entertaining, even if it's a little less than it was.

Please come back here for Audition Round 3 in Milwaukee on Wednesday January 26th. If you like the blog let others know and come on back. We'll see you back here on I'dol Be The Judge.

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