Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Changes Comin...

We are less than 3 weeks away from the beginning of Season 10 of American Idol. Who's getting excited? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Honestly, it's going to be an interesting season, a lot of big changes that can either resurrect the show, or totally demolish anything left of the once powerful juggernaut. Announced earlier today was more changes for the new season. Let's see what they are discuss them because some are good some...well, let's get to it.

Top 10 or Top 12. This one is still up in the air. They have done Top 12 for several years now. Although the Top 10 would get us to the better contestants early, sometimes having a Top 12 will save a couple contestants that are at that point only 11th or 12th best, but could possibly move up. The decision of Top 10 or Top 12 won't be announced until the producers determine if there is enough talent to make out a Top 12. I think this is a wise move, if there aren't 12 great and unbelievable contestants than 10 is enough. Wasn't that a TV Show? Maybe that was 8. Moving on.

No Gender Parity. This means that the Top 10 or Top 12(which ever they decide) will consist of the best Top 10 or Top 12, not best 5 males and 5 females or 6 males or 6 females. If we all remember last season there was an outcry that about 2-4 women would have made the Top 12 if not for Gender Parity allowing at least 2-3 sub par men to enter the Top 12. I applaud American Idol for changing this up. If there are 8 women and only 4 men then so be it, at least it will be the best of the best, not just gender based. I know that there is a chance that because of the teen girls voting that this could turn into a male dominated season, but if there are some women who are unbelievable I don't see anyone not voting for them just because of their gender.

Top 20 Sudden Death. For the past several years they have done a Top 24 with 3 weeks of voting to narrow it down to Top 12. This season they will instead of have 2 rounds of 10 and choose either 5 or 6 from each round. So each contestant will only get one opportunity to impress the judges and voters. If you are talented and mess up one time you might be gone right away. In past years contestants were able to squeak by round after round due to gender parity and only 2 contestants leaving each week. This time the best 5 or 6 will remain. This could be great or terrible. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks for viewers to get impressed. If we remember back to Season 2, Clay Aiken was only chosen in the Wild Card round. He was not initially selected for the Top 10. So good luck to the Top 20 because there will be nothing there to save you if you mess up once. Although viewers will see them in prepackaged tapes from previous rounds, being live and being in a taped package are 2 totally different things. So we'll see.

Overall, these changes seem that they will enhance the show. You never will know until it all plays out. But stay tuned to I'dol Be The Judge for all the latest breaking news. Just a reminder that Season 10 of American Idol begins Wednesday January 19th and we will bring you all the commentary and Idol information that you could possibly want right here at I'dol Be The Judge. Tell your friends. :)

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