Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top 12 Results

Welcome back. Tonight one more contestant will be eliminated, unless they are saved by the judges. It's still early so the odds of the judges saving someone would be very slim, but if someone that they consider to be a favorite is eliminated they might make a move. I feel like at this point if they don't get enough votes by America then they shouldn't stay. Maybe later on America could make a mistake and not vote enough for a contestant, thinking that they are safe, but at this point there are way too many contestants so everyone who wants to vote is voting. Last night we predicted Emily, MK and Jessica to be Bottom 3 with MK, sadly, going home. We kinda hope it's not the case, but she had a tough time last night and was Bottom 3 last week. We shall see.

Before we get to tonight's show just a reminder that next week's results show will be at 9pm, instead of 8pm. The show is still going to be one-hour, but it's an hour later. In a couple weeks the show will reduce from a one-hour show to a thirty-minute show. We'll let you know when that happens, until then lots of filler. So let's get to it:

Results Part 1
Emily, Sam, Jessica and Ben are the first to the stage for results. We see Randy give these contestants a few 'pointers' during rehearsals. We don't really get a lot of input into what happened during their preparation for their performance, or really Randy's reaction to them. I used to like hearing Jimmy Iovine's opinion on how he thinks the night went for the performers, and how he thinks they might have differed from rehearsals. We really get nothing from him. So maybe he just isn't doing anything to help these contestants out.




Emily=BOTTOM 3 

First Performance
Our first performance of the night comes from Season 12 American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. Given that his song "Home" was one of the biggest hits of his career and of the year it makes sense that he is here during "Home" Week. He isn't singing "Home" he is sing his new single "Raging Fire". It's a pretty awesome song. If you like Phillip Phillips you will like this song. It was pretty fantastic, and his voice is right on point.

Results Part 2
Dexter, Jena, Alex and Majesty are the next to come to the Idol stage for their results.  They show Randy with all the contestants and then each contestant says how much of help Randy was. Okay.




Second Performance
This is a band that Randy Jackson is really promoting, their name is Kodaline. They are a bad from Ireland. Ryan calls their song "All I Want" and emotional anthem. I guess, I don't know. It was good. Not sure the big hype that Randy is thinking, maybe they are on his record label or something. It was fine.

Results Part 3
CJ, MK, Malaya and Caleb are last group to hear the word on their fate in this competition.





Bottom 3
1. Emily
2. Jena
3. MK

First Safe=Jena

2nd Safe=MK

In Jeopardy=Emily

Do The Judge's Use Their Save?No. Emily is going home. It seemed like Jennifer wanted to use the save on Emily, but there are a ton of really decent performers left in this competition and as the season continues on it's gonna be tough. I don't like that Jennifer wanted to use the Save at this point. Gets me nervous for future weeks. It's disappointing to see Emily go home, she had a really great week last week, but lost her way this time. Too bad.

Our Season Predictions 

Bottom 3= 2 out of 3 Tonight. 4 out of 6 Season Total

Going Home= 0 out of 1 Tonight. 1 of 2 Season Total

Final Thoughts
*This is quickly turning into a boy's show. Very male dominated. Not one male has been in the Bottom 3, let alone had a fear that they were going home. I think Emily had a tough night, I think MK has been a let down, and sure Jena wasn't outstanding, but there's no reason that CJ shouldn't have been at least Bottom 3 yet, or Dexter, Ben or any of the guys. Other than really Caleb, all of the guys haven't lived up to certain expectations.

*There goes Keith Urban's guarantee. He said that Emily was sure to be safe this week. So I guess he didn't gauge that right. 

*During the beginning of the show when Harry Connick Jr was questioned about his toughness he told Randy and Ryan that he has to be tough because he is only with them a few minutes every week and he wants them to get better and he hopes his criticism and critiques will help them. He also said that if he was a mentor he would be with them until 5 am every day. I don't think he meant it to be, but given that Randy was sitting right there when he said it, I think Harry was kind of criticizing Randy's commitment to these contestants. Honestly after seeing the package of the contestants with Randy he doesn't do that much with them. Or if he does we don't see it, but why wouldn't they want to show us that Randy is trying really hard to get these contestants ready for the big time? Hmm...

*Ya have to feel that as the names get called for the Bottom 3 the judges are thinking about their judge's save. They must have a list, or at least an idea of who they would save. I can't imagine that anything the lowest-vote getter sings would do anything to change their minds. Seems like the "Save Me Song" is kinda silly. I get why it's there, but I doubt a 'Save Me' song is really the determining factor. I mean the judges are mostly talking throughout the performance, they aren't even listening. They made up their minds. I know

*The top performance of last night was tough, but we chose Caleb. He has been most consistent so far and although last night wasn't his best, he has done a great job at being who he is.


That's it. Another elimination down, about 9 more to go. Come on back here next week for another recap of American Idol. We hope you are enjoying our recaps. So until next time, see ya!

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