Thursday, March 13, 2014

Top 11 Results

Welcome back. Last night was far better than last week's pretty terrible performances. I still think that some of the contestants have the potential to do better, and I also feel that some contestants are getting praised a little too much when they haven't delivered. That said, last night we chose Ben, MK and Dexter as our Bottom 3, with MK going home. I think that Ben had a tough night and could go home, but I'm not sure if MK did enough to rebound from being in the Bottom 3 then Bottom 2 the following week. The judge's save is still in play so if any of the front runners get in trouble we might see the save used. So with all that said, let's get to it:

Results Part 1
First up to the stage is CJ, Dexter and Caleb.
[Randy gives his input this week]
Randy's Take=He thinks CJ had his best performance and is safe. He thinks that Dexter needed to have a moment to make it his own and he didn't.He thinks Caleb should sing more melody and delivered and would give him a 10, 10, 10.




First Performance of the Night
Harry Connick Jr is performing tonight. He is doing a medley of two of his songs "One Fine Thing" and "Come By Me". Given that it was movie night I would have loved to hear Harry Connick Jr's take on "It Had To Be You" from the movie When Harry Met Sally. That's a pretty iconic song from a classic movie. But, because he is business savvy he went with songs from his albums in the hopes of people buying his record. He is a smart dude.  His new song "One Fine Thing" was pretty old school, and the last song "Come By Me" was very big band. Very good. Obviously if you don't like that type of music you probably won't like it, but he is just a very good performer and unique. I like that.

Results Part 2
MK, Ben, Majesty and Malaya join Ryan on the stage.
Randy's Take= He thinks MK delivered a standout performance tonight. He thinks change is good, but Ben's change confused people. Randy thinks Majesty performance's was OK, but not stellar. He thinks Malaya is blossoming on the show and is fearless.


Ben=Bottom 3
Majesty=Bottom 3

Second Performance of the Night
Mali Music is a dude, if you didn't watch the performance and are only going by name. He is singing his song "Beautiful". Jennifer Lopez is a big supporter of his. She likes that he raps, sings well and has soul. It's a pretty catchy song. Not bad at all.

Results Part 3
Sam, Jessica, Alex and Jena  are next to take the stage.
Randy's Take=Sam thinks that Sam needs to keep breaking out of his shell and thinks he is getting more comfortable. Randy thinks that Jessica didn't stand out tonight and will hurt her in the voting. He thinks Alex is everything an artist should really be. Randy thinks that Jena delievered on the piano and was so powerful and he feels like a proud parent.




Sam=Bottom 3

Bottom 3
1. Ben
2. Majesty
3. Sam



In Danger of Going Home? Ben Briley.

Was the Save Used? No. Ben is Going Home. He was not saved by the judges. The judges actually barely spoke during his performance. I feel like that as soon as he landed in the Bottom 3 they figured that if he was lowest vote getter they weren't going to save him. He made a costly error in changing way too much. It's one thing to go from A to C, but to go from A to V is way too much. He had the weakest performance last night and although he seems like a fun, likeable guy, he deserved to go home.

Our Season Prediction Totals 

Bottom 3= 1 out of 3 Tonight. 5 out of 9 Season Total

Going Home=0 out of 1 Tonight. 1 out of 3 Season Total

Final Thoughts

*Those were some interesting results. Supposed front runners Sam and Majesty really took a tumble. I would never have guessed they would have landed in the Bottom 3, especially this early. I am pleased that the viewers and voters are not just letting Sam get away with being the "cute guy" like they have done in the past with a ton of men that got by every week because they were cute, not because they can sing. I am also surprised to see Majesty Bottom 2. She did have a rough night, but her worst is still pretty good. I hope she really rebounds from this.  It was Ben's time to go. I thought MK was in danger given the past number of weeks in the Bottom 3 or 2, but I am pleased the voters did the right thing. Ben seems like a nice guy, but he really screwed up being so different than what has gotten him this far. It was the wrong move and it ultimately cost him.

*Loved that they had Munfarid come back and Harry cradled him in his arms again, like he did during the auditions. That was pretty funny. I was wondering where Munfarid went.

*I like that when they were doing the results they included Randy Jackson's thoughts on the performance, it's kinda like what they did with Jimmy Iovine over the years. Only thing is that he commented that some of the contestants didn't do well because they didn't choose the right song, or create the right vibe, but those are things that are done before the live show. It's not like they were necessarily bad on the night of the performance, most of these things could have been remedied in rehearsal and when creating their performance. I don't know if he isn't working with them, the contestants aren't listening to him or both. But if the  contestants aren't listening to mentors and producers it's definitely not a good thing. They are young and should be learning from people at this point, they don't know what they are doing, even though some people have more experience than others. Everyone behind the scenes knew that Dexter, for example, was doing a karaoke version of Sweet Home Alabama, but no one stopped him or led him a different way. That proves that something behind the scenes is going wrong.

*Our favorite performance of the week was Jena Irene. She killed it last night, and let's hope that performance propels her for awhile.

That's It. Another week in the books. It was a much improved show this week. Some interesting results, good and bad came about. Let's hope the good continues and the bad continues to lessen and lessen. I can't wait until 30 minute results show. 1 hour format is way way too long. We'll be back here next week for another Idol week, hopefully you will too. So until next time, see ya!

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