Thursday, March 20, 2014

Top 10 Results

Welcome back. Last night we discussed that the Top 10 was divided into 3 groups, the Contenders, Pretenders and those that go back and forth between the two. We chose the Bottom 3 MK, CJ and Dexter as Pretenders and chose MK as the one going home. We have another 1 hour show to recap so let's get to it:

Results Part 1
Malaya, Jessica and Dexter head to the stage
Randy Jackson's Take= He thinks Malaya made the right choice in not playing the piano and it gave her a chance to give a tender, emotional performance. Randy thinks that Dexter was a little lost on stage, he needed to do a lot more work to get the performance to be amazing. He thinks Jessica did a great job, lyrics aside.



Bottom 3=Dexter

First Performance of The Night
Last week Harry Connick Jr performed, and this week his fellow judge Jennifer Lopez is performing her new single "I Luh Ya Papi", and that is spelled and pronounced just like that. If it was spelled "Love" instead of "Luh" it still would have been an idiotic song name. Helping her out with some backup and a fake skit is Season 8 and current Idol back up singer, Alison Iraheta, Season 10 shocking elimination contestant, Pia Toscano, and Season 11 runner up and one of my favorites, Jessica Sanchez. They are kind of backing her up in the beginning and then just watch JLo and her backup dancers perform the song. It's an addicting chorus, but it's so ridiculous of a song and name that it's tough to take seriously.

Results Part 2
Caleb, Majesty and Alex head to the stage.
Randy's Take=Randy thinks Caleb's performance was lackluster and it was just an OK performance this week. He thinks the performance that Majesty gave will bring her back to the front. Randy thinks that Alex was amazing and pulled it all off, it was a great vocal and night for him.



Bottom 3=Majesty

Second Performance of the Night
Another unknown artist performs and they are a favorite of Harry Connick Jr, they are called Royal Teeth singing "Wild". Um, they are not my kind of music talent. The melody and band part was cool, but I didn't like the lead singer's voice, and the other singer was a little too whiny for my taste. You really have to have a certain taste for this band, it's not a voice and band that anyone would enjoy. They were actually kind of annoying. Good luck to them in their future, but unless they switch both of their main singers I probably won't listen to them again.

Results Part 3
Sam, Jena, CJ and MK head to the stage.
Randy's Take= Randy thinks that Sam gave a great performance and he thinks he is growing every week. He thinks that Jena showed her artistry, she's had two great performances in a row. He thinks that MK did a great job the first part of the song but not so much on the second performance. Randy thinks that CJ was sharp all the way and it all fell apart.

Safe= CJ

Safe= Jena


Bottom 3=MK

Bottom 3
1. Dexter
2. Majesty
3. MK

1st To Safety=Majesty

2nd To Safety=Dexter

In Danger of Going Home? MK

Was The Judge's Save Used? No. MK Is Going Home. It seemed that both Keith and Jennifer tried very hard to save MK, but Harry disagreed. I have liked MK a lot, we even put her in our Top 3 going into Top 13 week, but she never fully lived up to those expecations and I agree with Harry in not saving MK. She has a great voice, but her lack of comfort on the stage, and her inability to change up the songs and make it her own led to this ultimate elimination.

Our Season Prediction Totals

Bottom 3= 2 out of 3 Tonight. 7 out of 12 Total

Going Home = 1 out of 1 Tonight. 2 out of 4 Total

Final Thoughts

*MK's elimination was far from shocking, she had been in the Bottom 3 or 2 every week since Top 13 began, other than last week. It was a little shocking that both Keith and Jennifer really wanted to save her so much, given that there are some people that have done far better than her that could use the Save if necessary. I would love for CJ to have been in the Bottom 3 tonight over Majesty, but I guess she just couldn't come fully back from being close to being eliminated last week. I think Dexter being Bottom 2 was exactly where he should be. He needs to step it up or he'll be gone soon.

*Next week's theme is "I'm With the Band", which essentially means they have to pretend that they are the lead singer of a band, which is essentially what most of them have been doing this entire time. I'm tired of these loose, generic themes. Why bother calling them theme weeks if it's just "sing whatever you want week"? There really isn't any creativity going on. A ton of these contestants mention that they have sung the song that they chose before. I am not saying we need to have "Disco" week, or even "Motown Week", but those would at least make the contestants think of how to fit their style and personality to match the theme, instead of just spoon feeding them easy choices week after week.Plenty of the most notable performances in American Idol past came from theme weeks, David Cook of Season 7 was a specialist at it, same with Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and many others. It's too bad we can't see a bit more creativity from these contestants.

*As always we post our favorite performance from the night prior, and last night's best performance, hands down, was Alex Preston's version of One Direction's "Story of My Life". So take a look if you didn't catch it before.

That's it. I think it was a correct elimination tonight. There are still a few contestants that need to step it up or they will be gone soon. So until next time, have a great week, see ya!

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  1. The right person left the show last night (was overdue in my opinion) although I was shocked not to see CJ in the bottom 3 based on his completely off-key and poor performance. He must have a strong following to support him through thick and thin. My top 3 are Caleb, Jessica, and Jena (not necessarily in that order) although Alex is one of the most artistically talented but just not my kind of performer. Also, many might disagree but I really miss having Jimmy's critiques on the results show. He provided very good insight from his perspective where Randy's comments are brief and shallow. Finally, being a little older than probably the main group of viewers of the show, I don't like all of the technology inserted (facebook, tweets, selfies, etc).