Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top 9 Results

Welcome back. I've never been so happy to hear that Christopher Meloni is back on TV. The reason I say this is because his new show "Surviving Jack" is on right after the end of this Idol Results show, meaning tonight marks the first 30 minute Results show of the season. It hasn't been a 30 minute results show in years, and it's been sorely missed. There's only so much filler you can do without it being just ridiculous. I am pleased with this kind of format change.

Last night we predicted, CJ, Dexter and Sam as the Bottom 3 with Dexter going home, if the Judge's Save is not used. It's very possible that the Judge's Save will be utilized tonight. Last season the Save was not utilized, and that's because the right people went home at the right time. The Save should only be used on the people the judge's believe could do very well and possibly win the whole thing. Right now with the competition being so wide open the Save could prove to be extra valuable. We'll see I guess. So let's get onto this shorter Idol Results show.

Randy Jackson's Take
His 3 Top Favorites=Caleb, Malaya and Jena
Comments=The cream is starting to rise to the top. 3 were amazing, the other 6 need to catch up. 

Results #1
For some reason Ryan is not announcing who is safe. All the contestants are seated and the big video screen tells us who is Safe.

Safe=Jena Irene

Safe=Malaya Watson

Performance #1
Janelle Monae performs.  The song she is singing comes from the movie coming out Rio 2, "What Is Love?".  A few weeks ago Majesty sang one of her songs and it was amazing. This particular song was huge and very "Rio" like, which doesn't make a ton of sense, but the song was crazy, so that's really all ya gotta know.

Results #2
Safe=Alex Preston

Safe=Jessica Meuse

Safe=Caleb Johnson

Safe=Dexter Roberts

Bottom 3
1. Majesty Rose
2. Sam Woolf
3. CJ Harris



In Danger of Going Home=Majesty

Was The Judge's Save Used? No. Majesty is Going Home. People just didn't connect to Majesty. She went from being the front-runner in the beginning of the season, or at least Top 13, to being in Bottom 3 or 2 several weeks in a row, to ultimately going home. I like Majesty a lot, but she really spread herself to thinly over genres of music and people just couldn't connect. I am sure there is no definitive reason for her (most likely) early exit, but it is what it is. I think Dexter or CJ deserved to go home before Majesty, but with her being one of the lower vote getters week after week it was only a matter of time.

Our Season Prediction Totals

Bottom 3= 2 of 3 Tonight. 9 out of 15 Total

Going Home= 0 of 1 Tonight. 2 of 5 Total

Final Thoughts

*Dexter not being in the Bottom 3 after being the same old same old predictable Dexter is absurd. Majesty should have stayed at least a couple of weeks more over Dexter. If I wanted to watch someone sing karaoke I would go to our local bar. CJ just keeps getting told he is out of tune week after week, and then doesn't try to fix it. Sam never connects to his lyrics. These 3 guys have a lot of flaws, more than I think Majesty had, but if the people didn't connect then they didn't connect to her. It's a shame.

*Ya gotta love that within the first 6 minutes of the beginning of the show you knew some results. The manner in which they gave out the results was just silly. I don't know why Ryan couldn't just announce who is Safe and who is Bottom 3 like he does all the time. If you are the host, who has been doing this for 13 years, you would think he can handle it. I am sure he can. They really wanted us to see the big video screen, maybe it costs a lot and they feel they don't utilize it enough. I know they wanna save time but Ryan saying the names or the screen showing us who is Safe takes about the same amount of time.

*Our favorite performance last night was Jena Irene's "Bring Me To Life". She was amazing, and if you didn't already check it out please do.

That's it. Another week done. Another contestant gone, and the Save is still in play. The front runners and middle of the road people are getting further and further apart. Stay tuned for (hopefully) some exciting performances coming up. So until next time, see ya!

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